#Shortputs – Booking a couple…

Bought to Close ABBV JUL 19 2019 65.0 Put @ .55 (sold for 2.01) thanks @geewhiz112 !
Bought to Close T JUL 05 2019 31.5 Puts @ .05 (sold for .53)

Closing ABBV

A quick 1 day profit, taking off for >50% of the max profit. Bought to close 7/19 65 puts @ .90. Sold for 1.94 yesterday. Thanks for the idea @geewhiz112 !


#ShortPuts – Thanks @geewhiz112 for the idea. Earnings should be the following week. 6.8% divvy at the basis I would receive the stock.

Sold ABBV JUL 19 2019 65.0 Put @ 2.01


AMD STO 4/26/19 28.0 ITM PUTS @.50 Also have the short 28.0 CALLS covered.

@geewhiz112 FYI CLF is up…

CLF is up on earnings.
Calls are profitable.

@geewhiz112 Are you still holding…


Are you still holding your position in CLF?

Your previous post was for :

$CLF BTO 7/20 10 calls at .44 and sold twice as many
$CLF STO 7/20 8 puts at .17

NH-NL historical data

I’m intrigued by what @geewhiz112 and @las9427 mentioned about the New-High/New-Low indicator when I said I was suspending my Downside Warnings for assessment. I have found someone offering data going back to 1980 for a fee (McClellan), but I first wanted to check with y’all to see if anyone has access to the data. I would want back at least to 2001. Let me know if any ideas. Thanks!