Futures Trade


ES trade
On the bounce at the 61% Fib retrace, went long 5 contacts at 2288..( 10:51am), exited my trade as ES paused at the 2292 for a 4 point ES gain..
4 points x 250 per point…



STO March, 17.5 puts @1.20

LUV earnings

#Earnings #BullPutSpreads Taking a bullish trade on LUV with an 11:9 risk reward. All airlines have been going strong. LUV’s last two reports were down, but all airlines were struggling last year, with their bullish trends starting around October.

Sold to Open $LUV Jan 27th 50/49 put spreads for .45.

Here are last 12 reports:
Oct. 26, 2016 BO -8.46%
July 21, 2016 BO -11.20%
April 21, 2016 BO 1.44%
Jan. 21, 2016 BO 0.50%
Oct. 22, 2015 BO 7.40%
July 23, 2015 BO 3.87%
April 23, 2015 BO 0.95%
Jan. 22, 2015 BO 8.41%
Oct. 23, 2014 BO -2.77%
July 24, 2014 AC 1.95%
April 24, 2014 AC -1.31%
Jan. 23, 2014 BO -2.43%

$SVXY Chart

If you look at the chart for $SVXY. From about March until the election it pretty much ground higher (draw a regression line through the price action or just squint) at a steady pace. Yes there peaks and pull backs, but that’s what should happen. From the election until monday, it continued to move higher but at a much steeper angle. Add in the last 2 days, and the chart is starting to go asymptotic.


No argument that the price action is strong in the market. But if you look at the volume on the $SPY, it is anemic. Volume is dropping as $SPY grinds higher today. Just no sellers, so any buyers have to keep raising bids to get a fill.

#SPX Campaign Jeff et. al….

#SPX Campaign Jeff et. al. With the market seeming to be finally breaking out here would you advocate closing a Feb 17th 2340/2360 Call spread here or wait and roll later.


BTC Feb 03rd 80 Puts at .05 on a GTC order.   BTC Feb 10th 80 Puts to free up the cash so I could add some $NEWT to the portfolio on the price drop with the secondary.