Rolled November 2, 72 calls to November 16, 75 calls for a credit of .47 cents. I own the 115 calls in 2021.

Bistro activity….?

#OffTopic – Are we getting close to a record day for number of posts? Volatility sure adds to the volume here!

WTW Earnings

#Earnings – Skipping BABA but really want to do something. Since I’ve got WTW stock already (small position) with DITM covered calls I’m overlaying a Jade Lizard on top of that skewed to the downside.

Sold WTW NOV 2 2018 62.0/70.0/72.0 Jade Lizard @ 2.20


#ShortCalls – Booking it because you just never know…

Bought to Close UVXY NOV 2 2018 70.0 Call @ .10 (sold for 2.35)


Not really an #Earnings trade. Had been selling calls against some DITM short put spreads. With the yuuge rally into earnings the calls are taking some heat. With all the premium available I’m busting up the calls into short strangles and skewed fairly bullish.

Rolled OLED NOV 2 2018 125.0 Calls to NOV 2 2018 123.0/138.0 Strangles @ .05 credit


AAPL calls

#Earnings I’m legging into $AAPL short Nov 2nd 232.5 calls, against the 205 puts I sold this morning. Filled on 1 so far at 1.02. Next fill is for 1.10.


Says a retest is still coming. Nothing crazy but a technical pullback….