STC 2 Apr 06 2600/2700 BUPS at 12.50 credit (2500.00)

APA July

I’m already short 32.50 puts in July so I’m adding cautiously at a lower strike.
Sold $APA Jul 20 30 put @ 1.30.

Closing Apr GWW short puts

Bought back:
$GWW Apr 20 145 put @ .05 (sold for 2.65 on 10/24)
$GWW Apr 20 150 put @ .10 (sold for 2.90 on 10/19)
$GWW Apr 20 155 put @ .10 (sold for 3.10 on 10/17)

My remaining positions in this stock are all in July–an ITM short 220 call and several short puts below that, offsetting it.

AZO puts

Sold a mini-ladder
$AZO Apr 20 580 put @ 6.20
$AZO Sep 21 500 put @ 10.51


Our AZO trade not looking good at this time

Bad news for being long SVXY

Bad news for those of us holding and hoping with SVXY
#VXXGame Starting tomorrow, $SVXY will be -0.5x and $UVXY will be +1.5x


#fuzzy, #pietrades

@fibwizard whats your next support…

@fibwizard whats your next support point?

Looking at a #spycraft trade but not sure if I want to put it on today or wait until we find support again.