$DUST #coveredcalls Roll June 23…

$DUST #coveredcalls
Roll June 23 $35 to July 07 $30 for 0.85cr still further to fall I think
BTC Aug18 $38 for $1.25, sold for $2.15 same strategy

$NUGT #coveredcalls, #shortputs Roll June…

$NUGT #coveredcalls, #shortputs
Roll June 30 $34 to July 07 $34.5 for 0.30 credit
BTC yesterday July 21 $37 for 0.85, sold for $1.20 will resell if price rises
BTC yesterday June 30 $34 for 0.36, sold for 0.65, same plan as price heads up
expiration June 23 $330.5 sold yesterday for 0.25

$ NUGT #coveredcalls BTC Jun…

$ NUGT #coveredcalls

BTC Jun 16 $34 call for 0.30, sold last week for $3.81
BTC Jun 16 $32 call for 0.80, sold last week $3
The DUST is looking much better. I ride the see saw owning both sides of the gold trade.

$SVXY #coveredcalls I am looking…

$SVXY #coveredcalls

I am looking for advice – what could go wrong?
I own stock at $131 (paid*) with a short Dec 16 $100 call presently worth $65.50 (sold for $36.50 before I purchased stock to cover*).
I am considering rolling up to $140 call for $30db. My calculations show, if called away in Dec, I will get an additional $10 per share. Am I wrong? What am I missing?
Thank you.
*edit to clarify costs profitable

$NUGT #shortcalls STO June 09…

$NUGT #shortcalls

STO June 09 $35 call for 0.40 this AM for quick scalp.

$DUST #shortcalls BTC June 16…

$DUST #shortcalls

BTC June 16 $35 call this AM for 0.10, sold for $1.45 2 weeks ago.

$SVXY #shortputs Roll out $145…

$SVXY #shortputs
Roll out $145 put to next week for $1.95. Gain on this week’s put 0.85