Sell BeCS as IWM approaches…

Sell BeCS as IWM approaches 20 and 50 daily ma Feb 23 $153.5/157 for $1.05 credit. I noticed ATM puts are much more expensive than calls, so sell call spread risking 2.45 to make 1.05.

#coveredcalls Rolled NUGT Feb 16…


Rolled NUGT Feb 16 $27 call to Mar 16 $30 call for $1.10. I entered trade about 11 am when NUGT was about $28, looking now I could have held till expiration (worthless.)

#rolledup $UVXY rolled Feb 02…

#rolledup $UVXY

rolled Feb 02 $10 calls to Mar 16 $11 call for $1.05 credit. I expect by March the UVXY will revert to trend and be well below the strike.

rolled second tranche Feb 02 $11 call to Feb 16 $12 for 0.50 credit. I will be out of town next week and half with limited internet availability.

#bearcallspreads $UVXY Sell to open…

#bearcallspreads $UVXY

Sell to open Feb 02 11/16 bear call spread. I like to see what ROI is on these triple ETF/ETN instruments. I have noticed when ROI on ATM buy writes exceed 5% it is very unlikely to be called away. SO This one presently offers a 7.74% ROI. I limit my margin/risk by employing a spread. Let’s see if it doesn’t turn down later today or tomorrow.

$rolled calls

UVXY Jan 26 $10 call sold for 0.31 (last 0.01), rolled to Feb 02 $10 for 0.50

#coveredcalls $SVXY Buy to close…

#coveredcalls $SVXY
Buy to close Jan 26 $134 calls for 0.38, sold Jan 18 for $2.67

#buywrite $UVXY buy UVXY at…

#buywrite $UVXY
buy UVXY at $9.76, sell Jan 26 $10 call for 0.35, if exercised 5.8% ROI so placed stop at $9.54 to keep very small profit. I may sell stock (if gain on pop) and buy 13 call for 0.05 since unlikely to exercise, undecided.