I rolled out some position too soon, but at least it was a better week than last week

Short options expiring:
BBBY 39/26 Bear Call Spread
BBBY 41/27Bear Call Spread
BBBY 43/28 Bear Call Spread
BBBY 45/31 Bear Call Spread
LABU 15/11.5 Bear Call Spreads
SLV 15/17.5 Bull Put Spreads
SLV 17.5 Diagonal Puts
SOXL 7/18.5 Bull Put Spreads
TLRY 6.0 and 6.5 Covered Calls
UVXY 8.5 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango
VXX 17/20.5 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 17/20 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 16/19.5 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 16/19 Bull Put Spread
VXX 15/19 Bull Put Spreads

A whole bunch of Pre-split KOLD Puts from 12 down to 4.
Some covered just 5 shares, some covered 25 Shares
I’ll figure the net cost next week and start writing covered calls on the even lots.