#short put

sto AMZN 18 NOV 2022 94.5 PUT @.50
sto EWZ 18 NOV 2022 28 PUT @.06
sto SOXL 18 NOV 2022 10.5 PUT @.06/thanks @option iceman


#CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – A little of everything.

ISRG: I got too bearish selling a covered call below my basis. Instead of rolling the call I’ll let the stock go at 180 (basis 192) and continue put selling. Should get to even or better much quicker.

Sold ISRG OCT 28 2022 205.0 Put @ 3.30

SPY: Rolling down a few covered calls for additional credit.

Rolled SPY OCT 21 2022 379.0 Call to OCT 21 2022 365.0 Call @ 4.05 credit (6.05 total now)
Rolled SPY OCT 21 2022 380.0 Call to OCT 21 2022 371.0 Call @ 1.90 credit (3.65 total now)

TBT: Might as well start reducing basis of my Jan 2025 long puts. Should easily have them paid for months and months before expiration. Will slowly add using put sale premium to build a bigger position. An additional hedge for the short puts getting run over at some point is a decent size long TLT position.

Sold TBT OCT 28 2022 34.0 Puts @ .60



THC STO 10/16/20 27.0 PUTS @.52
THC STO 10/16/20 29.5 CALLS @.45 #Short Strangle


#SHORT PUTS RCL STO 4/17/20 34.0 PUTS @1.24 Laying it off against ITM covered calls @35.0


#SHORT CALL RCL STO 4/9/20 32.0 CALL @1.16



AAL 4/9/20 STO NTM 10.0 CALLS @.50 Covered
CCL 4/9/20 STO 11.0 CALLS @.75
CODX 4/17/20 STO 12.5 CALLS @1.15, & 1.23

ERX #Short Call covered my…

ERX #Short Call covered my long stock with May 18th 40 call @ .50.

QQQ #Short Calls, #Fuzzy Bought…

QQQ #Short Calls, #Fuzzy Bought to close my May 4th 164 Call @ .05. Will reload with next weeks call.

#short put Taking a chance…

#short put
Taking a chance on UVXY Sell to open March 23 $19,50 put for 0.15. I expect to get assigned at net cost 19.35 when asking price was 19.75

#Short call spread Buy to…

#Short call spread
Buy to close IWM Feb 23 153.5 call for 0.22, sold for $1.24 Feb 16. Let expire worthless 157 protective call, lost 0.19

Merry Christmas / Closed Early / Long Call / Short Puts / SPX Campaign

To each and every one of the wonderful traders at Jeff’s Bistro. Thank you for a year of fellowship and profit and sharing. A wonderful place to be. Best to you and your families in 2018 and beyond.

Closed Early (but not early enough ;-)) In this case the parenthesis need not match. One is a smile!
$SPX BTC 12/22 2685/2660 BECS @ 20.40 STO @ 7.80

$TRN BTO 1/19/2018 37 call @ 1.15

#Short Puts
$AAPL STO 1/12/2018 165/175 BUPS @ 2.00

Joining @jeffcp66
$SPX STO 2545/2670 BUPS @ 3.40

Today’s Trade

#Short Puts
$WYNN STO 7/28 133 puts @ 3.50 Thank you @fuzzballl

$SPX #SPXcampaign Filled after the…

$SPX #SPXcampaign
Filled after the close
Bought to close May 19th 2280/2300 BuPS @ 0.15 Originall sold for 0.85 on 4/28
#Optionsexpiration Only one
$SVXY #Short Puts
May 12th 140 Puts
Have a great weekend all.

$MU #Short Puts Sold June…

$MU #Short Puts Sold June 16th 28 Puts @ 0.74 when $MU was at 29.00. Assignment would put my basis around the 50dma. This replaced the earlier closed position.

$MU #Short Puts Bought to…

$MU #Short Puts Bought to close May 19th 26 Put @ 0.4. Originally sold for 0.74.

$SVXY #Short Puts Morning all….

$SVXY #Short Puts Morning all. Bought to close May 19th 80 Puts @ 0.05 off a GTC order. Missed getting this posted yesterday: Sold May 12th 140 put @ 0.51 with the $SVXY 153.97. Will roll if need be to avoid assignment.

#short puts STO 3 may…

#short puts

STO 3 may 19 76 puts at 0.97. I am long TSO and have cc on it at 83 in 2 weeks but am trying to increase returns.

#Earnings #Short Puts # Closed…

#Earnings #Short Puts # Closed Early # Expiration

$EXPE 4/28 126/146 Strangle @ 1.06 Thank you @jeffcp66 Stock down to 134 after hours. So far so good.
$BIDU 5/19 165/170/205/200 IC @ 1.20 (OMM Trade) Stock down to 179.50 after hours. So far so good.

$AAL STO 5/12 42.50 put @ .49 Thank you @honkhonk81 via Bridget @ OMM

Closed Early
Half smart or more likely prudent
$GOOGL STC 5/19 850 call @ 30.80 Bought 4/18 for 22.30. Did keep a GOOGL long call through earnings. Is a YIPEE in order?

$SPX 4/26 2410/2385 BECS at a 55 cent per contract loss.

News – UAL


Maybe a good time to short UAL, after seeing the news…

$SVXY, $UVXY #OptionExpiration #Short Calls…

$SVXY, $UVXY #OptionExpiration #Short Calls
Getting a late start to things. Life’s pleasures have been a blessed diversion.
Late entry for my $SVXY puts that expired Friday
100 Puts
110 Puts
$UVXY Bought to close March 24th 27 Calls @ .03. Looking for a new position.

$CBI #Short Put Bought to…

$CBI #Short Put Bought to close March 3rd 32 Puts @ .05. Originally sold at 0.45. Thanks guys for this earnings trade.

$UVXY #Short Calls #ContangoETFs Sold…

$UVXY #Short Calls #ContangoETFs Sold to open March 17th 33 Calls at 0.36 when $UVXY was at 21.51. This replaced the March 3rd calls I took off.

$UVXY #Short Calls. BTC March…

$UVXY #Short Calls. BTC March 03rd 27 Calls @ 0.03. Decided to not wait until OpEx for the pennies.

#Short Puts Bought to close…

#Short Puts Bought to close $ETE Feb 17th 18 Puts @ .05. This was off a Good Till Cancelled order. Originally rolled from Jan 20th 18.50 Puts

#contango ETFs, #short puts Spec…

#contango ETFs, #short puts Spec position. This replaced the Feb 10 90 puts that expired. Sold to open $SVXY Feb 17th 120 Put for 0.75 when $SVXY was at 127.65. 5 days to expiration. Will roll to avoid assignment. Targeting 50%-60% profit unless the rally continues.

#short calls DUST STO Jan…

#short puts
STO Jan 20 $35P for $1.50
STO Jan 20 40/35 BuPS $2.80
I am long (underwater) DUST from mid 50’s. I need to set stops to contain losses. My New Years resolution.

#spxcampaign $SPX 1/27 2360/2335 BECS…

$SPX 1/27 2360/2335 BECS @ 1.25 Thanks Jeff
$SPX 1/9 2165/2190 BUPS @ 1.20 Thanks Jeff
$SPX 1/31 2040/2140 BUPS @ 5.20 Thanks FibWizard

#Short Puts
$SVXY 1/13 75 put @ .70 Thanks Vxxkelly


$DUST #SHORT CALLS #GOLD roll Nov 25 $50 calls to Dec 16 $57 call for 0.18 credit. Also Nov 25 $79 put expired 0.25 credit.

$ALXN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$ALXN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 ALXN JAN 20 2017 90.0 Put @ 1.35


Jeff – access. The previous banner is missing, when I try to Post I am taken to WordPress ?

Jeff – access.  The previous banner is missing, when I try to Post I am taken to WordPress ?

#short, #spx