#spxcampaign a few trades today…


a few trades today
Apr 13 buy 2665/2645 BePS buy $7 sell $7.50, small profit missed a quick loss
Apr 13 sell 2665/2645 BePS sell $4 buy $3.45, better profit
Apr 13 buy 2655/2645 BeCS sold $11, buy $8.85 best of day
need to cut lawn, have a good weekend

#spxcampaign closed Apr 11 2620/2650…

closed Apr 11 2620/2650 BuPS for 10.50, sold yesterday morning for 9.50, spent afternoon sweating it out however.

#spxcampaign tried my luck again…

tried my luck again buy Apr 09 2635 puts 5.30, close 3.80
I guess today I am the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

#spxcampaign try again buy Apr…

try again buy Apr 09 2625 put for $6.70, place sell at $9.70

#spxcampaign buy Apr 09 2625…


buy Apr 09 2625 put for $10.50, have sell in at $12.50, got close

#spxcampaign New to this so…

New to this so the Put I bought yesterday 2660 for $15 I sold this morning in first 15 min for $20, as prices were declining.
Now I entered BePS debit 2620/2610 for $4.90 when price 2610 and weak. I’m considering adding to this position but need to know if I have to close it out or will automatically settle in cash? Can anyone help?

#spx Thought I would try…


Thought I would try a trade. Poor timing to have bought a put. I have an April 06, does it expire in AM or end of day?