UBER puts stopped

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Oct 4th 31 puts for 2.35. Calls previously closed for .05. Strangles sold for .90 on 9/11. This strategy has worked well on UBER, but will wait a few days before starting a new one. My naked puts on $CHWY have NOT worked; underwater. The Upside Warning had me overly confident on both of these.

UBER strangle

BTC $UBER Sept 13th 32.5/38 strangles for .15. Sold for 1.12 on 8/20.
STO $UBER Oct 4th 31/37 strangles for .90

UBER strangle

#PerpetualRollingStrangles Sold to Open $UBER Sept 13th 32.5/38 strangles for 1.12

UBER strangle stopped

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Aug 30th 37 put for 1.50. The 37/43.5 strangles sold for 1.08 on Friday.
Nice thing about these is how small the loss is if your strike is breached. I will allow the call to close for .05.

I will give it a day or two before selling a new one.

UBER strangles

#Earnings #PerpetualRollingStrangles
Since today’s 39.5/45.5 earnings strangle look to be expiring worthless, I’m resuming what worked for me for a couple months after my earnings losing trade in May:

Sold $UBER Aug 30th 37/43.5 strangles for 1.08

UBER earnings trade

#Earnings $UBER has only reported once, on May 30th, and the next day move was +1.5%. (Max intraday was +4.4%)
Expected move on TOS is +/- 3.59.

Sold $UBER Aug 9th 39.5/45.5 strangles for 1.05. Strikes are 7.1% OTM.


HIIQ NVTA Short Puts / NVDA Earnings Straddle / NFLX BUPS / Rolling TQQQ

$HIIQ STO 3/15 31 puts at 1.19 Thank you @honkhonk81.
$NVTA STO 3/15 15 puts at 1.00

$NVDA STO 3/15 120/189 straddle at 1.70. Thank you @thomberg1201

$NFLX STO 3/15 325/335 BUPS at 2.50 Thank you @ramie77

$TQQQ BTC 2/15 50 calls and STO 3/15 53 calls for additional .80 credit.

Happy Valentines Day to all. Not much left of it but enjoy.