Calendars update

$GME Apr-01-21 180/Apr-09-21 180 Put Calendar bought at @ 13.08. This one wasn’t as easy as previous weeks, highest paper profit reached was 10%ish. Wanted to hold into later the day to extract as much decay from the short leg (It was $3 even when the stock was at 190 this am). Sold half at 13.42 in the last hr. For the remaining half, rolled into a 180/170/160 put BF for 12.1 credit, so the BF net cost $1. With how GME moves around, there “should” be opportunities to get out for some profit next week.

$V May-21-21 215/Apr-01-21 215 Call Calendar bought @ 5.1, rolled short leg to 4/9 217.5 for 0.42 credit

$XBI Apr-01-21 140/Jun-18-21 140 Call Calendar @5.9, rolled the short to 4/9 145 for 0.36 credit.

I closed almost all my credit spread trades, as remaining risk/reward drop below 1:0.2.

Have a nice weekend!