Today’s Trade

#Short Puts
$WYNN STO 7/28 133 puts @ 3.50 Thank you @fuzzballl

$SPX #SPXcampaign Filled after the…

$SPX #SPXcampaign
Filled after the close
Bought to close May 19th 2280/2300 BuPS @ 0.15 Originall sold for 0.85 on 4/28
#Optionsexpiration Only one
$SVXY #Short Puts
May 12th 140 Puts
Have a great weekend all.

$MU #Short Puts Sold June…

$MU #Short Puts Sold June 16th 28 Puts @ 0.74 when $MU was at 29.00. Assignment would put my basis around the 50dma. This replaced the earlier closed position.

$MU #Short Puts Bought to…

$MU #Short Puts Bought to close May 19th 26 Put @ 0.4. Originally sold for 0.74.

$SVXY #Short Puts Morning all….

$SVXY #Short Puts Morning all. Bought to close May 19th 80 Puts @ 0.05 off a GTC order. Missed getting this posted yesterday: Sold May 12th 140 put @ 0.51 with the $SVXY 153.97. Will roll if need be to avoid assignment.

#short puts STO 3 may…

#short puts

STO 3 may 19 76 puts at 0.97. I am long TSO and have cc on it at 83 in 2 weeks but am trying to increase returns.

#Earnings #Short Puts # Closed…

#Earnings #Short Puts # Closed Early # Expiration

$EXPE 4/28 126/146 Strangle @ 1.06 Thank you @jeffcp66 Stock down to 134 after hours. So far so good.
$BIDU 5/19 165/170/205/200 IC @ 1.20 (OMM Trade) Stock down to 179.50 after hours. So far so good.

$AAL STO 5/12 42.50 put @ .49 Thank you @honkhonk81 via Bridget @ OMM

Closed Early
Half smart or more likely prudent
$GOOGL STC 5/19 850 call @ 30.80 Bought 4/18 for 22.30. Did keep a GOOGL long call through earnings. Is a YIPEE in order?

$SPX 4/26 2410/2385 BECS at a 55 cent per contract loss.