Close ISRG Jade Lizard / Close OKTA Puts

$ISRG BTC 8/23 500/505/485 jade lizard for 1.60. STO at 5.67. Thank you @fuzzballl

$OKTA BTC 8/23 135 put at .40. STO 8/14 at 5.60


$ZYNE 17.5 call Covered
$NFLX 375 call covered (covered for $16.2 per contract but profit on stock reduced dramatically due to subscriber miss) Will rethink keeping $NFLX stock. Been profitable selling calls but the drop a wake up call.
$PYX 22.5 covered call
$LABU 52 and 49 covered call
$EXAS 120 covered call
$SQ 83 covered call
$HIIQ 33 covered call
$ISRG 500/525/530 jade lizard STO 2.84. Thank you lizard master @fuzzballl
$URI 125/135 BUCS Total loss, did not close before earnings. Went from a 50% of max profit to total loss overnight.

Expirations / Closed Earlies

$FIVE 125/130 BUPS
$NVDA 140/145/175/190 IC STO at $1.57 Thank you @ramie77
$SPX 2845/2865/2970/2990 1DTE STO at 1.10 Thank you @jeffcp66
$BA 320/330 BUPS Thanks again @ramie77
$ISRG 480/500 BUCS Remaining position. BTO at $10.
$ADBE 272.50/277.50 BUCS / STO 267.50 put (Limping Lizard earnings trade) Thanks for all the education from the reptilians out there, especially @fuzzballl
$KNX 30 put
$SQ 65 put Thank you @thomberg1201
$CTL 10 put Thank you @ramie77
$ARWR 18 put
$DHI 44 put
$CLX 145 put
$WK 60 call Covered
$ARWR 19 call Stock called away
$EVTC 30 call Stock called away
$PYX 22.5 call covered – wish it wasn’t

$AMZN 1980 $GOOGL 1190 $NFLX 370 All long calls. All capital gone. When will I ever learn. Do not BUY calls
$FL 50/55 BUPS Total Loss STO at $2.20

Closed Early $SPX 6/26 2960/2985 BECS at 7.50. STO at 1.50

Everyone have a delightful weekend. Thanks for all the help you share. May we all have a sumptuous summer.
(A little alliteration) @jeffcp66 Thank you for founding this site for a foundling like me. I love beer on Friday’s. 😉

LULU Jade Lizard

$LULU BTC 170/172.5 BUCS at 2.20 STO at 1.15. Will let the put expire and net on trade .85. Thank you @fuzzballl.
And very happy for you and the Blues.

Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar
Sold to close $NKE Mar22/Mar29 88 put calendar for .02. Holding long 88 calls into next Friday. Good job by Mort closing the put calendar earlier at .17… I just had too much faith. Double Calendars bought yesterday for .49.

Exercising: $TIF 96/100/102 calls #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00. Bought yesterday for 1.50. Allowing to exercise on IB for about 70 cents in fees per lot, but closed manually for 2.00 on TOS to avoid $45 in fees.

Expired NTES Closed Early NTES FLR Earnings / HIIQ Puts

#earnings #optionsexpiration
$NTES 217.5 put STO at 3.07. Thank you @fuzzballl for the jade lizard. It worked flawlessly.

#earnings Closed Early
$NTES BTC 237.5/232/5 BECS at .20 STO 2/20 at 2.28 completing @fuzzballl lovely lizard.
$FLR Double calendar 38 short straddle. BTC at .95. STO 2/21 at 2.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

#shortputs Yesterday
$HIIQ STO 3/15 40 put at 2.81

NVDA April

Sold $NVDA Apr 18 140 puts @ 3.30. Thanks for the idea @fuzzballl.