Now the proud owner of shares in all the above via short puts. Buying weekly put flies and selling calls or call credit spreads to cover cost of put fly. Using profits to buy more shares on down days. So far so good. This strat is keeping me out of trouble and allowing me to focus on family for a while.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of…

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

AZO bucking the trend

One of the few pre-ER stocks that’s staying strong thru this downturn.


Closed Nov9 short puts for .20 and rolled to Nov16 expiration. Swapped SSO out and added UPRO.

Q: TQQQ naked puts

For those of you who sell naked puts on TQQQ and TNA, do you typically get assigned early if you’re ITM?

SPX mid-term stats from Trader’s Almanac

The case is pretty compelling for a rally here. However, this is a strange year so anything could happen.
SPX mid-term stats


Bot Nov2/9 59 double calendar x2 @ .43. GTC order to sell @.80