Putting the “Fix” back in StitchFix

I trade a relatively small account and have never really traded cash-secured Puts before, so I decided to dip my toe into that as well as prepare to be assigned, since I’ve never gone down that road before.  Here’s summary of trades since $SFIX earnings went down:

10/1 BTO Oct 11 $23.00 Call $1.40 Debit (Expiring worthless today)

10/2 STO Oct 4 $17.00 Put: $0.26 Credit

10/3 BTC Oct 4 $17.00 Put: $0.10 Debit

10/3 STO Oct 11 $17.50 Put: $0.55 Credit

10/4 BTC Oct 11 $17.50 Put: $0.25 Debit

10/4 STO Oct 11 $20.00 Put: $0.70 Credit

10/7 BTC Oct 11 $20.00 Put: $0.50 Debit

10/8 STO Oct 11 $19.50 Put: $0.42 Credit

10/9 BTC Oct 11 $19.50 Put: $0.15 Debit

10/10 Nov 15 Synthetic Long (ish): STO $20 Put/BTO $21 Call: $0.25 Net Debit (Stock right around $21.00 at time of trade)

Bullish on SFIX, price target for the next week or two will be $23.00.  I’ll hold for at least a a week or until that hits and scoop a couple hundred out of it.  Volume profile has a gap with some slight resistance at $23.00, but it’s pretty open until about $27.00.

Have a good weekend!

SFIX Earnings Long Call

BTO $SFIX Oct 11 $23 Call at $1.40

Volume profile has a huge pocket above current price to about 26.50 or so, with Point of Control around 27.50.  TOS has expected move at 4.33 or so at time of trade.  We’ll see what happens this afternoon.  YOLO!

Closing PCTY Put

Closing $PCTY Nov 1 $80 Put for a scratch at $1.40.  Bought last week looking for a downward shift.  May revisit bearish play here, but looks like it needs more room to run up first.

Closing LULU 192.5 Call

STC $LULU Oct 18 $192.5 Call for $5.20.  Bought on Friday for $4.05.

LULU Oct 18 192.5 Call

BTO $LULU Oct 18 Call 192.5 at $4.05 – slightly Bullish, buying a call on dip today, looking to hold for a day or two and see what happens.  Probably close out at $100-200 profit if and when market wakes up after the last few down days.  No specific price target, looking for +$2-4 dollars in the underlying.  Have a good weekend!

Long put PCTY (First post)

BTO $PCTY Nov 15 Put @ 1.40

Bearish on this one due to Volume Profile and software in general.  Price target for next couple of weeks would be $90 – roughly a 100% return.  Volume profile has resistance at $85-80 and a huge open gap until about $63.00 or so.pcty 9-25

Thanks for the add Jeff, and thanks to everyone else for the great ideas over the years!  Looking to learn and contribute as much as possible!