STC 4350 call calendar for 1.1 at the open, a loss of 2.7 from that series. really should have taken that 40% overnight profit…

For the 4200 put calendar, the short leg will expire worthless, and will hold the long Oct 30 leg for now, may sell short dated or dump it next week.

BTO Nov-19-21 4250/4300/4350 Put BF, 1.75 , as a lotto trade, small position.


Closed Oct-18-21 4380/4330/4240/4050 put ratio spread for $1 credit.

The position was opened on 9/17 for $36.05 credit. So a total of 37 credit with break even around 4240.

I started trading this strategy for my IRA account in Aug, so far, it has weathered the market reasonably well. I generally wait for a pullback to enter a trade 30 days out, and close around 4 DTE or if can collect another $, not waiting for that seductive perfect pin on expiration day ;-). haven’t had a loser among the dozen trades closed so far, knocking on the wood.

Still like BWB, IC, and Calendar when opps knock. Other than GLD and SLV holdings, I have gradually allocated most of my IRA account to this strategy.

Will post if I have any new observations, but won’t post every trades here to bore you.

SPX calendar roll

Rolled the short leg of the Oct-18-21 4350/Oct-13-21 4350 Call Calendar to Oct-15(AM), for 12.6 credit,

The remaining calendar’s net cost 3.75.


BTO Oct-18-21 4350/Oct-13-21 4350 Call Calendar @16.35 – a bet that SPX will hang around this 50+/- range

BTO Oct-18-21 4200/Nov-05-21 4200 Put Calendar @ 30.5 – there is a large void of OI for puts between Oct/Nov monthlies, below 430 for SPY. A few times to roll, and good RR, for a few weeks of protection.


BTO $VZ Jan Oct-29 55 calendar 0.56

Adding to my existing VZ position, started a few weeks ago.


BTC 2nd half of $SPX Oct-15-21 (AM) 4300/4275/4525/4550 Iron Condor @1.8, STO @8.35 late Sept

Also closed a few put ratio trades expiring this week, collected more than 90% initial credits on them.


STO BIIB Oct-15-21 320 calls @0.70

Position was started as long Oct-15-21 310/Oct-01-21 310 Call Calendar @3.25, the short leg expired last week. BIIB finally showed sign of life this week, but the Oct call may run out of time. this call sell reduces the remaining risk by half.


STO Nov-19-21 4175/4200/4600/4625 Iron Condor @ 8.4 Limit

Prob of breakeven, 64%, but it may only take 2-3 days like today to reach either short strike…


Rolled Jun-17-22 560 calls to 600 strike for @ 16 credit.


STO Oct 15 24.5 put @0.41

This is to follow @optioniceman‘s strategy, though my long leg is higher, Mar 2022 19.


bought a few after hour.

BTO Oct-11-21 4400/Oct-08-21 4400 Call Calendar @ 5.4 Limit


BTO 1 $SAM Jun-17-22/Nov-19-21 600 Call Calendar @ 42.8

up 2.4%, and this is the first day its RSI broke above 30. may take some time for this somewhat long term trade to realize its potential.


BTO ABBV Oct-15-21 115/Nov-19-21 115 Call Calendar @ 1.12 Limit.

ER 10/29, ex-div 10/14.


closed the rest of FB 335 calendar at 50%. good enough for 2 days.


STO Nov-05-21 4200/4150/4050/3900 put ratio spread @ -38.7 Limit


STO $SPX Nov-19-21 4575/4600/4150/4175 Iron Condor @ -8.35


Closed a few more credit spread trades on SPX expiring this week, for smaller than usual profit.

Also closed most of the Oct-08-21 4225/4200/4150 BWB 0.1, sold yesterday @ -2.4.
would require SPX to move close to 4200 by friday for it to bring in any additional credit.


Closed 1/2 of FB 350 weekly calendar for 30%.
generally I close/roll calendars on Thursdays, but… taking some chips off the table in this env.


BTO Oct-08-21 4225/4200/4150 BWB @ -2.4
BTO Nov-05-21 4200/4150/4000/3800 put ratio spread @ -51.0

with 100% stop on both.


BTO FB 335 calendar 1.95.

Don’t know where it will be by Friday, but I like the IV skew and RR, a 50% retrace is impossible.


Rolled the $SPX calendar into a 10/4 4400/15/30 call BF, for additional $4. credit.

The original position was started as 10/4 9/29, 4400 call calendar for $13.9. Rolled the short legs twice, for an average 7.5 credit total. (badly managed and missed some opportunities during the short-lived pops, or could have the cost more than covered by now).

Turning it into a BF reduced the risk of holding the long leg from 4.8 to 0.8.

The remaining position has a net cost of 2.4, ok for a 15 wide BF.


The 2nd half of the Oct-01-21 155/Oct-15-21 155 Call Calendar closed @ 2.5 during the opening excitement. Didn’t got a chance to roll them. bought for 0.85 , closed at 1.7 and 2.5 not bad for a #fallingknife

BIIB hasn’t changed much, and will roll the short 310 calls into next week.


STC half of $TTWO Oct-15-21 155/Oct-01-21 155 Call Calendar @1.7, bought at 0.85.
Will roll the 2nd half or close it…

The BIIB calendar hasn’t been doing its work, showing 36% paper loss.


Rolled half of the SPX Oct-04-21 4400/Sep-29-21 4400 Call Calendar’s short leg to 9/30, for 8.65 credit, reducing the risk from 14 to 5.4

for the second half, looking for $12 on the roll, or when/if SPX gets to 4400.


BTO Oct-04-21 4400/Sep-29-21 4400 Call Calendar @ 14.05

two more opps to roll


BTO $SPX Oct-08-21 4325/4300/4250 BWB @ -3.25


It may just be chopping around for a while.

STO $SPX Oct-15-21 (AM) 4300/4275/4525/4550 Iron Condor @ -8.35

Also STO two $SPX put ratio spreads, break even at 4240
Oct-25-21 4375/4325/4250/4100 @ -29
Oct-29-21 4375/4325/4225/4050 @ -34.25


scaling out $SPX Sep-27-21 4430/Sep-24-21 4430 Put Calendar @ 9.0, 31%


BTO SPX Sep-27-21 4430/Sep-24-21 4430 Put Calendar @ 6.7, play for a possible pause.



BTO COST Oct-01-21 450/Sep-24-21 450 Put Calendar @ 1.6
BTO NKE Oct-01-21 165/Sep-24-21 165 Call Calendar @ 0.53

A little more bullish on NKE than COST


BTO BIIB Oct-15-21 310/Oct-01-21 310 Call Calendar @3.25 (330 might be better, but 310 has highest OI)
BTO $TTWO Oct-15-21 155/Oct-01-21 155 Call Calendar @0.85

two oversold stocks, hope one of them will work out.


STC $ADBE Sep-24-21 630/Oct-01-21 630 Put Calendar @4.75 , bought at 3.48


BTC $SPX Sep-24-21 4400/4425/4540/4565 Iron Condor @ 5.3, sold for 8.55.

Taking the risk off with one day left. glad with any graceful exit, plus all the excitement, though never hit my stop ;-).


The earning 260 call calendar was a total bust, and I am holding the 10/1 long call as a lotto.

STO $FDX Nov 230/210 BuPS @6.24
BTO $FDX Nov 250 calls @2.8 will sell shorted dated calls if the support holds.

#EarningCalendar ADBE 630 call @3.47…

ADBE and FDX Earning Calendar

BTO $ADBE 630 put @3.47 and FDX 260 call @1.1, both are with the 9/24 10/1 weeklies.

both are with some directional bias, not a pure neutral earning IV crush trade.


SPX income trade

STO $SPX Oct-20-21 4300/4240/4100/3900 put ratio spread @47.95 , breakeven at 4132.


Opened $SPX Oct-22-21 4275/4215/4090/3875 Put ratio spread for 48.95 credit

break even at expiration 4106, way below the possible 7% pull back every chartists are talking about.


STO $SLV Oct-15-21 23 Puts @ 2.0 when the ETF is at 21.

ITM put sell for a possible bunce. stop below 20.


STO $SPX Sep-24-21 4400/4425/4540/4565 Iron Condor @ 8.55 delta for the short legs: call 0.2, put -0.3


Now it has recovered from the drop after the bad news…

STO $SAM Oct-15-21 620/600 Call Vertical @ 3.25

Pairing up with the 560/540 BuPS I sold before, into an IC, for total credit 10.1


STO $SPX Oct-15-21 4400/4350/4250/4050 Put ratio spread @ 39.3 credit

This strategy goes out 30DTE, opens put contracts at 1 x -0.37,-2 x -0.30, -1 x -0.20, 2 x -0.10 for a net credit. Will close after 3 weeks or sooner if it hits $1 additional credit or 150% loss stop.

Still looking for a low maintenance strategy for my IRA account. This one is a little capital intense, but with low drawdown.

GME LULU earning calendar

Scaled out on GME 200 calendar for 50 then 70% gain.

LULU has been a bust so far. will give it a few more hrs.

SAM falling knife?

BTO $SAM 2022 Jun 560 call 70.5.

Now the bad news that everyone is waiting for is out… just 1 contract.

This is a totally new trade with much longer time frame, from the Oct ones I opened before, which are in dark red and I need to assess based on how it trades in the next few days.

GME LULU Earning

BTO $GME 200 @3.2
BTO $LULU 380 @1.95
both are call calendars with the 9/17 and 9/10 expirations.


BTO $VZ Jan 2022 55 calls, 1.57.
A starter position, will add when/if it reverses from the trend, and eventually turn into a diagonal.


for a possible bounce from here.

BTO 9/17 9/10 37 call calendar 0.61
STO 9/17 33/30 BuPS 1.4


BTO $NVAX 9/24 / 9/17 300 call calendar at $2.7.


It has been on oversold scanners for quite some time.
BTO $SAM Oct/Sep 700 call calendar @3.2
STO $SAM Oct 560/540 BuPS @6.3 , half the size of the calendar.


BTC $AMZN Sep 3250/3230 BuPS @1.6, sold for 7.0, but 3/4 of the position was stopped out at 11.

STC 1/4 of $AMZN Sep 17/Sep 03 3450 call calendar @24.

Initial calendar was started as Sep/Aug expiration. Rolled twice and also gradually added a few, average cost ~14.


stopped out the most of $AMZN BuPS for 70% loss, will hold onto the call calendar, for now.


bounced off 200 ema…

BTO $AMZN Sep/Aug 3450 call calendar @27
STO $AMZN Sep 3250/3230 BuPS @7.

Mental stop 3250


STC $BABA 8/13 8/6 210 call calendar @0.5, for 50% loss. an earning trade that didn’t work.

Still like the stock, and may put a new one on next week.


BTO $SPX 4400 8/9 8/6 call calendar, @3.8
GTC orders to take profit at 50%, 100% and 200%



BTO $HOOD Nov-19-21 65/Aug-20-21 65 Call Calendar @ 7.5

No idea where the stock will be in 2 weeks, but the b/e range 40-110, will sell Sept if it hangs around this range. small size, no stop.



BTO $BABA 8/13 8/6 210 call calendar @1.05 when $BABA is at 200. earning BMO with 5% IM.


OSTK earning calendar

BTO $OSTK 8/6 7/30 80 call calendar at 0.85. theoretical breakeven range 68-95

ENPH and TDOC earning calendar

took 1/2 off for partial profit, 50% return on ENPH and 40% on TDOC

ENPH and TDOC earning calendar

BTO $ENPH 8/6 7/30 160 put calendar @1.47
BTO $TDOC 8/6 7/30 150 put calendar @1

Not a typical earning calendar trade, and I am leaning a little on the bearish side given the market, but I like the wide range and the long leg likely can retain some value even if the stocks go to the moon.

targeting 2-3x returns.

QQQ puts

STO $QQQ 7/30 350 puts @0.5 against Aug 350 puts, which was bought last week with average cost of 3.1.


BTO $SPX Jul-23-21 4325/Jul-26-21 4325 Put Calendar @ 4.5

BTO $QQQ Aug 350 puts 3.8


BTO $SPX Aug-13-21 4050/4000/3900 put BWB for 3.05 credit.


BTC $AMZN 7/30 3780/3800 @3.5, sold @6.8 earlier the week.
earning on the 29th.

NEGG Calendar

STC $NEGG Aug/Jul 40 call calendar @4.15, bought at 3.2.

The bounce allowed for a small profit. Should have got out much earlier for a bigger profit when it came back down to 40.

SPX put calendar

Taking partial profit.

STC $SPX 4300 put calendar, Jul and Jul (AM), @1.65. bought for 0.85 and added some at 0.45.

AMC fishing story continues…

STC $AMC Jul 35/30/20 put BWB for $0.8.

It was “bought” for 0.96 credit on 6/3, when AMC dropped from its initial spike

Holding onto a few as lotto

AMC … is getting interesting

Where do you think would be a reasonable support for this stock in the next few weeks?

I am looking at Aug options for a possible credit spread.

AMZN looks toppy.

STO $AMZN 7/30 3780/3800 @6.8

The market has been extended for a while, but it has been running up like no tomorrow. what I know ;-).

SPX Cheap shot

BTO $SPX 4300 put calendar, Jul and Jul (AM), @0.85.

Long the weekly expiration, and short the monthly (am) expiration.

NEGG skew

Some of you may be able to make a sense of this than I can…

For Aug if one sells 40/20 BuPS and 20/40 BeCS, the total premium will be 23.3!

sounds like a no loss trade on the paper. what am I missing?

NEGG Calendar

BTO $NEGG Aug/Jul 40 call calendar @3.2.

The strike is a pure guess, as long as it stays within the 30-60 range by next Friday

GME calendar

Took 1/2 off at 51% profit, @$12, bought for 7.8 last Friday.



BTO $SPX 6/25 4200/4175/4125 BWB for 1.8 credit


Seems stabilized.

BTO $GME 6/25 6/18 250 call calendar for 7.8. target 12-18.

BIIB calendar

Closed the rest @6.2 , bought for 2.5, ~160% profit.

GME earning

Took half off on the GME 220 calendar @7.6, 60% profit.

Not a typical earning trade.