Closed Early #Shortputs

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 2/24 2390/2365 BECS @3.50 STO 1/26 @ 1.35
$SPX BTC 2/17 2295/2310 BUP@.05 STO 2/13 @ 1.15 945 PROFIT

$ETSY STO 3/17 12.50 put @.70
$SVXY STO 3/31 95 put @ 2.50 Thank you @fuzzballl

#spxcampaign From Tradewise April 7…

From Tradewise April 7 SPX IC 2270/2275/2395/2400 for 2.10. Their theory is we will be range bound for a little while

Last minute Earnings fill

#Earnings Sold $VECO Feb 17th 24/29 strangles for .50. Biggest UP move: 13.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -12.3%, Average move: 6.6%. Strikes are 10.9% and 7.6% OTM respectively.

Order in since this morning, forgot about it as I didn’t think it would fill. Price moved up intraday so call side is a bit close, but manageable at such a low stock price. Never traded this symbol before.

NVDA legging out

#ShortStrangles – Closing the call side of my March 105/130 strangles…

Bought to Close NVDA MAR 17 2017 130.0 Calls @ .18 (sold for 1.14)

Still sitting on the short 105 puts…

SPX Update


As kind of expected, SPX hit its head on the 61% extension, yesterday, and stopped..made a small pivot today, as the mkt was off a lil..Price osc and Stoch are starting to turn over a lil..if the weakness persist we could see a possible retrace to the 2300, the top of the box previously..then maybe a push to 2420, at the 100% extension…as well, looking left, we could get a sideways pause, then up again..much like the last few weeks…


For the VXX crowd

Update from late last nite

The RRT candles proved correct..and the svxy thus far slid to the 100% fib extension and stopped dead..Indicators have all turned red..possible more downside..



#IRA #ShortPuts – Trimming a little risk here 30 days early…

Bought to Close IBB MAR 17 2017 250.0 put @ .35 (sold for 3.75)