Bistro problems

I have experienced some issues in the past weeks with Options Bistro log in as well.

The first steps to follow are:
Close your browser.
Reopen it.
Go to
Log in.
Leave the window open and open a new browser window or tab
Go to
Refresh the page.

If that doesn’t work you’ll need to clear the browser cache. Follow these instructions.

Please reply in the comments here if any of the above resolves your issues.


Comments not showing?

#Welcome I usually have all comments show up automatically under Bistro posts. But occasionally they’ll stop showing and it will display “Show Comments”, and I’ll need to click that to reveal comments.

This means you need to remove website data. On a Mac with Safari:

–> navigate to Safari > Preferences >Privacy> Manage Website Data. Search for and then Remove. Next, search for and Remove again.

You then may need to re-log-in to WordPress, but this should fix the issue.

Not sure how to do this on a PC, but basically you are removing cookies and website data for WordPress and OptionsBistro.

New Bistro features!

Click “Refresh” to load these new features in the right-hand column.

*Upcoming #Earnings – shows the tickers reporting earnings over next 7 trading days. Included are stocks with weekly options, at least $5.00 stock price, and significant volume. Tickers that are commonly traded by the Bistro community are highlighted in red. You may click on the chart for a larger view. PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS of tickers you think should be included if you notice any missing.

*Mama Cash’s #PreEarnings Trades – this is a link to Mama’s excel sheet for trade ideas and past performance of stocks that perform well leading up to their earnings dates. She will keep this updated as earnings season progresses.

*Countdown – will countdown the days until any significant trading events. Again, open to suggestions.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Use Hashtags!

I am ceasing the categorization of everyone’s posts and encouraging the use of hashtags. For the last year I have been going into my Admin screen to categorize everyone’s posts by strategy, such as #SPXcampaign or #VXXGame. But that’s simply too exhaustive now that more Contributors are signing up.

So, to help us in our search efforts and help newbies review trades under different categories, please try to use Hashtags in your posts. For Contributors, you will see common examples of hashtags in the window where you write your new post. In the right-hand column of the site, all members can see the “Most Used Hashtags” window for reference as well. Everyone can also use hashtags in the comments underneath posts.

So before posting, #Hashtag-It!



FYI, the number that pops up on the orange tab at bottom represented new posts, but sometimes it will show a large number as “new” when they are not. This occurs when I am categorizing past posts… when I update old posts it sometimes shows them as “new” on the counter.



Just verifying I am able to post.



Adjust Bistro email notifications

Author/Contributors can set preferences for Bistro, to receive (or not receive) emails when someone replies to your post, or other actions. To adjust, click your avatar in upper right of screen and select “Account Settings.” Then select “Notifications” and check the boxes you want.

If you’d like to become an Author/Contributor, just comment below or email me!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.45.40 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.56.26 AM