#ShortPuts – Originally was looking out to July near the 40 strike. Moving in a little closer in time and a slightly more aggressive strike…

Sold EWW JUN 28 2019 41.5 Puts @ .87

TLT call spread

Fading the move up in bonds via a 6/21 132/137 bear call spread. Sold for .79.

EDIT: Corrected expiration date to 6/21


STO September 20, 70/75 call spread at .45 cents against my long term leaps.

ULTA Earnings

#Earnings – The Modified #JadeLizard (unbalanced skewed iron condor?) worked out pretty good. A little down move but held support.

Bought to Close ULTA MAY 31 2019 280/305/340/345 @ .20 (sold for 5.12)