VIX stops being boring

#VIXIndicator… new highs today, 15.19 highest since Sep 10th. If we close the day above 14.51, it will be a new Downside Warning. This just one day after the lowest close since August 9th.

Missed it by that much

#VIXIndicator The close bumped us up to 11.68, so still no start of the countdown to an Upside Warning.

VIX can’t shake off the fear

#VIXIndicator We spent the morning in Upside Warning territory, but despite a steadily rising SPX all day, the VIX also rose steadily then ended up closing higher on the day.

Downside Warning AGAIN

#VIXIndicator. 2018 is the year of the rollercoaster. Today’s close triggered anther warning for potential drops in the market.

We missed again

#VIXIndicator The $VIX avoided an Upside Warning again… clock restarts, we need three consecutive closes below 11.20 (11.19 or lower).

Two down…

#VIXIndicator …one to go. A $VIX close below 11.20 tomorrow will mean an Upside Warning, indicating a high chance of a rally to new all-time highs on the $SPX. The third day is where we failed in both late February and late May, and then new Downside Warnings hit on the fourth days.

Downside Warning finally canceled

#VIXIndicator Third time’s a charm for an Upside Warning? Two more closes below 11.20 and we’re golden.