#longcallspread GOOGL BTO Aug 17…

BTO Aug 17 1220/1230 for $1

#longputspread GOOGL STC Aug 17…


STC Aug 17 1210/1200for $1.60 (didn’t move quickly enough in first hour), bought yesterday for net $0 via delay 1 hour between buy 1210 and sell 1200 for SAME $1.10;
reenter 1210/1200 for 1.45, 1.50; close half for $3.00

#bearputspreads GOOGL first buy Aug…



first buy Aug 17 1210 put for $1.10
wait an hour sell Aug 17 1200 put for $1.10
cross fingers for tomorrow’s action with no cost and $10 possible gain.

#shortcalls FB BTC Aug 17…


FB BTC Aug 17 225/235 for 0.10, sold yesterday for $2.20, thank you SMM


Did well on Friday selling numerous BeCS, only the 360/405 got me called away naked shares. Today I bought half pre-market 359.50 with a follow-up order for the remainder at 358.50 which executed within 5 minutes of open. Price dipped to 353.60 before recovery to 360 presently.

#shortcallspreads sold NFLX Jul 20…


sold NFLX Jul 20 380/410 BeCS for $1.10, stock looks heavy.
BTC BeCS NFLX 390/410 for 0.07, sold yesterday for 0.50

#spycraft What do the IC…


What do the IC or SPX traders think of this opportunity:
Sell Jul 16 2795/2800/2805 for $3.40. The risk is $1.60 with relatively large cushion. It seems attractive to me but I have little experience with IC’s.

edit: Present price 2799 +/- with price mid-point varying 3.30 to 3.50.