CMG put

Sold $CMG Sep 15 350 put @ 15.00. Strike price is below the November low, and at a price the stock has not been since June, 2013. I’ll buy the stock at a cost basis of 335.00 if it ends up going down that far. But more likely, I’ll look to close the position many months early for more than 50% of the premium.

LH puts

Sold $LH Aug 18 105 puts @ 1.40

NUGT calls

Sold $NUGT Mar 24 17.50 calls @ .65

ES After Lunch

12:30 Enter long ES trade at 2285, stop at wave-a moves to positive bars..risk = 2 points
1:00 Stop moved to 2284, Risk = 1 pt
1:20 ES enters a squeeze, wave above zero, I still hold, bars still blue..
1:30 Exit trade at 2285, for no gain…Wave turns red , scalp arrows turn down

cant win them all…

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold an extra put spread, $SPX Feb 13th 2270/2245 for 2.30, with SPX at 2289 and one week to expiration.

/ES @Fibwizard @fuzzballl Did either…

/ES @Fibwizard @fuzzballl

Did either of you go short /ES @ 10:37am central? Indicators were lining up nicely. I don’t have the Launchpad yet so I don’t know what that showed.

#spxcampaign STO SPX MarWk2 2350/2375…

STO SPX MarWk2 2350/2375 call spread sold for $1.45 when SPX @2291