Update on week’s trades

Closed out $X $13.50 puts expiring today at $24 loss.  Didn’t want to commit $2700 in capital for an unknown amount of time to break even.

$AGRX is down 30% this morning on news that Twirla review will be extended 90 days.  Unrealized loss is only $2.00 right now, and I picked up an additional June $2.5 Call at $0.75.  Planned on holding through Jan anyways so no change in plans.

$ADMP still holding, no word from FDA yet on their Naloxone high dose drug.

Have a good weekend!

TastyWorks trading challenge

Apologies in advance if this was already discussed previously.  Didn’t know how  many of you traded on TastyWorks– I finally read up a bit on their trading challenge and took a leap this morning.  They give you $5,000.00 in capital to paper trade Stocks and ETFs only for two trading sessions, and any gains you make up to $250.00 are added to your individual account as soon as it’s funded with $2,000.00.  Any losses are ignored.

I decided to roll dice on $JD earnings tomorrow before open with 149 shares at $33.39.  I have a GTC order online already at $35.25 to capture the $250.00 if it swings up at least 5.57%.

X Short Puts

Been pretty quiet on trading this week.  Aside from wishing I took long calls in $DIS prior to earnings and Dis+ launch, I sold two Nov 15 $13.50 Puts in $X yesterday at $0.21 x 2.  I’ve never had stock put to me or called away yet, and there are weeklies in the underlying so figured I’d give it a try.  Sold puts with stock around $13.75 or so, and it dipped past my strike today.  I’ll update if I get stock with covered call for next week.

Long term Pharm plays

Two small caps have some binary events coming up, and I wanted to play them.

$ADMP – Adamis Pharmaceuticals has a delayed PDUFA response from FDA on a higher dose Naloxone injection.  Supposed to come out Oct 31st, but has been delayed.  Open interest on the $2.50 Calls for Dec 2019 and March 2020 are over 19,000 this morning, but going out all the way to June didn’t cost much.  BTO 5x $2.50 Call 6/19/20 at $0.20 at $1.00 debit.  Price target for next few months would be $3-4.00 on the stock with approval, expecting total loss/lottery ticket with a CRL or other bad news.  Stock is trading at about $1.00 this morning.

$AGRX – Agile Therapeutics has a contraceptive patch Twirla, with a PDUFA date of Nov. 16th.  They’ve had two previous CRLs in the past years on the patch, but an advisory committee met late October and overwhelmingly supported it due to a lack of similar products.  BTO 1x $2.50 Call 6/19/20 at $0.90.  Price target would be $4.00, I will keep this one into next year most likely regardless of outcome.  Stock is at about $2.24 at time of post.

There’s a great website I use that summarizes upcoming Biotech/Pharma dates, pipelines, etc. if anyone is interested: https://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/

Disclaimer: I’ve only used free services on this site, like their FDA calendar and weekly watch lists.  Never paid money for subscription services as I’ve seen mixed reviews online.

BIDU Earnings

Bought the following on 11/6 in anticipation of BIDU earnings after hours same day:

1x 11/8 $120 Call, 1x 11/8 $125 Call, 2x 11/8 $130 Call at Debit of: $1.19.

BIDU failed to break some overhead resistance after hours, so I figured I’d get out with a small win– sold all positions for $1.72 about an hour after open on Thursday– should’ve hung on a bit more as the stock blasted about $6 higher during midday trading and my $120 Call would’ve been closer to $4.85 or so by itself.  That’s one thing I love about options trading as you get lessons everyday!

DERM Earnings

Took a position in $DERM for earnings on 11/5 (stock around $6.80 or so)- BTO 3x $8.00 Calls exp. 11/15 at $0.13.  Stock didn’t pop too much after earnings, but their biggest competitor $ANAB failed on their Phase 2b.  STC the same calls on Friday for $0.97 a piece, for a net profit of $252.00.

ANET put for earnings

Earnings week was going a little rough for me– lots of one-lot or cheapo OTM puts and calls aren’t high probability for profit.  Made about $100.00 at open today with some $X calls for earnings.  But finally landed a whale in $ANET.  BTO $ANET 11/1 $200 Put at $0.15 debit yesterday, STC same at $26.25 a few minutes after open.  Have a great weekend everybody!Screenshot_20191101-063800.png