Added a few to the long March 19 puts position @1.5, will short front week’s eventually.


TSLA ER is on 26th. Just opened two single contract trades.

Jan-28-22 830/800/750 put BWB @1.82 credit
Jan-28-22 720/700/670 put BWB @0.1 credit


open $SPX Feb-16-22 1/3/2 BF 4530/4450/4175 @59.6 credit

holding the nose a little bit…


BTO 1/28 1/21 80 put calendar @0.14

MSFT is buying ATVI at 95/share… ATVI is trading at 84 rn

The strike is a pure guess, but I like the RR.

SPX idea

If you think SPX will chop around next few days, one could consider a calendar at 4750 (or 4700, or whatever level you think it will be on Friday). long 1/18 and short 1/14 for $5.5, a decent theoretical B/E range of +/- 50 points and 3:1 RR, with the 4% of IV skew

Alternative, could even take 1/24 1/14 calendar, with bigger debt, and a few more opportunities to roll. The monthly expire gives extra expiration + the weeklies.

Just thought to mention the idea here, I may not trade it myself b/c I have a few contracts that I rolled into similar structure


open 1/3/2 Jan 535/520/490 for 1.0 credit. A BF that’s unbalanced and broken wing.
ER on the 20th, not sure how much additional credit could collect before then. only a few contracts.


BTC 1/2 of Jan-21-22 3200/3175 Put Vertical @ 4.3.
STO Jan-21-22 3425/3450 Call Vertical @ 3.7 , to balance with remaining BuPS into an IC again.

Have been legging in/out from both sides of the IC in the last few weeks with the yoyo market. The risk for the remaining position should now be fully covered.


Rolled the call BF’s long 1/14 1150 call to 1180, for 0.8 credit. now became a 1180/1200/1250 BWB, with net cost of $1.
Sold more put BWB 1/14 930/900/800 at $2 credit. now call side BF’s cost is more than covered.
let it swing…


for next week.

BTO 1150/1200/1250 call BF @1.85
STO 930/900/800 put BWB @-1.1

So net risk 0.75 if it is stuck between 930 and 1150 at expiration, but will look for opp to recover the debit earlier.


STO Jan-07-22 920/900/850 put BWB @ -0.2
Small credit to reduce the risk on my call side BF. could turn into a big winner if TSLA moves further down down there tomorrow, or expire worthless.

Other than that, I closed some call side of ICs on AMZN and NFLX in Jan expiration.


STO Jan-28-22 3150/3200 Put Vertical @ 10.32 , adding a few contracts to the put side of the IC, and plan to add the call side eventually to keep the IC balanced.

STO Jan-07-22 3200/3170/3000 BWB @0.4 credit, as a short term insurance

SPX put calendar

Closed another 1/3 of 4750 calendar @5.75

SPX put calendar

Closed 1/3 of 4750 put calendar after the bell @4.4.

initially opened at 3.9, and added a few at 2.95


BTO BIIB weekly 260 call calendar , trying to fill at 3.0
trade the rumor… and IV skew!


STO XBI Jan 112/110/105 put BWB @ -0.64.

This is an add to the 110/105 BuPS, with a small insurance on top, resulting a 1/4/3 ratio BWB structure

From the free newsletter by…


From the free newsletter by Felix at Optionsgeek.com
” The Megaphone pattern is intact. The next move indicates lower, but these patterns can glide along the top line for a few days. A clear breakout through the upper band could send the SPX toward 5,000 in January. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t short the SPX until it breaks the second (lower) dotted line. “


BTO $TSLA Jan-07-22 930/900/800 BWB @0.5 credit


BTO $SPX 1/3 12/31 4750 put calendar for 3.9


Dec-31-21 1225/1250/1300 BWB @ -0.1


STO Jan 3650/3670 BeCS @3, pairing with the 3200/3175 BuPS sold yesterday for an IC. total credit 10.


Dec-23-21 4400/4420/4360 put BWB @ -0.2


Added to AMZN Jan-21-22 3175/3200 BuPS @ 7 credit


Closed 12/23 900/880/850 put BWB for 0.45 credit, opened with 0.5 credit last week. Reducing risk here, and I still have a few BWB at 800 short strikes.

Also added to AMZN 12/23 3200/3170/3120 earlier for 0.1 credit. a low prob and low risk trade.


Closed them late yesterday.

$TSLA Dec 920/900/860 put BWB for 1.54 credit, opened earlier the week with 0.2 credit.

$AMZN Dec 3200/3175/3120 BWB for 0.07, opened with 0.45 credit.

None was homerun, but they are low risk ones to start with.


Rolled the short 4650 calls to Monday’s 4660 for $8.5 credit.
This resulting a 60 wide diagonal with cost of 72. long leg Jan (AM) expiration


On Monday I BOT 12/20 4700 calls, and sold 4700 calls expiring Monday (net cost $28) , on Wednesday ($12), and Friday ($3.5).

Since then have rolled the front expirations subsequently to Wed, Monthly (AM), and finally Friday expirations. The resulting Friday/Monday calendar currently value 8.5, net paper profit about 30%.

As long as it stays within 4650-4750 range tomorrow, there will be some further potential.


BTO AMZN Dec-23-21 3200/3170/3120 BWB 0.38 credit
Doesn’t look like AMZN is going to get close to 3200 tomorrow. Open another low risk trade for next week.


BTO Dec-23-21 820/800/760 put BWB @ -0.1
Go a little lower for the target strike.
Still have the 12/17 920/900/860 , and 12/23 900/880/850


STO $AMZN Jan-21-22 3200/3175 Put Vertical @ 6.75 Limit


BTO $AMZN Dec 3200/3175/3120 BWB -0.45


900 seems a good level of support…

BOT 12/17 920/900/860 BWB @0.2 credit
BTO 12/23 900/880/850 BWB @0.47 credit


The highest option OI and volumes for both puts and calls expiring Friday are on 4700.

To play for a possible pin :
BOT 12/20 4700 calls, and sold 4700 calls expiring today (net cost $28) , on 12/15 ($12), and 12/17 ($3.5).

Separately, also rolled the short 4610 call to 12/15 4620, which is part of a diagonal with the Jan 4600 call.


BOT Dec-17-21 140/130/115/100 put ratio for @7.0, sold for 9.2 two weeks ago.

With how far it fell and ER on Friday, I’d rather just take the small profit and run.


BTC more Dec-17-21 3350/3400/3550/3600 IC @20. 30% profit.

Further reduce risk with this narrow IC, too narrow for AMZN, got into it when trying to fix the “safe” BeCS. The only saving grace of holding it through the ups and downs was the avg net credit of 28, that made it more manageable, emotionally and financially.


STC more of Dec-13/Dec-10 4675 Put Calendar as it hits 50% target.


BOT Dec-13-21 4675/Dec-10-21 4675 Put Calendar @ 6.6


Taking partials
AMZN Dec 3350/3400/3550/3600 IC for 10% profit
IWM Dec 215/220/240/245 for 40% profit
DOCU 160 call calendar for 60%
BABA 135 call calendar for 45%

Closed rest of SAM Dec 460/440 at 81% of initial credit.

Rolled SPX 4600 call calendar’s short leg to 12/13 4610 @1.5 credit.


The 12/10 short 24 puts were closed at 0.1 at the open, and partially resold at 0.4 later the day against Mar 19 puts, have some orders for 23 -20 strikes.

This series was started in Oct as a learning following @optioniceman‘s strategy. The long leg is virtually flat, but so far collected 30% from rolling the short front legs at 24 or 23 strikes.


BTC $SAM Dec 460/440 BuPS @3.4, sold for 5.9 before.
taking some off with the upgrade.


Rolled SPX short 4600 call to Dec 8 for 21.4

Remaining Jan / Dec 8 4600 call calendar with cost basis $77.


BTO 1 $SPX Jan / Dec 6 4600 call calendar $98.


Dec-10-21 900/850/500 put BWB @ -1.7


BTO Dec-03-21 150/Dec-10-21 150 Call Calendar @ 3.85 Limit – quick day trade. aiming for 20-50%

BTO Dec-10-21 160/Dec-17-21 160 Call Calendar @ 1.35 Limit


BOT $NVAX Dec 3rd 185/170/100 put BWB for $4 credit, position opened on 11/30 for 0.2 credit.

The trades the other two vaccine names are less stellar – the drop overshot the strike on my “bearish” calendars. wasn’t bearish enough…
MRNA Dec-10-21 350/Dec-03-21 350 Put Calendar bought for 6.55, and sold 3.4-1.75
BNTX 350 put calendar bought at 6.85, and sold 8-8.50

Also the TSLA Dec 3, 950/900/600 put BWB was opened at 1.1 credit, and closed @0.18 yesterday when sky was falling.


open $NVAX Dec 3rd 185/170/100 put BWB for 0.2 credit.


BTO MRNA Dec-10-21 350/Dec-03-21 350 Put Calendar @ 6.55
with GTC orders for 50-100%.


STO TSLA Dec 3, 950/900/600 put BWB @-1.1


BTO Nov-26-21 1025/1000/950 BWB @0.45 credit.
The wing is as wide as I can get without paying.


Rolled $TSLA Jan 900/870 BuPS up to 970/1000 for 3.75.
Total credit 18.7, and the remaining position: 970/1000 1300/1325 IC.

The initial position with Jan instead of Dec was a fat finger mistake, but I have been going with it. A Dec position would have been better, even now as a new position. I might just do that…


Rolled 11/26 short 24 puts to 12/3 23.5 for 0.01


Closed 1/2 of Jan-21-22 47/42 BuPS at 10% loss earlier, reducing exposure.


STO Jan-21-22 47/42 Put Vertical @ 1.77
BTO Jan-21-22/Nov-26-21 50 Call Calendar @ 1.84


STO AMZN Dec-17-21 3400/3350 Put Vertical @ 10 Limit, pairing up with the 3550/3600 BeCS that was sold before. for total 27 credit.

The BeCS was caught in a surprise last Thursday and got deep ITM. Looking back, it was right to not get panicky back then.


BTO NVDA 320 calendar @4.65, will hold until end of the day, as long as it stays within 310-330


BTC 1/2 of $TSLA Jan Jan 900/870 BuPS @6.4, sold monday @10.15
take the 38% in 2 days.


BTO Dec-17-21 140/130/115/100 put ratio for @9.2 credit , breakeven around 113.

Nov puts could do for quicker trade, but credit would be much smaller.


BTO weekly 70 call calendar @0.37

I don’t like the news, but love the IV skew generated by it.



BTO $LCID 45 call calendar @0.9
BTO $HD 365 put calendar @0.9
BTO $WMT 145 put calendar @0.28


BTO $T stock with a Jan 20/28 collar, @24.83.
The stock is at 2008 low.


Took another 1/3 off on $TSLA Nov-19-21/Nov-26-21 950 Put Calendar @12.15, 65% profit.

STO $TSLA Jan 900/870 BuPS @10.15, may add if it further pullbacks to 940 and holds.


Took partial on $TSLA Nov-19-21/Nov-26-21 950 Put Calendar @9.72, bought yesterday @7.4

On the other hand, had the worst week with SPX… maybe I should switch to long only strategy ;-).


BTO $TSLA Nov-19-21/Nov-26-21 950 Put Calendar @ 7.4 Limit

There have been some large orders of Nov-19 950 puts, seem from buyers, but I wanted to sell into it and buy myself some extra time.


Closed $PYPL Dec-17-21 195/190/180/170 put ratio for 2.03, sold for 3.4 after earning.

Took in 40% in 3 days, otherwise it would be watching the paint dry until Dec expiration.

SPX Calendar

BTO $SPX Nov-15-21/Nov-12-21 4550 Put Calendar @3.35.
just filled, a theta trade with some bias.


BTO $TSLA Nov-19-21 870/850/810 put BWB 1.25 credit

The max pain for Nov-19 is at 860


“BTO” $PYPL Dec-17-21 195/190/180/170 put ratio @3.4 credit, breakeven at 181.

The earning 250 call calendar was closed, -70%, as any low prob lotto trades….

PYPL earning

BTO $PYPL Nov-19/Nov-12 250 call calendar 0.73.

Somewhat a lotto play.


Both charged up through my short strikes. I will take the win here and close both diagonals.
If you followed… could hold a few more days for a few dimes more and the trades do look “safe”, but the risk/reward have shifted outside my taste.


Rolled the short 54 put leg to next week for 0.65 credit.
The remaining position Dec/Nov-12 54 put calendar now has a cost base of 0.72


STO $AMZN Dec-17-21 3550/3600 Call Vertical @ 16 Limit


Closed the rest of 1100 put calendar for 20% gain, mostly from the decay of the front leg, even though the stock has been rising since I put it on.


Rolled the calendars into diagonals for penny credits, a few days early, as the stocks are moving past the strike.

The current positions, net cost, and current values:
$LCID Nov-19 / Nov-12 35/38 call diagonals 1.37. current value 2.2, Earning 11/15.
$QS Nov-19/Nov-12 30/32 call diagonal for 0.98, current value 1.5

ATVI and Z

STO $Z Dec-17-21 65/60 Put Vertical @ 1.94

BTO $ATVI Nov-12-21 70/Dec-17-21 65 Call Diagonal @ 2.93


While everyone is buying calls…

BTO $TSLA Nov-12-21 /Nov-05-21 1100 Put Calendar @17.52 , a quick trade aiming for 20-50%.


STO AMZN Nov-19-21 3340/3350 BeCS @ 4