ISRG fat finger

#CoveredCalls – Was long stock covered by next week’s 301.67 calls. Was entering an order to close the entire position at 301.50…willing to give up 17 cents to free up the cash a week early and to not have to hold over earnings. Forgot to adjust the darn price and was filled at 300.88. Ended up costing myself 62 cents but with a basis of 299.13 it’s still a winner.

Had this position on for a long time since a previous earnings play where the call side got demolished on a gap and run. Happy to be out and satisfied with the long grinding comeback!


#LongCallDiagonals – Watching this week’s 157.5’s to hopefully expire. Selling new batch a couple weeks out and before earnings…

Sold AAPL OCT 27 2017 160.0 Calls @ .80


#CoveredCalls – Keeping a little stock for at least a couple more weeks…

Rolled SVXY OCT 13 2017 93.0 Calls to OCT 27 2017 94.0 Calls @ .59 credit


#ShortStrangles – Just a quickie. I’ll look to re-establish in earnings week.

Bought to Close WDC OCT 20 2017 80.0/92.5 Strangles @ .19 (sold for 1.22)


#CoveredCalls – These aren’t covered yet but they might as well be…

Bought to Close AAOI OCT 20 2017 60.0 Calls @ .05 (rolling this profit into my stock basis)

Sold AAOI OCT 20 2017 48.0 Calls @ 1.20

Selling these a little under my basis but should be able to roll up into earnings if needed…


#ShortStrangles – Rolling up the put side for some extra premium. Looks like she wants to break out to new highs…. Thanks @geewhiz112 for the reminder!

Rolled NVDA NOV 3 2017 165.0 Puts to NOV 3 2017 180.0 Puts @ 1.60 credit.

New position is NOV 3rd 180.0/215.0 Strangles @ 5.11 credit (this is still the week before earnings)


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