Wish I would have gotten in on Friday with you guy’s, but I’m sure glad I did pile in this morning.  Always a little trepidation when “chasing” but really believed they would do what they are doing.

NFLX – just cracked -…

NFLX – just cracked – lower

$CMG: Not ready to eat…

$CMG: Not ready to eat there yet but I’ll take a chance on the stock right here

Playing today’s bounce as a possible shorter term low in the stock.

Sold Dec 18 475 put @ 1.60. Strike price is 2 standard deviations away and right around the 2 year low in the stock from May 2014. IV rank is high at 69.

TZA calls

#ContangoETFs STO $TZA Jan 15th 50 calls for 1.40. Every time this pops I sell some 50 calls in the next month, and every time I can cover for 80% of max profit a couple weeks later.

DUST – dumped most of…

DUST – dumped most of the long stock that I was put on Friday at 15.5 & 16.0 just now at 16.30

$UVXY calls in March

A #VXXGame trade. Sold $UVYX Mar 18 2016 165 calls @ 1.05. Highest strike.

BIB #401k

#401k – Bought this Thursday and sold it Friday last week similar to the XIV trade. Starting a new position here at the 50MA. Starting small leaving room to add if the 50ma doesn’t hold…that could possibly bring the August lows back into play…