#earnings #shortputs #rolling HCA In…

#earnings #shortputs #rolling HCA

In July I sold an #ironcondor for earnings, HCA tanked. I originally had a short 82 put, rolled it up to 82.50, the first of 4 rolls, waiting for a week like this week, closed at a gain of 148 today. Thanks to all who have shown how rolling can work.


#ShortStrangles – Lots of uncertainty and questions around this stock right now. Let’s see if it stays that way for another month…

Sold TSLA DEC 29 2017 275.0/350.0 Strangle @ 5.45


SPX trade

#SPXcampaign Forgot to post this yesterday. A put spread hit my stoop on the morning lows so I closed it, as well as its offsetting call spread (at a profit). I did not roll it yet.

Stopped $SPX Dec 8th 2510/2485 put spreads for 2.88.
Closed SPX Dec 8th 2650/2675 call spreads for .42.
Both spreads sold as an #IronCondor last week for 3.05.

SPX new condor

#SPXcampaign Sold my first 5-week position as a condor:

Sold $SPX Dec 8th 2485/2510/2650/2675 #IronCondor for 3.05

MELI earnings

#Earnings #IronCondor Thanks @fuzzballl for heads up on this one. Leaning a bit bullish (based on historical performance) and going with a condor for protection and less margin:

Sold $MELI Nov 17th 200/210/280/290 condors for 2.35

MELI earnings

#Earnings – Could be another wild one and I’m due for one to struggle. Can’t pass this up though…great premium even well outside the expected move (+/- 22.10 today and 27.0 by expiry). BTW these are monthlies…

Sold MELI NOV 17 2017 200.0/280.0 Strangle @ 3.70


AAPL Earnings

#earnings Mostly followed @jeffcp66 strikes, sold Nov. 17 #ironcondor 152.50/157.50/180/185 for 1.22