Upside Warning comes through again

#VIXIndicator Here we go with the second surge of this Upside Warning, and a day after my long call spread expired, of course. Once again I did not put enough conviction in it, since I failed to put a new long call spread on during yesterday’s lows. I will get the timing and expiration date […]

Upside Warning in effect

The #VIXindicator has been updated. Accordingly, we’re looking to open at new all-time highs on SPX. I have been rolling call spreads back into put spreads. Click “Home/REFRESH” above to keep right-column features updated.

Upside Warning, SPX all-time closing high

#VIXIndicator As if we needed more confirmation that this market is bullish.

Volatility plunging

#VIXindicator After the shortest Downside Warning ever, today we should have an Upside Warning fire. These warnings are less powerful when we are already so close to recent highs, and in this case all-time highs. Although SPX is wavering, VIX is dropping and SVXY soaring. Dow and Nasdaq a bit stronger than SPX. RUT is […]

New VIX highs overnight

#VIXIndicator Vix hit 16.30 early this morning, besting the Apr 17th high by .02. Click “Home/REFRESH” to keep VIX Indicator and other features updated. With a new downside Warning hitting yesterday, a return to the 2400 area is unlikely for several days or weeks. Selling short-term call spreads is best bet…. further expiration dates may […]

Downside signal, Upside Warning is canceled

#VIXIndicator, #SPXcampaign The VIX crossed 13.03, which is 25% above the 2-day closing low. This cancels the upside warning and sets us up for the possibility of a downside warning. We now need to be cautious of further weakness, but also the possibility that, without a full downside warning in effect, that we may bounce […]

VIX Discussion on Schwab Weekly Commentary

This week VIX, also known as the “investor fear gauge”, fell to its lowest level since Dec. 27, 1993. While some investors look to VIX as an indicator of market volatility or as a contrarian indicator of market direction I thought it might be useful to simplify what VIX is and how it can be […]