#closing #earnings AVGO

Sold a July 5 big lizard/iron condor for 5.15 bought today for 4.65, too high priced of a stock to mess around, alread assigned 100 shares from last earnings.

#earnings #closing RH

bought July 19 60/140 strangle for .75, sold yesterday for 1.25.

#earnings AVGO

Followed fuzzball but added some time and protection.

Sold July 5, 250/262.50/280/285 big lizard as they call it, I think, for 5.15 Thanks Fuzzball and Jeff.

#closing IRBT

May 3, sold 85/125 strangle for 1.80 after an earnings drop (wasn’t quite done going down), bought today for .55.

#earnings #closing LULU

bought July strangle for .45, sold yesterday for 1.65.

#brokenwingbutterfly #shortcallspreads CMG

Combination TastyTrade/ @ramie77 concepts
Sold July 19, 785/795/795//815 butterfly for 1.00. This is profitable below 806.
Sold July 19, 800/810 call spread for 1.75.
CMG is up 7 days in a row (thought I heard of some 3 day rule), some 100 points or so.

#earnings LULU

Sold July 19, 130/210 strangle for 1.65. Thanks for the data Jeff.