Options Expiration

Not much of a list as I rolled a whole bunch of SOXL/TNA/TQQQ Calls and VXX/UVXY Puts this morning

SOXL 16/13.5 Bear Call Spreads
SOXL 15/13.5 Bear Calls Spreads
SOXL 7/10 Bull Put Spreads

TNA 47/41 Bear Call Spreads
TNA 41.0 Diagonal Calls
TNA 40.5 Diagonal Calls

TQQQ 25/23.5 Bear Call Spreads
TQQQ 15/22.5 Bull Put Spread

UVXY 8.0 Covered Call
UVXY 8.5 Covered Calls
UVXY 9.0 Covered Calls

VXX 16.0 Covered Call
VXX 16.5 Covered Calls
VXX 17.0 Covered Calls