A Trade and Tid Bits

Trade: BTC $XOP May 19 34 puts @ .31, managed at 50%.

Tid Bits: #education #longterm #IRA
For sometime I’ve been receiving a free newsletter “My Traders’s Journal” authored by Alex Fotopoulos, who writes with an easy-to-read conversational style, explaining the what, why and how he set up his trades, much like our Options Bistro members…no hype, no sales pitches. I’ve posted last Friday’s release below for a couple of reasons: the analysis of April 7 SPY chart and the book of trades he made for the year of 2012, which might help others learning options, I think I remember @optionshane enquiry. So check out the email, blog and book…
SPY Chart – April 7, 2017

Last bit:
Last month @fuzzballl posted a “quick-read” called “The 3% Signal: The Investing Technique That Will Change Your Life” by Jason Kelly. Well, how could I pass up the chance to read an investment book while sunning in PSP for a couple of weeks? Uh, after four weeks, I still haven’t finished the book, largely due to extended pool and happy hour time. So if you are thinking of a method for your long term/IRA accounts take a look at jasonkelly.com. And also checkout some of the analyses of the set up at the url below.
Thanks @fuzzballl!

Options Guides – Education

#optionseducation @optionshane
I know you probably get a gazillion emails hyping the “perfect guide or webinar” that will make you a millionaire in 30 days with only $5.00…right!? Alt>Delete faster than a speeding bullet!

In spite of the many offers I get and trash, the link below actually sent an easy-to-read overview of trading options, without advertising or weird videos! If you are just starting out it’s a must read.

Click to access UltimateGuide.pdf

Learning how to trade options at TT.

#optionseducation @optionshane
Several have recently posted questions about how to trade options those members might checkout a new series of “WDIS: Where do I start?” on tastytrade.com called , “Options 101.” This series is going to start at the beginning with understanding the basics and continue through advanced options. It will be a long series so one might want to check TT’s progress then jump in at an appropriate skill level.


JNUG STO 8.0 CALLS @.61 A Buy/Write
JNUG STO 8.00 CALLS @.46
JNUG STO 9.00 CALLS @.55 Covered
FSLR STO 11/18/16 31.5 PUTS @.80 Thanks to @optionshane for this idea. I couldn’t really trade my UVXY, as it’s behaving poorly. Again Thank You. HONK HONK

CMG & AAPL earnings

#Earnings Following @Ramie, STO $CMG Oct 28th 370 put for 2.35. Will sell another, but want to see if premium might rise more.

Following @optionshane, STO $AAPL Oct 28th 112/118/124 iron butterflys for 4.13.