I am looking for advice.I…

I am looking for advice.I bought UVXY at $25 and sold call expiring Friday for $36, now I want to capture more of this windfall. I thought of buying higher call making a spread to free the stock. Problem is prices are too high for purchase. I thought of rolling out and up short call to Sept but the long calls are quite expensive – $30.

#longputs Buy another Jan 02…

Buy another Jan 02 2510/2500 BePS for $7.50 while SPX below 2500, 15 minutes to go and looks promising.

#ironcondor SPX sell BeCS Jan…

SPX sell BeCS Jan 02 2530/2540 for 1.25cr this morning, expiring worthless it appears
buy BePS 2510/2500 Jan 02 for $4.00, sold hour later for $6.50

Off to a good start after nice finish last month.

#spxcampaign Sell iron condor Nov…

Sell iron condor Nov 30 2760/2770 calls and 2740/1730 puts for $1 and 1 hour till expiration. Many missteps today, hope to get this one right.

#longputspread SPX BTC 2670/2660 puts…

BTC 2670/2660 puts for $6.75 and $7.50. Nice gain for half day’s time. I entered at $3.50 and $4.50.

#longputspread SPX BTO Nov 26…

SPX BTO Nov 26 2670/2660 puts for $4.50, added $3.40 looking for reversion to mean to R3 2659 TODAY.

#longcallspread SPX quick trade Nov…

SPX quick trade Nov 26 2660/2670 for $5, sold few minutes after for $5.50, I expect price to return to R3 2659 from price I entered 2663+. Sold too early, but profitable!

#shortcallspread Couldn’t resist one more…


Couldn’t resist one more expiring today with 1 hour to go
BeCS 2670/2680 for 0.75cr. 2662 rising at time of sale. Turned down not much later.

#shortputspread SPX sell Nov 21…

SPX sell Nov 21 2640/2630 put spread for 0.20cr. Only 1:15 remaining and price today never below 2650.

#ironcondor SPX sold today’s 2690/2700…

SPX sold today’s 2690/2700 calls and 2640/2630 puts for 0.90cr. So far so good as prices remains mid-range 2650 to 2670. My second attempt at IC trade.

#shortputspread SPXW STO Nov 21…

STO Nov 21 2645/2605 for $11.50,BTC $9.50, 15 minute trade – reversion to mean

#shortcallspreads AMZN Well I managed…

Well I managed to short at the bottom again.
BTC Nov 16 1685 call for $41, sold this morning at $8.20, waited to close long side STC 1640 for $6.75, bought 0.70.

This was a small portion of my position as I see price dropping precipitously. At least I learned not to sell all when pain is intense. Next, learn to pass when price moved dramatically, unless brave enough to go against trend and keep it small initially.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Very busy first…

Very busy first hour BTC 1650 calls for 3.60, sold for 7.82. Roll down to 1590 for 17 cr.
Next sold back 1700 calls for 0.75, bot 1.91 yesterday. Roll down to 1640 at 3.95.
Finally sold BeCS Nov 16 1585/1640 for 7.60, a bit early but looking good now.
The day (8AM) opened at 1608 and when I made most of my trades (9:45) the price was 1580’s. Presently 1558.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Still trying to…

Still trying to get this right. I sold a Nov 16 1650/1700 call spread for $5.90cr, added a 1650/1675 call spread for $4.50cr. AMZN was rallying to 1608. Even with daily spikes up $40 I should be safe with price at 1600 at close. Each day the price settles lower by end of day. It can be quite a ride in between though.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Nov 14 expiration,…


AMZN Nov 14 expiration, decided to close out today short leg first trying to maximize gain on small rally. I ended up giving up $2 by timing poorly.
BTC Nov 16 1640/1670 for 10.90, sold for 13 Monday, and STC Nov 16 1630/1660 for $13.60 sold for 12.10 – should have waited till end of day. I sold shortly after noon expecting a rally like last 2 days. Still trying to get this timing right.

#shortcallspreads SPX sell 2720/2735 spread…


SPX sell 2720/2735 spread expiring today (30 min) for 0.75cr, expired worthless.
Also 2715/2725 spread for $1.70 also expired worthless. last 30 min.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Trying my luck…

Trying my luck with these again, yesterday sold 1640/1670 Nov 16 spread for $13, added 1630/1660 at $12. I think I sold at bottom. It rose $10, then settled at $2 profit on 1640/1670 trade and small loss on 1630/1660. Today began with a spike upward and now settling back down into profitable area for 1640/1670. It expires Friday with a rich premium if I can hold it that long. The price gyrations are quite upsetting since I was out of synch with price action. It is one to keep an eye on if you like action.

#shortcallspreadscall SPX sell 2735/2750 Nov…


SPX sell 2735/2750 Nov 12 calls for $6.70cr, quick drop $4 now, bottomed $3.50 watching for return.

#shortcallspreads SPX BeCS sell 1750,…


SPX BeCS sell 1750, buy 1770 calls expiring today for $5.50, a little slow on draw, got below $3, now $3.60 looking like it’ll take another dive.

#bearcallspreads AMZN BTC Nov 09…

BTC Nov 09 1735/1785 call spread for 0.80, sold yesterday, with roll down today (1770 to 1735) for $8.40. Waiting for second tranche of 1738/1785 offer to buy for $1.05 which I sold this morning for $5.55

#bearcallspreads AMZN sold 1785/1735 Nov…


AMZN sold 1785/1735 Nov 09 calls for $8.40 and again $5.55 as prices fades below 1720 presently.

#longputspread STC SPX 2675/2680 Oct…


STC SPX 2675/2680 Oct 26 for $3.60, bot for $1.80 before 1 PM today. I see I could have collected more but couldn’t watch as needed. I’m happy with this.

Next I may be able to buy back my NUGT shorted with a 13.50 call. Eventually it looks like a winner after looking very bad as prices reached $17 earlier this week. It was exercised 2 weeks ago.

#longputs MCD STC Oct 19…

MCD STC Oct 19 167.50 for 3.20 bot yesterday for 1.00 maybe too early but concerned with theta decay and no further movement.

#longputspread STC DIA Oct 19…

STC DIA Oct 19 $1.80 bot yesterday 1.70 price stalling out so took small profit.

#longcallspread STC SPY Oct 19…

STC SPY Oct 12 280/285 for 0.70, bot yesterday 1.70, bounce didn’t materialize so cut loss.

#gold Sold NUGT for $13.95,…

Sold NUGT for $13.95, bought 9/12 for $11.94 worth the wait

#shortputspread TSLA buy back Sept…

TSLA buy back Sept 29 260 put for 0.60, sold hour earlier for 1.72, looking for price drop to reload.

#shortcallspreads TSLA Got lucky yesterday…

Got lucky yesterday and sold Sept 29 300/310 spread for $6.60, looks like a winner.
Today I sold BuPS 260/250 for $1.15, considering buying back for 0.40 now.
I loaded up a BeCS 280/290 for $1.00, now 1.20 but the risk seems too high – finally a little prudence in my trades.


Look at it fall after a parabolic rise (twice). Luckily for me I sold a Sept 21 BeCS 36/50 for $8.50. I averaged it with an earlier position sold for much less. Presently worth $7.07, break-even for me.

#shortcalls $TSLA sold last week’s…

$TSLA sold last week’s 262.50 call with 35 minutes till expiration collect 0.55, easy money.
Stock closed at 263.24, option 0.84 just missed buyback. Margin sales Friday evening at $265 and today at 276.85, 277.80, 280.95 and final capitulation 281.15, must be near the high of day. All for a lousy 0.55.


BTC Sep 07 $305 Call for 0.95, STO Sep 07 $290 call for $3.02, presently $1.50×1.60

#longcallspread GOOGL BTO Aug 17…

BTO Aug 17 1220/1230 for $1

#longputspread GOOGL STC Aug 17…


STC Aug 17 1210/1200for $1.60 (didn’t move quickly enough in first hour), bought yesterday for net $0 via delay 1 hour between buy 1210 and sell 1200 for SAME $1.10;
reenter 1210/1200 for 1.45, 1.50; close half for $3.00

#bearputspreads GOOGL first buy Aug…



first buy Aug 17 1210 put for $1.10
wait an hour sell Aug 17 1200 put for $1.10
cross fingers for tomorrow’s action with no cost and $10 possible gain.

#shortcalls FB BTC Aug 17…


FB BTC Aug 17 225/235 for 0.10, sold yesterday for $2.20, thank you SMM


Did well on Friday selling numerous BeCS, only the 360/405 got me called away naked shares. Today I bought half pre-market 359.50 with a follow-up order for the remainder at 358.50 which executed within 5 minutes of open. Price dipped to 353.60 before recovery to 360 presently.

#shortcallspreads sold NFLX Jul 20…


sold NFLX Jul 20 380/410 BeCS for $1.10, stock looks heavy.
BTC BeCS NFLX 390/410 for 0.07, sold yesterday for 0.50

#spycraft What do the IC…


What do the IC or SPX traders think of this opportunity:
Sell Jul 16 2795/2800/2805 for $3.40. The risk is $1.60 with relatively large cushion. It seems attractive to me but I have little experience with IC’s.

edit: Present price 2799 +/- with price mid-point varying 3.30 to 3.50.

#spycampaign Sell more BeCS 2805/2820…


Sell more BeCS 2805/2820 for 0.40
also BeCS 2815/2825 for 0.25 SPX 2800.47 now

I plan to add a BuPS 2795/2780 when it approaches $1, now 0.70

#spycampaign STO Jul 13 2820/2825…


STO Jul 13 2820/2825 BeCS for 0.40cr. Sold when 2810 was R2, delta 0.09, it has gone up since. I may add to position.

#spycampaign Well the plan to…


Well the plan to hold out for expiration with 100% premium turned out to be a big loser. Sold at $2 buy back at $6.50. And I was ahead $1 during the day. I’m gradually learning to sell out before the last 30 minutes, or maybe buy!

#spycampaign BTC Jul 02 option…


BTC Jul 02 option spread
2695/2685 puts for 0.20, sold this morning for $1

still watching 2720/2730 call for 100% capture of premium: $2, 0.70

#spycampaign Early this morning STO…


Early this morning STO BeCS July 02 2720/2730 @$2.00 plan to hold till expiration
STO BuPS 2685/2675 Jul 02 @$1.60, closed for 0.75
STO BuPS 2695/2685 Jul 02 @$1.00 – too early but now slightly positive watching
STO BeCS Jul 02 2720/2730 @$0.70 hoping to hold till expiration

#spycampaign update from yesterday’s 2785/2795…

update from yesterday’s 2785/2795 June 08 BeCS – quite a scare early in day as price approached 2780. Luckily, in this case, prices reversed and I closed at an adequate profit: sold 1.80 buy 1.20, 0.95; also added 2780/2790, sold 2.55, 1.55 buy 1.80, 1.70 glad to get out on that last portion.
As prices dropped I added BuPS 2760/2750 sold 3.10, 1.45 buy 2.70, 1.35 again glad to get out even.
Anxious to see what today holds.

#spxcampaign After getting smoked yesterday…


After getting smoked yesterday with my June 06 2760/2770 I reentered June 08 2780/2790 @1.50 selected because 2780 was at 3rd Bollinger Band, an unlikely target to attain.
Today I added at 2.50, and also 2785/2795 for 1.80 when prices were rising about 2775. Missed the top 2779.44 but happily it peaked and is falling now. I am watching for support at today’s pivot line: 2764.

#spycampaign June 06 STO BeCS…

June 06
STO BeCS 2760/2770 for $2.25, 2760 is about R2, but delta is 0.33, higher than I like

STO BuPS 2745/2735 for $0.90, prices moving up strong, delta 0.172 safer level I think

This approach worked well last 2 expiration days so I’ll keep trying it until it fails. I add later in day after volatility dies down but premiums richer early in day.

#spycampaign Jun 04 options STO…

Jun 04 options
STO BeCS 2755/2765 for 0.65
STO BuPS 2735/2725 for 0.35, 0.30

watching to add BeCS 2755/2765 for $1.00cr

#spycraft Add another spread Jun…


Add another spread Jun 01 2740/2750 for $1.00cr, delta 0.14 when SPX 2730.01

#spycraft STO BeCS Jun 01…


STO BeCS Jun 01 2735/2745 for $1.50cr at 9:55
added BuPS Jun 01 2715/2705 for $0.75cr 10:07, should have held out for $1cr

#spycampaign STO May 21 2750/2760…


STO May 21 2750/2760 BeCS for 0.60cr when priced $2736.

Closed my SVXY at $13.145,…

Closed my SVXY at $13.145, bought for $133.57, now I don’t have to look at it anymore.

Does anyone know symbol for…

Does anyone know symbol for SP-500 in TradeStation?

#shortcallspreads TSLA closed Apr 27…


TSLA closed Apr 27 275/300 BeCS yesterday $10.50, sold for $12.60 in couple a positions.
Today sold 275/300 BeCS for 7.60, stock still falling.

#spxcampaign a few trades today…


a few trades today
Apr 13 buy 2665/2645 BePS buy $7 sell $7.50, small profit missed a quick loss
Apr 13 sell 2665/2645 BePS sell $4 buy $3.45, better profit
Apr 13 buy 2655/2645 BeCS sold $11, buy $8.85 best of day
need to cut lawn, have a good weekend

#spxcampaign closed Apr 11 2620/2650…

closed Apr 11 2620/2650 BuPS for 10.50, sold yesterday morning for 9.50, spent afternoon sweating it out however.

#spxcampaign tried my luck again…

tried my luck again buy Apr 09 2635 puts 5.30, close 3.80
I guess today I am the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

#spxcampaign try again buy Apr…

try again buy Apr 09 2625 put for $6.70, place sell at $9.70

#spxcampaign buy Apr 09 2625…


buy Apr 09 2625 put for $10.50, have sell in at $12.50, got close

#spxcampaign New to this so…

New to this so the Put I bought yesterday 2660 for $15 I sold this morning in first 15 min for $20, as prices were declining.
Now I entered BePS debit 2620/2610 for $4.90 when price 2610 and weak. I’m considering adding to this position but need to know if I have to close it out or will automatically settle in cash? Can anyone help?

#spx Thought I would try…


Thought I would try a trade. Poor timing to have bought a put. I have an April 06, does it expire in AM or end of day?

#volatility What a day for…


What a day for trading volatility. I’m buying and selling UVXY and calls the next couple of weeks out. Range is $19.50 to $21.50 seemingly heading higher. Nice short-term trades. I’ve closed March 29 $20 puts for nice gain. It sold for $1 as late as $20.15 this morning.

#short put Taking a chance…

#short put
Taking a chance on UVXY Sell to open March 23 $19,50 put for 0.15. I expect to get assigned at net cost 19.35 when asking price was 19.75

#longstock Sold UVXY for $18.82…

Sold UVXY for $18.82 couple of hours ago, bought yesterday for 17.82.

I also rolled up my UVXY March 23 #17.5 call to March 29 $19 call (now naked),
I’ll wait for a solid buy point point – FALLING FAST.

I purchased UVXY, a little…

I purchased UVXY, a little later than planned, at $17.60 and $17.82 as price was running away. Glad I did it is now $18.14 still at top of upper Bollinger Band.

#creditspread Sell to open UVXY…

Sell to open UVXY March 29 17/25 calls for 0.85 and 1.00 cr as prices bounce around. I plan to cover with purchase of underlying if prices moves near $17.50

#longput Sell remaining UVXY Mar…


Sell remaining UVXY Mar 29 $16 puts for $1.95, also bought 3/19 for $1.10

#longput Sell to close UVXY…


Sell to close UVXY Mar 29 $16 put for $1.90, bought 3/19 for $1.10

#shortstrangles Sold VXX $39 call…


Sold VXX $39 call and put for 0.73 cr

update bought back 39C for net 0.116 gain

#shortcalls Sold NUGT Mar 23…


Sold NUGT Mar 23 $25 call for 0.55, stock at $23.90, keep reducing basis of stock originally $38.00 nearly top ticked it. Current basis $32.10 and working it.

#shortcalls Buy to close NUGT…


Buy to close NUGT Mar 16 $26 call for 0.10, sold 3/7 for 0.54 naked call.

edit NUGT not UVXY

#longput Sell VXX March 16…


Sell VXX March 16 $45 for $3.85, bought for $2.02 week ago.

#volatility #shortcalls UVXY called away…

#volatility #shortcalls

UVXY called away my March 16 $10 calls, now short shares. Looking for ways to limit margin (calls) should price rise sharply.

#volatility #shortcalls Sell March 16…

#volatility #shortcalls

Sell March 16 UVXY $10 call for $3.95, presently $13.93

#Short call spread Buy to…

#Short call spread
Buy to close IWM Feb 23 153.5 call for 0.22, sold for $1.24 Feb 16. Let expire worthless 157 protective call, lost 0.19


VXX buy Mar 16 $40 put for $1.87, if volatility settles down even half way to 50 ma this should pay off big. VXX $43.87