#ShortStrangles – I don’t think it’s going to zero so balancing out my 500 and 510 short calls…

Sold TSLA JUN 15 2018 180.0 Put @ 1.95


#ShortStrangles – Short term but aggressive. Counting on the 100ma and the all time highs to contain this. This is also a couple weeks before next earnings…

Sold ISRG JAN 12 2018 350.0/400.0 Strangle @ 6.00


#CoveredCalls – Pounded this thing all the way down. It’s now back above the 20ma and looking like it could continue. Getting out of the way but keeping it just short of next earnings. Saving the high IV for another roll if needed.

Rolled REGN DEC 29 2017 385.0 Call to REGN JAN 19 2018 400.0 Call @ .53 debit


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Trying to be careful here but it’s very possible this thing could be at 300 in a week after my sale. 🙂 Dan over at OMM just put on a Jan monthly 200/220 BeCS so I’m using his short strike but bringing it in a couple weeks. This particular trade only needs 42 cents a week to insure breakeven.

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 15 2017 197.5 Calls @ .14 (sold for 1.50)

Sold NVDA JAN 5 2018 200.0 Calls @ 1.57


#SyntheticShort – This was another one that got run over to the downside. Learning my lesson here…LOL With it starting to bounce a little I’m booking it for a small profit and looking to reset on the next run higher.

Sold to Close NUGT 42 synthetic short and 47 disaster calls
Bought to Close NUGT 20 puts

These were all in the same expiration since I had rolled the short puts out and down after the initial imoplosion (right after setting the trade of course!)

All said and done made 50 cents on a 10 lot but learned a whole lot more! Now I’m a cheerleader….gold to 1500!


#VXXGame #ShortCalls #ReverseRolling – Various adjustments in SVXY today. Mainly getting the short calls to slightly safer areas…

Reverse Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 135.0 Call to SVXY JAN 18 2019 25.0/235.0 Strangle @ .20 credit

Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 140.0 Call to JUN 15 2018 165.0 Call @ .13 credit
Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 145.0 Call to JUN 15 2018 170.0 Call @ .70 credit


#SyntheticStock – Getting a tiny bounce today…selling next week’s…

Bought to Close GLD DEC 15 2017 122.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for .23)

Sold GLD DEC 22 2017 120.0 Calls @ .27