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#pietrade conversion to #fuzzy Sold…

#pietrade conversion to #fuzzy

Sold WDC for 67.16 against cost basis of 72.34. BTO 60 leap in 2020 for 14.15 bringing new cost basis to 19.33. With 73 weeks left only need to collect 0.27 per week to cover. Already short the 70s 16 DTE.

Freed up 60k in margin for other uses.

I will be doing this a lot more with #pietrades that go way ITM. Much cheaper way to stay in the trade, less to lose, less to make up and plenty of time to do it.

Question for @fuzzballl since you do the most of these. On an annualized basis what are realistic returns for these? I personally come close to 100% but may not be managing them the best.


Question about Butterfly trade. I…

Question about Butterfly trade.

I made a mistake with the strikes when buying a butterfly on TSLA.
I got a DITM Call BTF instead of an OTM Call BTF
August 3rd EXP
CALLS 265/270/275
Total paid $0.23

Is there a risk for holding this trade, other than losing $23?
Is there any benefit for holding this trade?

TOS analyze tab is showing strange numbers.
I tried to close the trade, but no takers so far.

Here came the sharks, shaking…

Here came the sharks, shaking the market, got there millions and now drinking the champagne.

BABA earnings

BABA moved earnings from 8/2 to 8/23 (three weeks out). Now confirmed.
We can’t say that @fuzzballl didn’t warn us. lol.

WYNN SWKS earnings

As @fuzzballl mentioned earlier, some companies move their earnings dates around making pre-ER trades more difficult. WYNN is one of those companies. They moved their tentative earnings date from 7/26 to 8/1 but still not confirmed. This is probably a good one to avoid and SWKS too.

#pietrades Rolling everything out 2…


Rolling everything out 2 weeks for vacation 🙂
Some of these are still open positions.

MU 55 call rolled out 2 weeks for 1.27 credit. Cost basis 56.23. Another 2 rolls should bring profit.

WDC 8/3 75 put was sold last week for 1.29
EXPE 7/27 115 put sold last week for 1.90. Both of these are going into earnings as 21 DTE #pietrades.

AMAT lot 1 47 CC rolled out 2 weeks for 0.28. Cost basis 50.83. Will take a few more rolls on this.

FAS 64 cc rolled out 2 weeks to 65 for 0.31 credit. Cb now 63.10.

TQQQ 59 CC rolled out 2 weeks for 0.85 credit. cb now 57.80

XBI #fuzzy 87/96.5 rolled out to 8/3 for 0.30 credit. Cb decreased to 9.72. May reset in 2 weeks by rolling both up a few strikes if it keeps going.

AMAT lot 2 47 cc rolled out 2 weeks for 0.27 credit. Cb now 47.40 so should see profit in another 2 rolls.

That’s it for now. Letting theta decay pay for vacation, at least I covered the airline tickets in cash today on sales/rolls 🙂

Sorry @fuzzballl UAL was cheaper than AAL but we may make the news if we get thrown off the plane 🙂

Have a good expiration and week, check in when we get back but not even taking a computer. Need to unplug!!!!