#earnings Z Way back on…

#earnings Z
Way back on Oct. 1, sold a Nov. 35/50 earnings strangle. Z had a record move down. I rolled the put to December and sold a 35 call to make a straddle. Z went back up and I ended up with an ITM 35 call that was rolled to today. It will expire and I will make .80, that is 80 cents after commissions. Time for a Little Debbie at the gas station.

#closing #assignment WYNN I was…

#closing #assignment WYNN

I was assigned this week on WYNN, after selling a Jan. 18, 113 call and selling the long put my cost basis was 115.
WYNN has pushed above 115, I closed the position to avoid assignment costs, didn’t want to roll with earnings next week, have another 100 shares assigned at a higher cost basis, WYNN is a big mover, out with a loss of just under $200.

#shortcallspreads TSLA Jan. 15 sold…

#shortcallspreads TSLA

Jan. 15 sold Feb. 1, 385/390 call spread for .81, bought today for .15

#earnings SLB

Sold Feb. 15, 40/42.5 strangle for 2.18

bought 2, January 25, 38.50 puts for 19 as a hedge for a January 25, 44 put.

Thanks for the data Jeff

#earnings #shortstrangles #coveredcallcampaign AA Yesterday…

#earnings #shortstrangles #coveredcallcampaign AA

Yesterday sold Feb. 15, 29 straddle for 3.44, bought today for 3.00
Rolled Jan. 18, 30 call to Feb. 15 for .97 covered by assigned shares.

#shortstock MO #ironcondor HD MO…

#shortstock MO #ironcondor HD

MO Jan. 14, sold short 100 shares of MO at 48.29, bought to cover today for 46.79.
HD Jan. 8 sold 155/160/190/195 IC for 1.02, bought today for .51
DENN up today arrgghh

#earnings #shortstraddle AA Sold Feb. 15,…

#earnings #shortstraddle

AA Sold Feb. 15, 29 straddle for 3.44. Thanks for the data Jeff.