#perpetualrollingstrangles #inversestrangle TSLA Rolled June…

#perpetualrollingstrangles #inversestrangle TSLA

Rolled June 19, 325/450 inverted ugly strangle to July 20, 330/445 slightly less ugly inverted strangle for 1.17

UBER out

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Jan 10th 31.5 calls for 2.00. Strangles sold for .80 on Dec 6th for .80. Puts previously closed for .05.

#Rolling : Sold $UBER Jan 31st 32/36 strangles for .86. Won’t make up for the loss but will keep it going

#perpetualrollingstrangles TSLA I sure don’t…

#perpetualrollingstrangles TSLA

I sure don’t want it to be perpetual;

Rolled inverted 300/430 strangle from Jan. 17 to Feb. 21 for 16.95. I have collected 85.61. Motley Fool now says it’s a buy.

UBER strangle

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Jan 10th 25.5 puts for .05. GTC Order in to close 31.5 calls for same. Strangles sold for .80 on Dec 6th.

UBER strangle

#PerpetualRollingStrangles Sold to Open $UBER Jan 10th 25.5/31.5 strangles for .80

TQQQ Rolled Again

$TQQQ BTC 11/1 66 call and STO 11/15 69 call at debit of 1.13. Would gain $3 if called away. These sold against 60% of 1/2020 66.67 long calls. The long calls are now paid for. But who knows what the future brings. TQQQ at 69.51. I would roll again if an opportunity presents itself.

UBER puts stopped

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Oct 4th 31 puts for 2.35. Calls previously closed for .05. Strangles sold for .90 on 9/11. This strategy has worked well on UBER, but will wait a few days before starting a new one. My naked puts on $CHWY have NOT worked; underwater. The Upside Warning had me overly confident on both of these.