#longputs MCD STC Oct 19…

MCD STC Oct 19 167.50 for 3.20 bot yesterday for 1.00 maybe too early but concerned with theta decay and no further movement.

#longputspread STC DIA Oct 19…

STC DIA Oct 19 $1.80 bot yesterday 1.70 price stalling out so took small profit.

#longcallspread STC SPY Oct 19…

STC SPY Oct 12 280/285 for 0.70, bot yesterday 1.70, bounce didn’t materialize so cut loss.

#gold Sold NUGT for $13.95,…

Sold NUGT for $13.95, bought 9/12 for $11.94 worth the wait

#shortputspread TSLA buy back Sept…

TSLA buy back Sept 29 260 put for 0.60, sold hour earlier for 1.72, looking for price drop to reload.

#shortcallspreads TSLA Got lucky yesterday…

Got lucky yesterday and sold Sept 29 300/310 spread for $6.60, looks like a winner.
Today I sold BuPS 260/250 for $1.15, considering buying back for 0.40 now.
I loaded up a BeCS 280/290 for $1.00, now 1.20 but the risk seems too high – finally a little prudence in my trades.


Look at it fall after a parabolic rise (twice). Luckily for me I sold a Sept 21 BeCS 36/50 for $8.50. I averaged it with an earlier position sold for much less. Presently worth $7.07, break-even for me.