BTO $SPX 5/14 5/17 4150 calendar for 5.30. Should be profitable as long as the market chops around in this 100 point range by Friday. max potential 4x.


BTO $TSLA May-28 670 / May-14 680 call diagonal for $10


BTO $SPX May-19-21 3950/3980/3890 BWB for 1.1 credit.


Jun/ May-07 80 put calendar @3.06, opened when $PTON was at 88. My original plan was to roll the weekly short leg and keep collection theta….

but I didn’t think it would get to 80 today, and I did some adjustment right before the close (chickened out?), took half off @4.7 (53%), and for the 2nd half, rolled long June 80 puts to May-14th, for 3.07 credit. That got my cost covered, and left with a “free” May 14/May 7 80 calendar.

With PTON taking a $10 swing after the hour, it would anyone’s guess where it will be tomorrow.

Still have the 60 put calendar.


BTO Jun/ May-07 80 put calendar @3.06.

Plan is to roll the weekly short leg, and take half off when 100% profit is reached.


STC remaining of $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @ 2.9 when SPX was at 4178.


STC $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @ 0.35 on half the position to reduce risk.
It was opened for 0.55 credit, so net profit 0.9 so far. Still looking for ~2 more from the rest.

Separately BTO 4150 put calendar 4/16 4/19, @4.5, for a possible pin. Have GTC orders for 50-150%, but will close by end of tomorrow regardless.


Adjustment to the June/Apr 70 call calendar.

Rolled 4/16 70 short calls to 4/30 75 for 0.23 credit, to make the spread into delta positive and theta positive again.


Scaled out the $GME Apr-23-21 145/Apr-16-21 145 Call Calendar at 30-50% profit.

It has pushed above the upper breakeven price at expiration.


BTO $SPX 4/16 4170/4180/4200 call BWB @-0.55


back to the old well…

BTO $GME Apr-23-21 145/Apr-16-21 145 Call Calendar @ 5.2

PoP 92%, in range of 120-180 with potential to make 200%. It will be choppy, and plan to hold at least into Thursday with scaling orders to take profit starting 25%.


BTO $LABU Jun-18-21 70/Apr-16-21 70 Call Calendar @ 6.5
STO $LABU May-21-21 55/50 Put Vertical @ 1.47 Limit

Started a new “long term” position. This might be still a little early but it’s getting close to support on the higher time frames.

SPX BF trade

Rolled the Put BF’s long leg 4050 to 4040 for 1.75 credit, into a BWB 4040/4025/4000.

The pullback in SPX wasn’t very big, and now pushed back above VWAP. Like to remove some risk.

Still holding the Call side BWB: 4115/4125/4145

The initial trade cost 1.4, now 0.35 credit. will exit each BWB at additional $1-2 credit.


BTO $LABU Apr-09-21 76/Apr-16-21 75 Call Diagonal @ 2.7

Thanks to the recent posts on LABU. There is decent IV skew for a 2 day trade. 68% PoP between 71-83, close enough to the recent low/high. targeting 50% return on the risk.


BTO $DDOG Apr-09-21 90/Jul-16-21 90 Call Calendar @ 7.95

SPX BF trade

BTO two $SPX 4/9 BFs

Call BWB: 4115/4125/4145 @ -0.6
Put BF: 4050/4025/4000 @2

Net cost 1.4, if SPX moves close to either short strikes it may start to see some profit.


BTO $SPX Apr-05-21 4075/Apr-07-21 4075 Put Calendar @11.4
PoP 71% in range of 4063-4087, max potential profit 47%. looking for 20%.

Calendars update

$GME Apr-01-21 180/Apr-09-21 180 Put Calendar bought at @ 13.08. This one wasn’t as easy as previous weeks, highest paper profit reached was 10%ish. Wanted to hold into later the day to extract as much decay from the short leg (It was $3 even when the stock was at 190 this am). Sold half at 13.42 in the last hr. For the remaining half, rolled into a 180/170/160 put BF for 12.1 credit, so the BF net cost $1. With how GME moves around, there “should” be opportunities to get out for some profit next week.

$V May-21-21 215/Apr-01-21 215 Call Calendar bought @ 5.1, rolled short leg to 4/9 217.5 for 0.42 credit

$XBI Apr-01-21 140/Jun-18-21 140 Call Calendar @5.9, rolled the short to 4/9 145 for 0.36 credit.

I closed almost all my credit spread trades, as remaining risk/reward drop below 1:0.2.

Have a nice weekend!


BTO $XBI Apr-01-21 140/Jun-18-21 140 Call Calendar @5.9

The biotech ETF has pulled back to 200 dma and bounced today. like to start building a poor man’s covered call in my IRA.


BTO $V May-21-21 215/Apr-01-21 215 Call Calendar @ 5.1

Saw some heavy buying and selling by funds last week, could be part of rebalancing. Like the bouncing off 200 dma. Earning on 4/23. Will roll the short calls if threatened. The long call should be free in a few weeks if V hanging here.


BTO $GME Apr-01-21 180/Apr-09-21 180 Put Calendar @ 13.08

Theoretical breakeven range 130-230, max profit 110%, will start scaling out from 25%.

SPX Calendar

Wow, can’t ask for a better close. Thought it would have been another side way day and took a walk and missed that round trip excitement. No complaints, some of my near total loss option trades turned out as decent winners.

If this completes the bottoming of the /NQ, next week could be a very nice week for the longs.

On the $SPX Mar-29-21 3950/Mar-26-21 3950 Call Calendar, bought at @ 3.9 and added at 2.35 on Wednesday. Scaled out at 4.9-10, average 183% profit.


$GME Mar-26-21 160/Apr-01-21 160 Call Calendar bought at 9 on Wednesday, sold at 11.5-12.9, average 30% return.

SPX Calendar

BTO Mar-29-21 3950/Mar-26-21 3950 Call Calendar @ 3.9


BTO $GME Mar-26-21 160/Apr-01-21 160 Call Calendar @9

looking to scale out at 25%-100%

Calendar spread updates (SPX, IWM, GME)

$SPX 3/19 3/22 4000 calendar for 3.4. This forward testing trade didn’t workout, it was up 20% at one time. I sold 4010 for 0.25, with the BuCS currently worth 0.2, SPX has to move 50-60 points for it be profitable zone.

$IWM 3/19 3/26 220 calendar, on the other hand, worked out, bought for 0.93, sold at 1.37, 1.4, and the last batch at 1.84 this am.

$GME 200 weekly calendar was also a winner, bought at 14.7, scaled out at 19, 24.6 and 26.7.

Have a nice weekend all!


STO $AAPL 4/23 120/115 BuPS @1.8

Plan to add a BeCS later to make it into IC, unless profit targets reached.


BTO $SPX 3/19 3/22 4000 calendar for 3.4, max potential return 400%.

Near dated call options are getting more expensive. This structure today is providing a better RR, PoP, and breakeven range than the IB I typically trade.


BTO $AMZN Mar-19-21 3200/3250/3300 Call BF @2.9

A low prob trade on a potential reversal bounce.


Scaling out $ARKK 3/19 128 3/12 130 Call Diagonal, at 40, 75, and 110%.

Still holding onto a few for tomorrow.


BTO $ARKK 3/19 128 3/12 130 Call Diagonal 1.7

Using this ETF to trade the bouncing back of a basket of the momentum names.
Breakeven 120, no upside risk. max potential profit 240% if it lands on 130 on Friday. Looking to scale out starting at 50%


STO $TSLA Apr 610/500 BuPS @33.5


STO 3/5 35 puts @7.

If assigned will sell calls

RKT is the new game in town

STO Mar 30/40/50 Iron Butterfly @8.9

GME calendar

$GME Feb-26-21 100/Mar-05-21 100 Put Calendar was bought @15.45 yesterday.

First exit @$20, and the rest got stopped out at 16.5 when the stock hit below 88.

GME closed at 102. Would have been a nice pin if I had held onto them. Woulda-coulda…

Have a nice weekend everyone!


BTO $GME Feb-26-21 100/Mar-05-21 100 Put Calendar @15.45


STC partial $NVDA Feb-26-21 575/Mar-05-21 570 Call Calendar at 60% profit.

Targeting 100% and 150% for the remainders.


BTO $REGN May 470 calls @33.7 earlier

Horrible b/a, but like the stock at this level here, and wanted to limit the risk.

There are increase in option buying today for April expirations, I like May better, expires after the next earning.


BTO 10 NVDA Feb-26-21 575/Mar-05-21 570 Call Calendar 6.1
Somewhat for the bounce and for the earning premium this week.
No upside risk, downside below today’s low.


STC rest of $TSLA Feb-19-21 800/Feb-26-21 800 Call Calendar @15.1, bought yesterday for 10.4 and sold half at 13.5.


STC $TSLA Feb-19-21 800/Feb-26-21 800 Call Calendar @ 13.5, taking half off for 30% profit.


BTO $AAPL Feb-19-21 135/Mar-19-21 135 Call Calendar @ 2.67


BTO $TSLA Feb-19-21 800/Feb-26-21 800 Call Calendar @ 10.4

Took half off on the…

Took half off on the CRWD and CGC overnight trades, at 30% profit, targeting 60% for the rest

CRWD and CGC overnight trade

Both have elevated IVs for tomorrow’s expiration.

BTO $CRWD Feb-12-21 245/Feb-19-21 240 Call Diagonal @ 5.55 , b/e range 238-265
BTO $CGC Feb-12-21 42/Feb-19-21 41 Call Diagonal @ 1.68, b/e 38.6- 48.2 Thanks @ramie77 for his post on the IV.

max profit if they land on the short strikes, 70-100%

ABNB and HD for earning run

BTO $ABNB 2/26 2/12 225 call calendar 12.4
BTO $HD 2/26 2/12 280 call calendar 4.7

Plan to roll the shorts on Friday.


STO $TSLA Mar-19-21 790/780 Put Vertical @ 4.2


STO $AMZN Mar-19-21 3570/3600/3030/3000 Iron Condor @9.8


STO $UVXY 2/26 9.5 puts @0.73 when UVXY was at 9.85

SLV Jade Lizard

STO $SLV Mar 24.5/26.5/27.5 Jade Lizard @1.1, break even at mid Jan’s support.


BTC $OXY 2/19 20/24/25 Jade Lizard @0.57. Sold on 1/12 @1.2

Also had a 1/15 1/23 23 Call calendar opened on the same day, @0.41 avg, sold 2 days later @0.65.

TSLA 1000

As so many are buying 1000 calls…

BTO TSLA 2/12 950/1000/1050 call BF $1.63
BTO TSLA 2/19 950/1000/1050 call BF $3.20

No stops

UVXY puts

STO UVXY 2/12 10 puts for 0.40, UVXY at 10.29
4% return in a week if 10 holds.



STC $GME Feb 12th/Feb 19th 100 put calendar for 14.3

Taking 32% profit on partial position, and use break even as stop for the rest

PFE Puts

STO $PFE Mar 34 puts @0.97


BTO double BWB for 2/8, 3615/3600/3570 and 3825/3840/3870 for combined 2.0 credit.


BTO $GME Feb 12th/Feb 19th 100 put calendar for 10.70.

Theoretical max profit 350%. Will scale out starting at 100%


STO SLV 2/12 25/27/28 Jade Lizard for 1.42 . break even 23.6, about 50 ema, max return 6% of the risk


BTO 2/3 3880/3890/3910 BWB for 0.75 credit.
GTC orders to close for $1 and $2 credit.


STC 185/190/192.5 BWB for 2.25.
The trade started with a 190 call calendar for 4.45, rolled into BWB for 4.7 credit. total profit ~ 55%

GME put calendar

BTO 1/29 2/5 100 Put calendar for 15.4, break even, theoretically 55 -300 .

Still holding the 70 put calendar opened the other day, when GME was at 70, and it only lost 20%.


BTO 50 put calendar @4.85, 1/29 2/5 when GME was at 70

May roll into BePS if GME doesn’t get down to 50 this week.


closed half of ABNB 185 call calendar for 5.4, bought yesterday 4.45
For the 2nd half, sold 1/29 190/192.5 2:1 call ratio for 4.72 credit, turning it into a 185/190/192.5 BWB, with net 0.3 profit. will close 1/22 185 short call by EOD


BTO 1/22 1/29 weekly 118 call calendar 1.32, target 20% and then 40%, exit by 1 pm

break even range 116-120.

This type of trade is to take advantage of the faster decay of the front week, and the IV contraction after earning. I typically set alerts on the break even prices, and let the exit orders to do their work. One could also set mental stops on the option price.

Given it’s Friday, lowered the target to 20 and 40%


BTO 1/22 1/29, 185 call calendar @4.5.
PoP 75%, break even 175-196
If ABNB lands on 185 tomorrow, could theoretically score 80%.

NFLX #PostEarningScalp STC 1/22-29 570…

NFLX #PostEarningScalp
STC 1/22-29 570 calendar @7, bought for 4.8. 45% profit in a day


BTO 1/27 3900/3910/3930 Call BWB for 0.65 credit.
Risk/Reward 1:1.16, PoP 90%

NFLX #postearningsScalp BTO 1/22-29 570…

NFLX #postearningScalp
BTO 1/22-29 570 calendar @4.8
1.8 net theta, 12% IV Skew. Breakeven zone 550-590. Risk/Reward 1.5 at expiration, but just looking for 20-50% on exits.