SPX Campaign / WYNN Strangle /Closed Early NFLX

$SPX STO 3/23 2500/2525 BUPS at 1.60 Thank you @jeffcp66

$WYNN STO 2/23 160/170 strangle at 1.60 Thank you @honkhonk81

$ETE STO 2/23 17 call at .30
$DVN STO 3/2 35 call at .81

Closed Early
$NFLX BTC 3/16 230/240 BUPS @ .40 STO 2/5 for 2.15
$NFLX BTC 3/16 220/235 BUPS @ .40 STO 2/13 for 2.06

Short Puts / Closed Earlies / Expirations / Assignments

$ANET STO 3/16 220/230 BUPS @ 2.35

Closed Early
$GS STO 2/16 255/270 BUCS @ 13.50 BTO at 6.00
$AAPL BTC 3/16 140/150 BUPS @ .15 STO at 1.40
$SQ STC 2/16 40/45 BUCS @ 4.25 BTO at 1.70

#optionsexpiration Full Profit
$AMZN 1345/1350 BUPS
$GS 240/250 BUPS
$AMAT 45/50 BUPS
$BIDU 210/220 BUPS
$FB 165/175 BUPS
$SPX 2640/2665 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$FISV 125 put Earnings trade
$CVX 135 Short Call
$DVN 45 Short Call
$EXAS 45 put
$NKTR 75 put

#optionsexpiration Full Loss
$CMG 315/325 BUPS Yuck
$CMG 325/335 BUCS Yuckier
$CMG 340/350 BUCS Yuckiest What was I thinking (perhaps not)
$CVX 125 Long Call
$ICHR 30 Long Call
$MHK 270 Long Call
$EXAS 60 Long Call
$LRCX 202.5/212.5 BUCS
$OLED 190/195 BUCS
$WYNN 180/190 BUCS
$PETS 45/55 BUCS

#Stock Called Away
$AVGO 247.50 Call Earnings strangle residue at profit

Stock Assigned
$CRZO 22.5 put
$MZOR 65 put
$TRTN 35 put
$DVN 44 put
$NTNX 37.5 put
$GDI 35 put

Have a great three day weekend everyone. Rest up and back to battle for a short week.
Happy New Year to all our Lunar members.
@jeffcp66 Thanks for our very own Hall of the Presidents. Makes Disney look shabby.

Love the presidents

Meant to mention earlier, but I love the rotating presidents on The Bistro. Great idea. Thanks @jeffcp66.

Closed Another SPX Early

$SPX BTC 2/16 2650/2675 BUPS @ .20 STO @ 1.75 Last week it was a BIG negative Thank you @jeffcp66 I know I am learning. Appreciate your incites. I mean insights, although lately many of us have become incited. And Lady Luck .

SPX Campaign / Closed Early SPX WUBA OLED CRM WYNN / Rolled DVN

$SPX STO 2/23 2665/2690 BUPS @ 4.75 and @ 6.70
$SPX STO 3/16 2475/2500 BUPS @ 1.40
$SPX STO 3/16 2875/2850 BUPS @ 1.80 Thank you for all @jeffcp66

$BIDU STO 3/16 210/220/270/270 IC for 2.50

Closed Early I’m a little gun shy
$SPX BTC 2/21 2675/2700 BUPS @ 5.00 STO 2/13 @ 16.80 Thank you again kind sir @jeffcp66
$WUBA STC 2/16 75/85 BUCS @ 3.73 BTO 1/5 @ 5.00 Several days ago it was nearly 100% loss. Today only 26% loss. Of course before that which should not be named happened there was significant profit. Will probably open another BUCS in this name in hopes of earnings run. Earnings 2/26.
$OLED BTC 2/16 BUPS @ 7.00 STO @ 2.55 Made up some ground recently on $AAPL resurgence.
$CRM STC 2/16 105/115 BUCS @ 6.72. BTO at 3.50 Happy 😉
$WYNN BTC 2/16 150/160 BUPS @ .20 (GTC order) STO 1/30 at 2.84

$DVN Rolled 2/16 41 put to 3/9 41 put for even.


From Friday
$EXAS 50 call (covered)

$SPX 2525/2550 BUPs Thank you @jeffcp66

Apparently there was more excitement…

Apparently there was more excitement in the market than skiing this weekend. Driving through NYC heard the dow was down another 1000 points, WTF? So at my next rest stop I had time to check SVXY to make sure it was still alive.

On a 9 hour drive to Maine had plenty of time to think about what the hell to do now.

So the first thing is I need to pay attention to rule #1, first do not lose any money and rule #2, do not forget rule #1.

All of my big losses have been on derivatives or leverage on derivatives. SVXY now and futures options. So no more leverage on leverage or as @jeffcp66 said a derivative of a derivative of a derivative.

Anything I have been assigned on a loss have always been able to work it back to even or a profit.

So rule #3 for me now is only trade hard assets, something you can be assigned when the crap hits the fan. From there can work it back with options, usually quicker than you think.

Rule #4, weekly options give more options for adjustment, so my ticker must have weeklies.

Rule # 5, stop trying for home runs, playing money ball I can double an account every 2 years conservatively.

#6, if anyone here has a dog they can train to bite me when I violate any of these rules, I will come pick it up.

Right now looks like the algos will be driving volatility for a while until we establish a new range.

Trade wisely!