NH-NL historical data

I’m intrigued by what @geewhiz112 and @las9427 mentioned about the New-High/New-Low indicator when I said I was suspending my Downside Warnings for assessment. I have found someone offering data going back to 1980 for a fee (McClellan), but I first wanted to check with y’all to see if anyone has access to the data. I would want back at least to 2001. Let me know if any ideas. Thanks!


#ShortStrangles – Rolling up the put side for some extra premium. Looks like she wants to break out to new highs…. Thanks @geewhiz112 for the reminder!

Rolled NVDA NOV 3 2017 165.0 Puts to NOV 3 2017 180.0 Puts @ 1.60 credit.

New position is NOV 3rd 180.0/215.0 Strangles @ 5.11 credit (this is still the week before earnings)

$BA flying high

My BeCS yesterday is way underwater. Would have never thought BA would have continued to scream higher with all the afterburners turned on. Should have waited to enter any position (unless I could have foreseen just buying calls). Forgetting that position, any thoughts now with this stock now in orbit?

Bistro nationwide tour

I will be traveling to Boston, Providence, NYC, and Milwaukee from April 12-25. Anyone in or near these cities want to meet up for a Bistro-confab?

SWKS earnings

Taking a small shot on a less than expected move…

Sold Jan 20th 76/79/82 iron flies @ 2.45 risk 55 to make 245 on an expected move of 3.95

Plans to manage:

1. Close for nice winner 🙂
2. Take stock or roll if she tanks
3. Sell higher puts to bring in around .55 if she screams higher.

$UVXY I’m short the weekly…

$UVXY I’m short the weekly 26.0 Put. I’ve rolled it out twice already. Does there come a point when you have to take the loss, or do you just keep rolling it out. I’ve never experienced this before, where the stock just keeps losing ground.

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