RHT falling knife

I lost a significant amount of money on a pre-ER trade in RHT. I opened an Unbalanced Diagonal to try to claw my way back to profit. The chart looks really broken so taking a risk here but hoping to collect some income along the way.
BTO Jul27 140c x3, STO Jun29 146c x2 @ 20.95

Back in fuzzy land

I’ve been eyeing the LABU chart as many of you trade it. Decided to dip my toe in with a fuzzy because I can more easily limit my risk.
BTO LABU Jul20 110c/110p/107p (1,-1,1) @ 6.20. Sold Jun29 115c @ 2.15.

Mama Cash summer kickoff

On pullback, added Fundies in FB, PANW, SSO, TNA, TQQQ, XLY. Jul20/Jul6 3×2, 63/45 dte.
Converted BA and DIA from unbalanced long diagonals to bear call spreads. Charts are broken. Attempting to get back to even.
ILMN Supercharger closed for profit. STC ILMN Jun22 275/280 BuCS @ 4.70 (2). Bot @ 3.91

AMZN supercharger closed for profit

BTO AMZN Jun22 1682.5/1692.5 BuCS @ 7.83. STC @ 9.40
STO AMZN Jun22 1682.5/1682.5 BuPS @ 2.20. BTC @ .40

For the record, the call side closed first by about two minutes.:-)


TNA Fundie Closed

BTO TNA Jul13 86.5c @ 4.33, STC @ 5.75 x3
STO TNA Jun28 89c @ 2.08, BTC @ 3.15 x2
Profit: 12%, $105

Calculated gross profit rather than net. Now updated with correct amount. Thanks @fuzzball.

Pre-Earnings Momentum

One of my favorite strategies is to buy calls ahead of earnings to capture profits from the almost inevitable price momentum and vol expansion of high-flyer stocks. The key to success is to close these trades before the report to avoid post-earnings risk. I use CMLViz to backtest and only take trades with a high probability of winning AND an even distribution of trade profits over multiple quarters. GOOGL and NFLX are among my favorites along with ADBE, BA, MSFT and others.

BOT +1 GOOGL 27 JUL 18 1230/1260 CALL @6.80. GTC order to close for 40% profit @ 9.50. Earnings 7/23
BOT +1 NFLX JUL 18 415/435 CALL @5.77. GTC order to close for 40% profit @ 8.08. Earnings 7/16

GOOGL trade closed for 40% profit at 9.50 in less than 24 hours. Jumping in for another round.:-)
NFLX trade closed for 40% profit @ 8.08 in less than 24 hours. Jumping in for another round of Jul20, long strike 20d.

If trades close for profit quickly, I’ll do multiple rounds on the same underlying in the same quarter.
#Pre Earnings Momentum

Going long on the pullback

WYNN at key support from Mar 28. Expect short sellers to get squeezed.
BTO Jul13 177.5/192.5 BuCS @ 4.20. STO 172.5/167.5 BuPS @ 1.51

TSLA reaching for $400 and won’t stop
BTO Jul13 380/400 BuCS @ 4.90. STO Jul13 337.5/332.5 BuPS @ 1.37

ISRG tight consolidation pattern from June 5. And I love this stock.:-)
BTO Jul20 490/505 BuCS @ 6.74. STO Jul20 477.5/472.5 BuPS @ 1.65