Closed Oct-18-21 4380/4330/4240/4050 put ratio spread for $1 credit.

The position was opened on 9/17 for $36.05 credit. So a total of 37 credit with break even around 4240.

I started trading this strategy for my IRA account in Aug, so far, it has weathered the market reasonably well. I generally wait for a pullback to enter a trade 30 days out, and close around 4 DTE or if can collect another $, not waiting for that seductive perfect pin on expiration day ;-). haven’t had a loser among the dozen trades closed so far, knocking on the wood.

Still like BWB, IC, and Calendar when opps knock. Other than GLD and SLV holdings, I have gradually allocated most of my IRA account to this strategy.

Will post if I have any new observations, but won’t post every trades here to bore you.