SPX trades and expirations

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 31st 3425/3445-3555/3575 condors for .95, IV 10.16%, SPX 3507, deltas -.07, +.06.

Expiring: Aug 28th 3400/3420-3550/3570 condors , sold yesterday for .90.

#Supercharger expiring: $SPX Aug 28th 3400/3425 call spreads for max credit of 20.00, bought yesterday for 18.80.

#Earnings Expired at full loss: $ANF 10.5 puts, bought Wednesday for .85.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX 3400/3420-3550/3570 condors for .90, IV 16.37%, SPX 3497, deltas -.06,+.06.

My put side are the same strikes as my #Supercharger bought earlier. Of course, call Superchargers have the exact same profile and risk as Put credit spreads. So I’m doubled up on the down side risk.



#SPX1dte Bought to Open $SPX Aug 28th 3400/3420 call spreads for 18.80, with SPX at 3482. This is a result of mistakenly entering the wrong strikes on a spread… but then I saw that I could make over a buck in one day, pretty much a no-brainer to buy it.



BTO NBL May 15 5/7.5 Calls $1.12
BTO APA May 15 5/7.5 Calls $0.70



BTO Mar 20 237.5/240 Calls $1.22 #supercharger


STC Jan 31 490/492.50 call spread #supercharger Paid 1.35 sold for 2.49


BTO Jan 31 490/492.50 Call Spread $1.35 #supercharger


Apr 18 120/120/119 C/P/P $1.00
EWZ #supercharger
41/34 Apr 18 Puts $.67
RH #supercharger
117/119 Apr 18 Calls $1.05
FB #supercharger
177.5/180.0 Apr 18 Calls $1.36

Looking for 30-50% Profits on these!!


STC NVDA #supercharger Apr 12 182.5/185.0 Calls $2.40 bought 4-8 for 1.95
STC RH #Supercharger May 17 110/115 Calls $3.15 bought Apr 8 for 2.40
TLT Put #Supercharger Apr 18 125/123 Puts $1.26 bought 4-1 for $.86

so far so good. I called them #supercharger but they could be called #bitties

and MarketTide is helping


STC 192.5/190Puts #supercharger $1.60 opened 4-8 for $1.18
found this with my new MarketTide.


BTO Apr 12 1210/1207.50 BePS $1.14 #supercharger
going down in an up market


BTO Mar 29 357.50/360.00 $1.85 #supercharger


BTO Mar 22 182.50/185.00 $2.00 #supercharger


BTO Mar 22 1175/1177.50 Calls $1.80 #supercharger
BTO Mar 29 1172.5/1175 Calls $1.80 #supercharger


BTO Mar 22 155/157.50 Calls $1.70 #supercharger


BTO Mar 15 177.5/180 Calls 1.85 #supercharger


STC Feb 8 142/144 Calls 1.90 #supercharger
BTO 1-31 $1.03
STC Feb 8 145/147 1.75
BTO 2-1 $1.03
Still open BUPS Feb 8 145/143 sold $.40 2-4-2019


STC on GTC order…FEB 1 325/327.5 BuCS @2.36…BTO 1/18 @ 1.90

All I want for Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is a Santa Claus rally 🙂

Adjustments, just doing my best to bring in income to offset the continued chaos.

TQQQ 40/45 BTO for 4.50 sold for 3.75. Trying to keep this account from being wiped out so taking a small loss before it became worse. Going long term with what’s left on a GILD #fuzzy.

GILD 2021 67.5/69 next week for 11.92. Have 113 weeks to manage.
EXPE 125/125/126 rolled the 1 DTE 126 out to 15 DTE for 1.00. CB now 13.88 and as above 113 weeks left.
XBI 2020 80/85 15 DTE rolled down to 80 at 43 DTE for 1.91 credit CB now 14.63. 61 weeks left to manage.

LNG 63 cc tomorrow rolled out 43 DTE and down to 61 for 1.97 credit. Cb now 59.27.

Bizarrely MU is up, go figure?!
As @kathycon said below, market is defying all patterns and seasonality this year, not quite and exact quote but close. Does the VIX need to spike to 50 before the selling is done? Who knows, trade smart, preserve capital, there will be big opportunities soon enough.

If the whippy settles down later my try some directional trades before the day is over.

Good luck, stay safe!

Friday clean up

Had some things expiring and others just out of time value so #rolling, closing, adjusting.

TQQQ CC 63 rolled out to 42 DTE and down to 61 for 1.55 credit. CB now 59.10.
TQQQ lot 2 CC 63 same as above. Cb now 59.45.

QQQ 7 DTE 150/155 #supercharger sold to close for 4.92. Bought for 4.52 so about $132 profit on a 3 lot.

New TQQQ #supercharger 21 DTE 40/45 bought for 4.50.

Now just sitting on my hands until next week. Wish I had time to trade /NQ this morning, that would have been profitable.

Have a great weekend 🙂


STC Nov 9 1600/1602.5 Calls $2.50

BTO Monday for 1.90 #supercharger

#rolling and recovery Scalped a…

#rolling and recovery

Scalped a few more trades on /NQ and gave back my gains. But learned that 15 min and 30 minute chart is probably ideal for scalping. 1 and 5 minute too much chop. I will be adding some more directional trades and using my tools.

XBI 80/97 rolled to 80/90 for 0.49 credit. Cb 17.84
LNG 50/66.5 rolled to 22 DTE 65 for 0.49 credit. Cb 17.84
XBI lot 1,2,3 closed for losses totaling 620. With only until Jan 2019 and hardly any cash in this account did not think it was worth trying to recover and losing more.

LNG Lot 1 66 cc rolled down to 65 and 43 DTE for 0.83 credit. Cb 60.99
LNG lot 2 66 cc rolled the same for 0.9 credit. cb 61.00

#supercharger all I had left for in this tiny IRA.
QQQ 22 DTE 150/155 for 4.53. Will have to manage if we drop more.

SuperChargers stopped

#SuperCharger STC $REGN Oct 26th 380/390 BuCS for 5.57. Bought for 7.35 on Tuesday.
STC $AMZN Oct 19th 1880/18890 BuCS for 5.00. Bought for 7.25 yesterday.

I’ll look to add these or others back when it appears a bottom is in.


BTO Oct 19 1160/1162.50 BuCS $1.70 #supercharger
STC GTC 2.40

AMZN supercharger

Bot AMZN Oct19 1840/1850 CDS @ 7.75. GTC order to close @ 9.40. Inspired by Jeff. Thanks @jeffcp66


AMZN Super Dooper

#SuperCharger Kind od surprised this is available for such a low price, expiring before earnings.

Bought to Open $AMZN Oct 19th 1880/1890 bull call spread for 7.25.


BTO Oct 19 350/355 BuCS $3.45 #supercharger
GTC 4.75
BTO Oct 12 114/112 BePS $.95 #in-out
GTC 1.55

Closing trades

Rather than posting closing trades throughout the day, I plan to post a daily summary. I’ll continue to post opening trades individually to ensure that they’re timely in case anyone wants to follow.

BA. Strong stock in strong sector strat. BTO Oct26 lophir @ -2.61. STC @ -.80 for 70% profit. Days in trade 12
AAPL. Pre-ER strat. BTO Oct26 supercharger @ 7.93. STC @ 9.40 for 16% profit. Days in trade 8
NFLX. Pre-ER strat. BTO Oct19 lophir @ -8.31. STC @ -2.50 for 70% profit. Days in trade 13

Note: Profit on lophirs is based on credit received, not max risk. I’m willing to report based on max risk if you all prefer that.

#PreEarnings #supercharger #lophir

REGN long

#SuperCharger Replacing the NVDA one that closed yesterday. This expires before earnings.
Bought $REGN Oct 26th 380/390 bull call spread for 7.35. Price target 9.40.

NVDA closed

#SuperCharger Sold to close $NVDA Oct 26th 247.5/257.5 bull call spread for 9.50. Bought for 7.25 on Sep 21st.


BTO Oct 12 1975/1977.5 calls 1.89 #supercharger
Order in to close 2.40


BTO AMZN 19 OCT 18 1920/1925 BuCS @3.96…GTC order in to close @4.70


STC Sept 28 1157.5/1160 Calls 2.48 BTO @ 1.71 #supercharger



BTO NFLX 10/12 357.7/362.5 BuCS @3.95. GTC order to close @4.70


BTO Oct 5 1970/1972.5 Calls 1.81 #supercharger

Looking too bullish? Just wait a day…



GOOGL SuperCharger closed

#SuperCharger Sold to close $GOOGL Oct 5th 1140/1150 bull call spreads for 9.55.
Bought for 6.85 on the 17th, after rolling from the Sep 28th 1155/1165 spread.


STC Sept 28 1897.5/1900 Calls #supercharger 2.45 BTO 9/21 1.90


STC on GTC order 10/5 340/345 BuCS @4.70. BTO 9/18 @3.98 #supercharger

GOOGL Supercharger Hits Profit Stop

#GOOGL STC 1155/1165 BUCS at 9.40 BTO at 7.22 Thank you @jeffcp66


STC AMZN… 28 Sept 1897.5/1900 BuCS @2.36 with stock @1967.13. BTO 9/21 @1.83. Thanks, @mortlightman. #supercharger
STC XLY…28 Sept 1/-2/-1/2. 116/115/114/112.5 @-.03 . BTO 8/30 @-0.41. Thanks, @kathycon. #lophir


STC #supercharger Sept 28 1147.5/1150 Calls 2.40 cost 1.90

AAPL supercharger

Bot AAPL Oct26 205/215 @ 7.91. GTC order to close @ 9.40.
AAPL earnings tentatively 10/30. Historically, earnings have been end of Oct to early Nov so should be able to avoid earnings.



STC 9/28 342.5/357.5 BuCS @4.70. BTO 9/12 @3.80 #supercharger

AMZN Supercharger

#SuperCharger $AMZN keeps testing new lows so I’m out with a tiny profit on this round, small loss overall counting the first one I rolled.

Sold to close $AMZN Oct 19th 1865/1875 bull call spreads for 6.75. Bought for 6.55 last week.

$GOOGL also looking weak, but didn’t breach my 1150 short strike so I’ll hang with it.
Also opened one in $NVDA Friday, which is holding up.

NVDA Supercharger

#SuperCharger I was looking at a #Lophir but wasn’t liking the margin requirement R/R. This trade is a better fit.

Bought to open $SPX Oct 26th 247.5/257.5 bull call spreads for 7.30. Profit target: 9.40.


BTO Sept 28 1897.50/1900.00 Call spread $1.90 #supercharger
Order to close 2.40 GTC
Also STO Sept 28 BuPS 1900.00/1897.50 .63 Order to close .10


STC Sept 21 1885.00/1885.5 #supercharger $2.45
BTO 9/6 1.90


STC 28 SEP 1130/1140 BuCS @9.40….BTO 9/12 @7.70


AZO supercharger

Sold for target profit @ 9.40. This one took patience and luck.


AZO Closed Early / Google FB Rolling

$AZO STC 9/21 720/730 BUCS at 00 BTO at 5.25 Thank you @jeffcp66 and thank the mother of all superchargers @kathycon

$GOOGL BTC 9/21 1190/1210 BUPS and STO 10/5 1190/1210 BUPS at 4.50 debit
$FB BTC 9/21 160/180 BUPS and STO 10/5 160/180 BUPS at 2.10 debit

GOOGL supercharger rolled

#SuperCharger Sold $GOOGL Sep 28th 1155/1165 bull call spreads for 6.50. Bought for 6.99 last Monday.
#Rolling Bought GOOGL Oct 5th 1140/1150 call spreads for 6.85.

I’m getting leery, however, of staying long anything.


Rolled #supercharger Sept 21 1160/1162.5 BuCS to Sept 28 1157.5/1160 for .02 cr

AMZN rolled

#SuperCharger Bought to Open $AMZN Oct 19th 1865/1875 Bull Call Spread for 6.55. Moved strikes 25 points lower and bought this one for cheaper than usual.

AMZN SC closed

#Supercharger Sold to Close $AMZN Sep 28th 1890/1900 bull call spread for 6.50. Bought for 7.35 on Sept 6th.

As an experiment, I had also sold a 1-lot in the 1900/1890 put spread for 2.70. I entered the order to close for 3.55, which is the same .85 loss as the call spread. This put spread closed when AMZN hit 1923, and the call spread closed when it hit 1924. So as for stop loss, the experiment shows these spreads work about the same. I’ll try this again to see how the winners turn out.

Closed AZO

#SuperCharger Sold to close $AZO Sept 21st 725/735 bull call spread for 6.50. Bought for 7.35 on Aug 30th.

The expiration on this spread is AFTER earnings, which is not ideal as you won’t get enough theta decay to take the desired profit unless you wait past earnings. I didn’t want to risk the full 7.35 on that coin toss.

Google Supercharger / CMG TSLA Closed Early / IQ HAL Rolled

Maiden Voyage – shoals abound
$GOOGL STO 9/28 1155/1165 BUCS at 7.20 Thank you @jeffcp66

$CMG BTC 9/28 440/460 BUPS at .50 STO at 3.30 Thank you @ramie77
$TSLA BTC 240/250 BUPS at .55 STO at 1.60 Kudos to @ramie77
$IQ BTC 9/21 35 put and STO 10/19 35 put at .30 additional credit
$HAL BTC 9/21 40 put and STO 10/19 35 put at .26 additional credit


#supercharger – STC 14 SEP 345/350 BuCS @4.70….Opened 8/28 @3.89..

BTO 28 SEP 342.5/347.5 BuCS @3.80…GTC order to close @4.70

GOOGL SuperCharger

#SuperCharger This worked so well a couple weeks ago, and now it looks like the pullback may be over.

Bought to Open $GOOGL Sept 28th 1155/1165 bull call spread for 6.99. Order in to close for 9.40.


BTO Sept 14 262.50/260.00 BePS #supercharger Puts 1.03 #in-out

AMZN Supercharger

#SuperCharger Bought $AMZN Sept 28th 1890/1900 call spreads for 7.35. Plan to close for 9.40 or more. Thanks @mortlightman for the idea… I was trying to do this with NFLX but wasn’t finding good prices.


BTO Sept 21 1885.0/1887.50 Call Spread #supercharger 1.90


STC WYNN Sep 14 149/147 BePS 1.70 BTO 9/4 1.01 1 day #In-Out Trade
#supercharger Puts

AVGO supercharger

This trade was inspired by AVGO’s propensity to move up into earnings (9/6) and also by the delightful mispricing of a 5-wide DITM call debit spread.
Bot AVGO Sep7 207.5/212.5 BuCS @ 3.50. GTC order @ 4.30.
Target needs to be a little lower on this one due to high vol going into earnings. I forgot about that. That makes this trade more difficult to close for a profit before earnings.



TSLA STC 9/7 335/330 BePS @4.70. BTO 8/28 @3.75. Is this a reverse supercharger ?

NFLX STC 9/7 345/350 BuCS @4.70. BTO 8/28 @3.89 #supercharger


AZO supercharger

Bot Sep21 720/730 call debit spread @ 7.50. GTC @ 9.40
Earnings confirmed on 9/18. It’s not quite time to put on an earnings play so this is my way of taking advantage of a pullback with the likelihood that price will move up over the next few weeks.

GOOGL closed

#SuperCharger Closed on GTC order: $GOOGL Sep 7th 1200/1210 bull call spread for 9.45. Bought for 7.20 on 8/23.

GOOGL BTO Sept 7 1200/1202.5…

GOOGL BTO Sept 7 1200/1202.5 1.85 #supercharger
STC GOOGL Aug 31 1195/1197.5 2.20 Paid 1.85 week ago

GOOGL SuperCharger

#SuperCharger Bought to Open $GOOGL Set 7th 1200/1210 Bull call spread for 7.20. It has a daily squeeze. You can get a better price now, or move down a strike or two. Goal closing price is 9.40.


STC TSLA Aug 17 335.0/332.50 2.45 BTO 8-15 104.00 #supercharger

NVDA #Supercharger closed #SuperCharger Sold…

NVDA #Supercharger closed
#SuperCharger Sold to close $NVDA Aug 17th 230/240 call spread for 9.25. Bought for 7.55 on July 21st. Took awhile, but taking profit today to clear out before earnings. 22.5% profit.

Bulls ran me over

#Earnings. Quite a week for blind trading… Thursday’s bullish run looks good for my trades in $SHOP (#Earnings), $MRVL (#PreEarnings), and $NVDA (#SuperCharger).

But I’m under water with naked calls 330 calls in $TSLA, and #CoveredCalls in $AAPL and $SQ. I will have to roll on Friday. May require me to stay up late!

Closed $TSLA 260 puts for .06. Sold for 2.75
Sold $PYPL Aug 17th 87.5 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for .80.


STC Aug 10 1740/1742.5 #supercharger @ 2.30 put on yesterday @ 1.85
allowed 1 winner


Got run over with BWBF was out most of day and now max loss
Close #supercharger in NFLX & GOOGL this AM at almost total loss, now coming back
Snake bitten
Bad day at black rock

$MamaCash Are you sill holding…


Are you sill holding Supercharger NVDA for 08/17. I’m holding the 240/245 which I bought for 3.35. It just never seems to move into profit! Or am I missing something?