FDX iron condor

With the selling momentum slowing and IV still decent (IV rank 44) sold $FDX 10/18 130/140/160/170 iron condor @ 2.52 with the stock centered between the short strikes.


Followed Jeff Dbl Cal $1.99 closed this AM $2.60
Thanks Jeff


OSTK 9/20/19 BTC 26.0 CALLS @.05
OSTK 9/20/19 BTC 27.0 CALLS @.05
OSTK 9/20/19 BTC 30.0 CALLS @.05

HIIQ Puts Rolled

$HIIQ BTC 9/20 26 put and STO 10/18 24 puts at 1.20 debit. Original sale for 7.40 and stock perking up. Stock now at 21.49.


BTC $ADBE 260/250 Sept 20 2019 #BuPS @0.17. Was STO 9.11 as part of a 250/260/292.5/302.5 #IC @2.35. Will let the Calls expire.

Also holding a 285/295 Oct 18 2019 #BuPS that was a roll from Sept 20 @1.00 Debit.

#closing #earnings ADBE Bought ADBE…

#closing #earnings ADBE

Bought ADBE IC for 2.99, sold yesterday for 4.23

FDX-looking like another ULTA

ROKU roll

Rolled $ROKU 10/18 180/190 bear call spread down to 155/165 for 1.37 credit. This is part of an iron condor with a 140/130 bull put spread. Short puts have been breached so I rolled the call spread down. This iron condor was a rollout from September. Total credit taken in so far on the rolled position is 4.71 putting my breakevens near 135 and 160.

CHWY puts

#PostEarnings Sold to Open $CHWY Oct 11th 28 puts for 1.50.

This is a recent IPO which, like UBER, hasn’t shown much volatility. It’s also a low-priced stock which minimizes the risk of these ATM puts.