#ShortStrangles – Got a little wiggle in TLT on the Fed minutes and my standing order filled. Increasing position size slightly on this #PerpetualRollingStrangles position.

Sold TLT DEC 15 2017 121.0/129.0 Strangles @ 1.55


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Just another roll for a small credit. Sold against Dec 51 calls…

Rolled EWW OCT 6 2017 56.0 Puts to NOV 17 2017 55.0 Puts @ .15 credit

WYNN adjustment

Started out a year ago as a #ShortStrangles position but has turned into a nicely performing #PerpetualRollingStrangles position.

Currently running along inverted. 145/125 inverted @ 12.15 credit. Ideally in these inverted positions you’d like total premium received to be greater than the width of the inversion for it to be profitable. I’m not quite there yet so rolling to decrease the inversion. Out two weeks and squeezed it in by two points. Really wanted the 145 puts to expire today but not quite there.

Rolled WYNN SEP 15 2017 145.0/125.0 Inverted Strangles to SEP 29 2017 145.0/127.0 Inverted @ .15 credit

Like a friend who stays longer than you expected…

#Earnings #StrangleRoll Looks like I am committing to a longer term relationship with $RH. Not happy about my sloppy exit, but what’s done is done.

BTC RH Sep 8th 64.5 calls for 7.05
STO RH Oct 20th 65/75 strangles for 6.70. Sold an extra 65 put for 3.90, to give me a roll credit of .43 on the whole trade. I will manage this similarly to #PerpetualRollingStrangles


Not really a #PerpetualRollingStrangles trade but it’s turning into one. Got a stop on next week’s 55’s at 50 percent of max profit so selling the next batch.

Sold EWW OCT 6 2017 56.0 Puts @ .85


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – I had already double sold the next batch for a couple weeks out. Forgot I had this order in to close this week’s.

Bought to Close GLD SEP 8 2017 124.5 Puts @ .03 (sold for 1.24)


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – This week’s 124.5s are looking good so adding a new position a couple weeks out…

Sold GLD SEP 22 2017 125.5 Puts @ .85