HD – Close

BTC $HD 1.925 Puts @0.4 – was the put side of a #jadelizard #earnings trade which was STO @1.84 on 8/19/2019.


#JadeLizard – Out a couple weeks for another try. Selling put side at the expected move.

Sold ISRG SEP 6 2019 465.0/495.0/500.0 Jade Lizard @ 5.50

Close ISRG Jade Lizard / Close OKTA Puts

$ISRG BTC 8/23 500/505/485 jade lizard for 1.60. STO at 5.67. Thank you @fuzzballl

$OKTA BTC 8/23 135 put at .40. STO 8/14 at 5.60

#tastytradefollow QCOM OXY AMZN Plagiarizing…

#tastytradefollow QCOM OXY AMZN

Plagiarizing Sept. 20 expirations all 3.
QCOM #jadelizard 69/79/80 for 1.07
OXY #jadelizard 42.50/45/46 for 1.38
AMZN #callbutterfly 1925/1940/1940/1970 for .88

#earnings HD Sold Sept. 20…

#earnings HD

Sold Sept. 20 #jadelizard 192.50/210/212.50 for 2.77. Thanks for the data Jeff.

#earnings WMT #jadelizard Sold a…

#earnings WMT
#jadelizard Sold a jade lizard with protection, Sept. 13, 95/102/108/109 for 1.63.

SQ 8/23 5 puts closed…

SQ 8/23 65 puts closed for 3.95 or 2.72 loss per contract. I was going to convert to a #jadelizard but do not have time and also took the loss to avoid margin issues so I can stay in my other trades.

First losing trade on SQ this year.

Lots of other trades/puts are ITM but they still have good theta decay so will adjust those tomorrow.

Had a few extra minutes for lunch so:
LNG 67.5/67.5 #fuzzy rolled down to 60 for 1.55 debit and cb of 9.30.
EOG 87.5/87.5 #fuzzy expiring this week rolled down to 75/75 for next week for 3.16 debit. Cb now 18.34