RHT financial report after closing…


RHT financial report after closing of market today? any idea?


ROKU STO 9/28/18 76.0 CALLS @.94

#shortstrangles SMH TastyTrade idea, sold…

#shortstrangles SMH
TastyTrade idea, sold Nov. 16, 98/113 for 2.53, SMH is just under 108.


STC January 2020, 360 calls and BTC October 19, 375 calls for a net profit of 3.90

Just thought I would start booking some profits since everyone is so bullish.

Also, STC,  CAT, 2020, 150 calls and BTC September 28, 155 calls  for a net profit of 2.93



TNDM BTO STOCK 42.90 A day trade.
IQ STO 9/28/18 26.50 PUTS @.50
NKE BTO 9/28/18 80.0 PUTS @.56
NKE STO 9/28/18 85.0 PUTS @2.07 A BuPS


STC 28 SEP 1130/1140 BuCS @9.40….BTO 9/12 @7.70


#spxcampaign Stopped out of my…

#spxcampaign Stopped out of my Sept 28th BeCS @ 3.15 off a GTC stop order. I adjusted the stop loss order to 3x the 70% of the credit received for the entire IC rather than based on the credit for the leg. The ones from last week would have worked if I had used a stop based on the IC rather than the individual legs. So I believe this is the better set up but the gap up this morning was a killer. I was loading in an adjustment by rolling up the short call but was stop a millisecond before I fired off the order. Still learning.