KOLD pop

Of course, my morning post yesterday probably signaled a low in $KOLD. Nothing like shouting that it will be below 100 in two weeks to get it to shoot higher immediately. Still, taking some put side risk off and adding some calls.
BTC $KOLD Jan 114 puts for 1.50. Sold for 3.45 on 12/3
BTC $KOLD Feb 90 put for 2.00. Sold for 4.00 on 11/23
STO KOLD Feb 240 call for 5.00
STO KOLD Feb 250/275 call spreads for 1.00 — the margin to sell 4 of these was less than selling one 250 call for 4.00

#ContangoETFs #ReverseRoll

$KOLD – the high bids…

$KOLD – the high bids have vanished for the KOLD Jan Puts I sold yesterday, except for (surprisingly) the 114 Puts (1 Bid by 2 ask). Whoever hits the bid first wins!!

Heavy metals

STO $DUST Feb 25 calls for 1.05
STO $ZSL May 80 call for 3.00

@GG and @DeBeers are going…

@GG and @DeBeers are going at it over on SMM. I’ll copy it here incase the post gets removed

“@GreenGhost $BA -In order:
1. I am insulting the zero hedge drivel–not you
2. When you demonstrate your knowledge of the supply chain, I’ll be glad to recognize it
3. Ford never took money and i never said they did.
4. One stock is necessary to the defense of the country and one (GM ) isn’t.
5. Any day, any time you wish to compare either due dil or stock returns bring it on. You can change your SMM name as many times as you are forced to but you are still an over bearing bully and it won’t work on me.
6. And, FYI oil has another leg down before the rebound which will come as soon as there are significantly fewer players”