Market Tide

#Tide I now have the Market Tide indicators on all my charts. Looks pretty solid. Also noticed that SPY 1-hour chart just printed a purple arrow, signaling a possible top for at least a few days.

SPX 1dte IC

Sold SPX Jan16 2640/2645/2535/2530 call/put @ .50 x 10 total in two accounts
Used Tide to time entries per side.


SPX 1-dte IC

Sold SPX Jan9 2635/2640 BeCS @ .25 x5. Will buy bull put spread later today when conditions look a little better to do so.
Sold SPX Jan9 2495/2490 BuPS @ .30 x5 to complete the IC.
Defense plan: use @hcgdavis tactic to buy back 2 or 3 of the shorts to create a ratio should either of these credit spreads get in trouble.


Market tide

@hcgdavis @fuzzballl
Thanks for recommending this indicator and for going to bat to get us a discount. The indie has paid for itself a few times over already.


Alpha Shark Indidcator

@hcgdavis – Hey Chris. I just purchased the indicator for the opening price. Forwarded the email received after purchase to you and Bryan. Thanks!

TQQQ pietrade

Dipping my fingers in the pie. Thanks @hcgdavis for your help. I welcome constructive criticism on my choice of ticker or strikes.:-)
STO TQQQ Oct12 66.5p @ 1.80



Trades and rolls.

/CL added another strangle 71 DTE 63.5/91 for 0.70 credit. Goal is to close the other one in another week, already up $900 then leave the longer one on a few weeks. The decay rates on these are about $100 per day for 5 contracts.

XBI #fuzzy lot 1 80/97 rolled out 36 DTE for 1.23 credit. Cb 18.33

LNG #fuzzy 50/66.5 rolled out 36 DTE for 1.33 credit. Cb 17.24

XBI lot 2,3, and 4 at 95/98 adjusted to 95/97, 87/95 and 95/95 rolled out to 26 DTE for 1.15 and 1.35 credits. Cost basis now 3.62, 4.33, and 0.85. Almost have a freebie, one more roll should do it but then have until Jan 2019 to keep bringing in cash.

Equity curve still flat with all this adjusting but on a positive note I have A LOT of theta decay over the next 32 days and it is all OTM at the moment so that should move the needle on the equity curve finally. Just need to sit on my hands for a week or 2 and let theta decay do its magic. Some expire next week, some week after and it all clears in 32-36 DTE.