Getting out of the ring with $M

Well one position at least. Been wrestling with this one since March. Sold puts at the 27 strike with the stock around 31 at the time. Rolled it 5 times and was left with the 27 puts expiring this Friday. With today’s move I’m finally able to get out of this for a profit. So I’m taking it and running.
Bought to close $M Dec 15 27 puts @ 1.38. Overall profit on position is .87.
I’m also short the Jan 20 puts which are mostly profitable.


Bought to close January 18, 45 puts @1.20, sold @2.90

This stock seems to be breaking down so will look at it next year.


#ShortPuts -Another one off the bottom…only one more of the pre-split positions left.

Bought to Close SVXY JAN 19 2018 37.5 Put @ .25 (sold for 1.10)

AAOI deep in the money roll

Rolled $AAOI Dec 15 75 puts out to Jan 19 for 1.20 credit with the stock at 39.11. With continued rolls, basis reduction on this so far is 11.09. After having quite a few positions on this stock since May I’m down to only 2–this problem child one and short March 22.50 puts. Stock has been profitable to trade this year. If I can’t stick the landing, I’m looking for at least a graceful dismount from this position soon.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Dec 22nd 2260/2635 put spreads for 8.80. Another bullish position based on potential for Upside Warning hitting tomorrow.


Replacing some expirations: STO for January 26,

SVXY, 60 puts @ .85

SVXY, 70 puts @1.23

SVXY, 75 puts @1.50

SPX long

#SPXcampaign Bought $SPX Jan 12th 2750/2775 call spreads for .45. I set up this spread as a potential to sell, but when I saw the low premium I decided to buy as a low risk shot at a run to 2700. This spread will sell for 5.00 or more if we get there by end of the month.