$UVXY #ShortCalls – just couldn’t…

$UVXY #ShortCalls – just couldn’t resist selling these for next week
Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 70.0 Calls @ 0.30
Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 60.0 Calls @ 0.47
Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 55.0 Calls @ 0.60

$VIX Downside Warning enacted.

Be careful with holding spreads overnight and over weekend that are close to stops.
The non-farm payrolls in the morning could add to further volatility, or also cause a large bounce.

UVXY calls opened

#VXXGame STO $UVXY March 80 call for 4.40
STO UVXY Jan 2017 170 call for 8.75

These more than replace the ones I just closed and puts the danger comfortably farther in time and strike.

UVXY calls closed

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Dec 11th 32 calls for 3.00. Sold for .75, .85, 1.00 yesterday. Will sell longer dated much higher calls to replace these.

VIX signal fired

The $VIX surpassed 18.34, which is 25% above Tuesday’s close. This is one of two signals we need to fire a Downside Warning on the #SPXcampaign. Next signal would be 19.20.

Additionally, this is the second time we’ve had signals fire since the VIX low on 10/28. A Warning did go into effect on 11/6, but since VIX retraced significantly that warning was nullified. However, because VIX has not reached a new low, we can consider any signals now slightly more urgent.

SPX stopped

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 31st 1960/1935 put spreads for 3.30. Tried to get out at a lower price on the last bounce, but it was too minor. Will look to roll if we go lower today.

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT Jun 17 2016 72.0 Calls @ 3.30. Top of the chain