TNDM STO 10/26/18 33.0 PUTS @2.10

Have a great and safe weekend everyone. ;>)

ANET adding

Dropping down 3 strikes/15 points from my previous sale in Jan.
Sold $ANET Jan 18 170 put @ 3.20.


BTO January 2021, 60 calls @ 18.00 and sold to open the October 26, 65 calls @ .45. I need less than .16 cents per week to pay for these.

Pre-Earnings losses

This has not been my finest hour with pre-earnings trades. 100% loss in both C and JPM. Cutting max position size in half for the rest of October.



Now at 10.19. It got down to 9.94 around 20 minutes ago. Let’s see what happens this afternoon.


ESPR STO 10/19/18 45.0 ITM CALLS @3.80. Stock was at 45.5. Naked so far.

How high will we bounce before going negative?

Anyone got technicals on it?