STC 20 JUL 1170/1175 BuCS @4.70…BTO 7/12 @ 4.00 #supercharger

AZO supercharger closed

#SuperCharger Sold to close $AZO July 20th 660/670 bull call spread for 9.75. This was purchased last Wednesday for 7.39 as an ITM long call spread. Thanks to MamaCash for the idea!

I am looking to do it again, but could use a bit of downward action in the stock. Looking at an ITM spread for August 3rd expiry.


Pre-ER. Bot INTC Jul27 53c @ .66
Pre-ER. Bot LMT Jul27 330c @ 1.85
Bot SPX Jul20/23 2815 call calendar @ 1.35
Bot SPX Jul20/23 275 put calendar @ 1.40




BTO Jul 27 1150/1152.50 1.90 #supercharger


STC GOOGL 20 JUL 1140/1145 BuCs @4.70…BTO 7/10 @3.95 #supercharger
Thanks to @hcgdavis and @kathycon this has become my go to strategy for now…:)


STC AMZN 20 JUL BuCs 1695/1700 @4.70…BTO 7/10 @3.97 #supercharger

AZO supercharger

BTO Jul20 660/670 BuCS @ 7.61. GTC order to sell at 9.40.
Based on the daily squeeze and a pullback today.