Downside Warning AGAIN

#VIXIndicator. 2018 is the year of the rollercoaster. Today’s close triggered anther warning for potential drops in the market.

We missed again

#VIXIndicator The $VIX avoided an Upside Warning again… clock restarts, we need three consecutive closes below 11.20 (11.19 or lower).

Two down…

#VIXIndicator …one to go. A $VIX close below 11.20 tomorrow will mean an Upside Warning, indicating a high chance of a rally to new all-time highs on the $SPX. The third day is where we failed in both late February and late May, and then new Downside Warnings hit on the fourth days.

Downside Warning finally canceled

#VIXIndicator Third time’s a charm for an Upside Warning? Two more closes below 11.20 and we’re golden.

Smoother sailing?

#VIXIndicator Monday’s close on the VIX was the lowest since January 23rd, before this whole mess started. And we’re rallying in pre-market, with VIX hitting a low of 10.90, which is the lowest low since Jan 24th.


#VIXIndicator Lowest intra-day VIX level since 6/15 (excluding pre-market spikes).

Another Downside Warning

#VIXIndicator We got a third warning at the close Wednesday, the second time this week. The low on this round was put it on the day of the first warning, May 29, at 2676. Since then we stayed above 2700 until this week. We could test that low today, and if we go through, the […]