NUGT #shortcallspreads Add to position…

NUGT #shortcallspreads

Add to position selling Sep 15 35/40 call for 1.15, same rational going back 2 months since NUGT at 35. As gold goes so goes the miners. Let’s hope an incident doesn’t occur in next month which would likely spike gold, even momentarily.

NUGT #shortcallspreads Sell BeCS Sep…

NUGT #shortcallspreads

Sell BeCS Sep 15 36/41 for 0.95, price is nearing upper Bollinger Band – 32.90 now and if upper band is resistance tops out at 34.20 well below short call.


I notice VIX-X moved 5% today while UVXY and SVXY have moved less than 1%. Are we likely to see a stronger move when these ETFs do move? Or are they signaling a likely reversal of VIX-X? Anyone else analyzing these securities?

NUGT #shortcalls BTC Aug 18…

NUGT #shortcalls

BTC Aug 18 $35 call for 0.19, sold Thursday for 0.50. Time to lighten short gold as calm resumes, for now. I’m now ready (high cash) for the next move.

SVXY #shortcalls BTC Dec 15…

SVXY #shortcalls
BTC Dec 15 $70 calls for $17.00, sold for $17.20, did better Friday selling half position for $15.75. This partial buy/sell approach reducing potential profit but averages out these ugly bumps.

UVXY #shortputs BTC $30 Aug…

UVXY #shortputs
BTC $30 Aug 25 put for 1.65, sold last Wed for $2.15. Missed low on Friday


selling stock as prices fall $31.99 pre-market and $32.11 at open, bought for 31.50 and 36.60 (lesson learned about gold triple ETF.)