Opened $SPX Oct-22-21 4275/4215/4090/3875 Put ratio spread for 48.95 credit

break even at expiration 4106, way below the possible 7% pull back every chartists are talking about.


STO $SLV Oct-15-21 23 Puts @ 2.0 when the ETF is at 21.

ITM put sell for a possible bunce. stop below 20.


STO $SPX Sep-24-21 4400/4425/4540/4565 Iron Condor @ 8.55 delta for the short legs: call 0.2, put -0.3


Now it has recovered from the drop after the bad news…

STO $SAM Oct-15-21 620/600 Call Vertical @ 3.25

Pairing up with the 560/540 BuPS I sold before, into an IC, for total credit 10.1


STO $SPX Oct-15-21 4400/4350/4250/4050 Put ratio spread @ 39.3 credit

This strategy goes out 30DTE, opens put contracts at 1 x -0.37,-2 x -0.30, -1 x -0.20, 2 x -0.10 for a net credit. Will close after 3 weeks or sooner if it hits $1 additional credit or 150% loss stop.

Still looking for a low maintenance strategy for my IRA account. This one is a little capital intense, but with low drawdown.

GME LULU earning calendar

Scaled out on GME 200 calendar for 50 then 70% gain.

LULU has been a bust so far. will give it a few more hrs.

SAM falling knife?

BTO $SAM 2022 Jun 560 call 70.5.

Now the bad news that everyone is waiting for is out… just 1 contract.

This is a totally new trade with much longer time frame, from the Oct ones I opened before, which are in dark red and I need to assess based on how it trades in the next few days.

GME LULU Earning

BTO $GME 200 @3.2
BTO $LULU 380 @1.95
both are call calendars with the 9/17 and 9/10 expirations.


BTO $VZ Jan 2022 55 calls, 1.57.
A starter position, will add when/if it reverses from the trend, and eventually turn into a diagonal.


for a possible bounce from here.

BTO 9/17 9/10 37 call calendar 0.61
STO 9/17 33/30 BuPS 1.4


BTO $NVAX 9/24 / 9/17 300 call calendar at $2.7.


It has been on oversold scanners for quite some time.
BTO $SAM Oct/Sep 700 call calendar @3.2
STO $SAM Oct 560/540 BuPS @6.3 , half the size of the calendar.


BTC $AMZN Sep 3250/3230 BuPS @1.6, sold for 7.0, but 3/4 of the position was stopped out at 11.

STC 1/4 of $AMZN Sep 17/Sep 03 3450 call calendar @24.

Initial calendar was started as Sep/Aug expiration. Rolled twice and also gradually added a few, average cost ~14.


stopped out the most of $AMZN BuPS for 70% loss, will hold onto the call calendar, for now.


bounced off 200 ema…

BTO $AMZN Sep/Aug 3450 call calendar @27
STO $AMZN Sep 3250/3230 BuPS @7.

Mental stop 3250


STC $BABA 8/13 8/6 210 call calendar @0.5, for 50% loss. an earning trade that didn’t work.

Still like the stock, and may put a new one on next week.


BTO $SPX 4400 8/9 8/6 call calendar, @3.8
GTC orders to take profit at 50%, 100% and 200%



BTO $HOOD Nov-19-21 65/Aug-20-21 65 Call Calendar @ 7.5

No idea where the stock will be in 2 weeks, but the b/e range 40-110, will sell Sept if it hangs around this range. small size, no stop.



BTO $BABA 8/13 8/6 210 call calendar @1.05 when $BABA is at 200. earning BMO with 5% IM.


OSTK earning calendar

BTO $OSTK 8/6 7/30 80 call calendar at 0.85. theoretical breakeven range 68-95

ENPH and TDOC earning calendar

took 1/2 off for partial profit, 50% return on ENPH and 40% on TDOC

ENPH and TDOC earning calendar

BTO $ENPH 8/6 7/30 160 put calendar @1.47
BTO $TDOC 8/6 7/30 150 put calendar @1

Not a typical earning calendar trade, and I am leaning a little on the bearish side given the market, but I like the wide range and the long leg likely can retain some value even if the stocks go to the moon.

targeting 2-3x returns.

QQQ puts

STO $QQQ 7/30 350 puts @0.5 against Aug 350 puts, which was bought last week with average cost of 3.1.


BTO $SPX Jul-23-21 4325/Jul-26-21 4325 Put Calendar @ 4.5

BTO $QQQ Aug 350 puts 3.8


BTO $SPX Aug-13-21 4050/4000/3900 put BWB for 3.05 credit.


BTC $AMZN 7/30 3780/3800 @3.5, sold @6.8 earlier the week.
earning on the 29th.

NEGG Calendar

STC $NEGG Aug/Jul 40 call calendar @4.15, bought at 3.2.

The bounce allowed for a small profit. Should have got out much earlier for a bigger profit when it came back down to 40.

SPX put calendar

Taking partial profit.

STC $SPX 4300 put calendar, Jul and Jul (AM), @1.65. bought for 0.85 and added some at 0.45.

AMC fishing story continues…

STC $AMC Jul 35/30/20 put BWB for $0.8.

It was “bought” for 0.96 credit on 6/3, when AMC dropped from its initial spike

Holding onto a few as lotto

AMC … is getting interesting

Where do you think would be a reasonable support for this stock in the next few weeks?

I am looking at Aug options for a possible credit spread.

AMZN looks toppy.

STO $AMZN 7/30 3780/3800 @6.8

The market has been extended for a while, but it has been running up like no tomorrow. what I know ;-).

SPX Cheap shot

BTO $SPX 4300 put calendar, Jul and Jul (AM), @0.85.

Long the weekly expiration, and short the monthly (am) expiration.

NEGG skew

Some of you may be able to make a sense of this than I can…

For Aug if one sells 40/20 BuPS and 20/40 BeCS, the total premium will be 23.3!

sounds like a no loss trade on the paper. what am I missing?

NEGG Calendar

BTO $NEGG Aug/Jul 40 call calendar @3.2.

The strike is a pure guess, as long as it stays within the 30-60 range by next Friday

GME calendar

Took 1/2 off at 51% profit, @$12, bought for 7.8 last Friday.



BTO $SPX 6/25 4200/4175/4125 BWB for 1.8 credit


Seems stabilized.

BTO $GME 6/25 6/18 250 call calendar for 7.8. target 12-18.

BIIB calendar

Closed the rest @6.2 , bought for 2.5, ~160% profit.

GME earning

Took half off on the GME 220 calendar @7.6, 60% profit.

Not a typical earning trade.


Closed half the position of TSLA BWB, for added 0.2 credit. initially “bought” for $2 credit.

keeping half just in case TSLA drops towards 560 next week.

GME earning price poll

It will report AMC today.

If you have to throw a dart at a big board for GME price by Friday, where will you aim at?

BTW the straddle is valued at $65 at the moment.


joining the party late…

BTO $BIIB 6/18 6/11 400 put calendar @$2.5


BTO $TSLA Jun-18-21 575/560/530 put BWB @2.0 credit.

ZM earning

STC $ZM 6/11 6/4 325 calendar for 3.45, bought yesterday at 2.3.

Took partial off at 50% profit, while ZM hanging around 325.

ZM earning

BTO $ZM 6/11 6/4 325 calendar for 2.3

The max pain for ZM this Friday is 325, this trade has potential to make 4x, but I am looking for 1-2x


BTC half of NFLX June 460/470/550/560 IC at 1.5, sold for 3.2


BTO $SPX Jun-01-21 4160/May-28-21 4160 Call Calendar @4.5, soon after the close.

A little early, but that long weekend should be worth at least 4.5 in time premium, with a 125 point range for SPX to chop around.


Now SPX is close to the lower range for the day, so far…

STC $SPX May-21-21 4150/May-24-21 4150 Call Calendar 9.5

took most off. bought at 4.05 and added at 3.


Taking partial profit.

STC $SPX May-21-21 4150/May-24-21 4150 Call Calendar 6.95 with SPX on 4150 now. opened @ 4.05


BTO $SPX May-26-21 3970/3950/3910 BWB @1.9 credit


BTO $SPX May-21-21 4150/May-24-21 4150 Call Calendar @ 4.05

I generally opened it on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, but the IV skew is just hard to pass on.


BTO $TSLA May-28-21 545/530/500 put BWB @1.1 credit.

Closed most of May-21-21 600/575/525 BWB for 1.7 additional credit, originally opened in April before the earning for 1.1 credit.


Took partial profit on some positions

STC $SPX 5/14 5/17 4150 calendar @8. BTO for 5.30 earlier the week.

BTC May-14 4090/4110/4250/4270 IC @4.5, STO @5.75 last week


BTO $SPX 5/14 5/17 4150 calendar for 5.30. Should be profitable as long as the market chops around in this 100 point range by Friday. max potential 4x.


BTO $TSLA May-28 670 / May-14 680 call diagonal for $10


BTO $SPX May-19-21 3950/3980/3890 BWB for 1.1 credit.


Jun/ May-07 80 put calendar @3.06, opened when $PTON was at 88. My original plan was to roll the weekly short leg and keep collection theta….

but I didn’t think it would get to 80 today, and I did some adjustment right before the close (chickened out?), took half off @4.7 (53%), and for the 2nd half, rolled long June 80 puts to May-14th, for 3.07 credit. That got my cost covered, and left with a “free” May 14/May 7 80 calendar.

With PTON taking a $10 swing after the hour, it would anyone’s guess where it will be tomorrow.

Still have the 60 put calendar.


BTO Jun/ May-07 80 put calendar @3.06.

Plan is to roll the weekly short leg, and take half off when 100% profit is reached.


STC remaining of $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @ 2.9 when SPX was at 4178.


STC $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @ 0.35 on half the position to reduce risk.
It was opened for 0.55 credit, so net profit 0.9 so far. Still looking for ~2 more from the rest.

Separately BTO 4150 put calendar 4/16 4/19, @4.5, for a possible pin. Have GTC orders for 50-150%, but will close by end of tomorrow regardless.


Adjustment to the June/Apr 70 call calendar.

Rolled 4/16 70 short calls to 4/30 75 for 0.23 credit, to make the spread into delta positive and theta positive again.


Scaled out the $GME Apr-23-21 145/Apr-16-21 145 Call Calendar at 30-50% profit.

It has pushed above the upper breakeven price at expiration.


BTO $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @-0.55


back to the old well…

BTO $GME Apr-23-21 145/Apr-16-21 145 Call Calendar @ 5.2

PoP 92%, in range of 120-180 with potential to make 200%. It will be choppy, and plan to hold at least into Thursday with scaling orders to take profit starting 25%.


BTO $LABU Jun-18-21 70/Apr-16-21 70 Call Calendar @ 6.5
STO $LABU May-21-21 55/50 Put Vertical @ 1.47 Limit

Started a new “long term” position. This might be still a little early but it’s getting close to support on the higher time frames.

SPX BF trade

Rolled the Put BF’s long leg 4050 to 4040 for 1.75 credit, into a BWB 4040/4025/4000.

The pullback in SPX wasn’t very big, and now pushed back above VWAP. Like to remove some risk.

Still holding the Call side BWB: 4115/4125/4145

The initial trade cost 1.4, now 0.35 credit. will exit each BWB at additional $1-2 credit.


BTO $LABU Apr-09-21 76/Apr-16-21 75 Call Diagonal @ 2.7

Thanks to the recent posts on LABU. There is decent IV skew for a 2 day trade. 68% PoP between 71-83, close enough to the recent low/high. targeting 50% return on the risk.


BTO $DDOG Apr-09-21 90/Jul-16-21 90 Call Calendar @ 7.95

SPX BF trade

BTO two $SPX 4/9 BFs

Call BWB: 4115/4125/4145 @ -0.6
Put BF: 4050/4025/4000 @2

Net cost 1.4, if SPX moves close to either short strikes it may start to see some profit.


BTO $SPX Apr-05-21 4075/Apr-07-21 4075 Put Calendar @11.4
PoP 71% in range of 4063-4087, max potential profit 47%. looking for 20%.

Calendars update

$GME Apr-01-21 180/Apr-09-21 180 Put Calendar bought at @ 13.08. This one wasn’t as easy as previous weeks, highest paper profit reached was 10%ish. Wanted to hold into later the day to extract as much decay from the short leg (It was $3 even when the stock was at 190 this am). Sold half at 13.42 in the last hr. For the remaining half, rolled into a 180/170/160 put BF for 12.1 credit, so the BF net cost $1. With how GME moves around, there “should” be opportunities to get out for some profit next week.

$V May-21-21 215/Apr-01-21 215 Call Calendar bought @ 5.1, rolled short leg to 4/9 217.5 for 0.42 credit

$XBI Apr-01-21 140/Jun-18-21 140 Call Calendar @5.9, rolled the short to 4/9 145 for 0.36 credit.

I closed almost all my credit spread trades, as remaining risk/reward drop below 1:0.2.

Have a nice weekend!


BTO $XBI Apr-01-21 140/Jun-18-21 140 Call Calendar @5.9

The biotech ETF has pulled back to 200 dma and bounced today. like to start building a poor man’s covered call in my IRA.


BTO $V May-21-21 215/Apr-01-21 215 Call Calendar @ 5.1

Saw some heavy buying and selling by funds last week, could be part of rebalancing. Like the bouncing off 200 dma. Earning on 4/23. Will roll the short calls if threatened. The long call should be free in a few weeks if V hanging here.


BTO $GME Apr-01-21 180/Apr-09-21 180 Put Calendar @ 13.08

Theoretical breakeven range 130-230, max profit 110%, will start scaling out from 25%.

SPX Calendar

Wow, can’t ask for a better close. Thought it would have been another side way day and took a walk and missed that round trip excitement. No complaints, some of my near total loss option trades turned out as decent winners.

If this completes the bottoming of the /NQ, next week could be a very nice week for the longs.

On the $SPX Mar-29-21 3950/Mar-26-21 3950 Call Calendar, bought at @ 3.9 and added at 2.35 on Wednesday. Scaled out at 4.9-10, average 183% profit.