Rolling TSO 83 calls to…

Rolling TSO 83 calls to May 12 83 call for 1.04 credit. Assigned at 87.5 but with 6 weeks of rolling cost basis now 81.75 so assignment will result in a nice profit on 17 contracts. TSO tends to find a base around 78-80 then cycles to upper 80s and back down. Used to cycle every 2 weeks, now seems to take 3-4 to cover same range.

Picked up some nice theta over the weekend on laddered WDC Jade lizards. Start rolling those end of week.

GS earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Having a pretty good year in this ticker so risking a few shekels with iron flies…

Sold GS APR 21 2017 222.5/225.0/227.5 iron flies @ 2.14

Risk 36 to make 214 per fly. 2.50 wide with an expected move of 1.60


NFLX earnings

#Earnings #ShortStrangles – No position in this thing right now so taking a fairly aggressive, slightly bullish shot.

Sold NFLX APR 21 2017 140.0/165.0 Strangles @ 3.80

#Earnings this week Mon $NFLX…

#Earnings this week
Thu $VZ $V $BX
Fri $GE $HONEarnings

$NFLX #ShortCalls #Earnings – Sold…

$NFLX #ShortCalls #Earnings – edit: Turned this into a strangle with the stock at 146.76
Sold NFLX APR 21 2017 167.5 Calls @ 0.40
Sold NFLX APR 21 2017 124.0 Puts @ 0.40

What earnings looks like – $NFLX reports today – 4/21 and 4/28 implied volatility skew from @LiveVolPro @CBOE



STO January 180 call @10.25 on 1 contract.

$VIX – I found something…

$VIX – I found something interesting over the weekend.
$SPY 1, 5 and 20 day Forward returns when $VIX closed above upper BB 4 days in a row. 27 prior instances. $VXX $UVXY