BABA roll

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Closed $BABA Apr 20th 190 put for 7.95, to avoid early assignment tonight. Sold for 3.85 on March 15th.
#Rolling Sold BABA May 4th 187.5 put for 9.55. Moved down a strike and after earnings.

Covered calls

#CoveredCallCampaign #CoveredCalls.
On Friday, closed $SQ Apr 27th 50 call for 1.77. Strike was breached, so I closed, and then stock dropped a lot more. Today, I sold Apr 27th 46 put for 1.20. Getting this roll in before earnings on May 2nd.

Today, closed $FB Apr 27th 175 call for 1.55. Sold for 1.60 on 3/29… I believe I sold this when earnings were expected to be around May 1. Now they are confirmed for Apr 25th, and I don’t want to be in its way.

Trades this week

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Here are a few trades other than SPX:
Today: BTC $DUST Jun 15th 40 call for .25. Sold for 3.05 on Dec 4th.

Yesterday: BTC $FB Apr 20th 160 put for 3.00. Sold for 1.37 on March 19th. Backed out to early, not anticipating the rally the Zuck’s testimony would create.

Friday: BTC $FDX Apr 20th 235 puts for 6.77. Sold for 6.75 on 3/23 as when #Rolling from an earnings trade. I had margin pressure on Friday. Scaling back in since then:
Sold May 4th 235 put for 6.05;
Sold May 4th 237.5 put for 5.55.
This one seems like a buy… it’s just waiting for market to relax.

Friday: Closed $BABA Apr 27th 200 call for .18. Sold for 1.90 on 3/29.
Today: Sold BABA May 11th 195 call for 1.40

Tuesday: Sold $SQ Apr 27th 50 covered call for 1.01

Friday: Sold $UVXY Jan 2020 59 call for 4.80.

FB beating

We were all early selling puts on this one. Looking like a decent buying opportunity… I can’t imagine their current troubles will greatly effect profits, but they are taking a bigger toll than I expected.

#CoveredCallCampaign Closed on GTC order: $FB April 6th 190 call for .18. Sold for 1.85 on March 5th.

FB puts

Sold $FB Apr 20 160 puts @ 1.20 with the stock at 176.19. Delta of 14. 160 hasn’t been seen by the stock since last July.


Options Expiration 3/16/18

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— Expiring w/max profit —
$DG 84 puts
$OLED 140 calls
$TIF 109 calls

— Expiring w/max loss —
$SPX 2840/2860 long call spreads, purchased for 1.00 avg price.
$UVXY 91 long calls… purchased for 0.158 avg price… served me well as hedges against short calls
$SQ long 60 calls, bought for 0.964, avg price

$SQ 50 long calls, bought for 0.858, avg price. Taking stock (200 shares, cost basis 50.86) and adding it to #CoveredCallCampaign

$AVGO 255 long put – I exited one 265 short put for 9.10. Then, volatility at the close denied my fill on closing more, PLUS, we dropped below my long strike. So, this likely means one spread expired ITM, so a 10.00 debit (against 7.60 sale), but I will likely be assigned short shares based on the ITM long 255 put. Because I feel this may bounce on Monday, I’m buying shares after hours so the assignment will cancel out my position and I’ll be flat. This would amount to about a 2.50 loss overall on the trade.

BABA strangle-roll

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #StrangleRoll
Stopped: Bought to close $BABA Apr 6th 197.5 covered call for 5.90. Sold for 1.70 on March 2nd.
StrangleRoll: Sold BABA April 20th 190/210 strangle for 7.50.

A fairly aggressive roll, but when I own the stock it boosts my confidence 🙂