Calls closed

BTC $FB Oct 12th 172.5 call for .14. Sold for 1.20 on 9/20
BTC $FB Oct 19th 172.5 call for .40. Sold for 2.00 on 9/26

Earlier in the day:
Stopped $AAPL Oct 26th 232.5 call for 4.50. Sold 220/232.5 #StrangleRoll for 4.76 on 10/1
#StrangleRoll Sold Oct 26th 222.5/235 strangle for 5.01

Stopped out

Strikes breached so stopping out. I will wait to consider rolls tomorrow. The bottom could be in at any second here, but since it looks like we’re entering a Downside Warning, I have to be ready for more downside in the coming days.

BTC $SQ Oct 26th 94 puts for 4.65. Sold in 94/105 #StrangleRoll for 5.50 on Friday. Will leave the 105 calls in place.
BTC $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 3.90. Sold for 2.30 on Tuesday.


AAPL roll & TSLA quickie

BTC $AAPL Oct 12th 215 put for .35. Sold for 2.05 on Sep 25th
Stopped AAPL Oct 12th 227.5 call for 3.65. Sold for 2.13 on Sep 20th.
#StrangleRoll Sold AAPL Oct 19th 222.5/235 strangle for 3.21.

BTC $TSLA Oct 5th 320 call for 1.00. Sold yesterday for 5.75.

Covered Calls

BTC $BABA Oct 5th 170 call for .15. Sold for 1.55 on Sep 19th.
Sold $OLED Oct 12th 126 call for 2.00.
Sold $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 2.30

And #Earnings Repair:
BTC $TSLA Oct 12th 250 put for .93. Sold for 11.30 on Friday.
Rolled to: Sold $TSLA Oct 12th 285 put for 4.15

AAPL roll

BTC $AAPL Oct 5th 215 puts for .15. Sold for 1.78 on Sep 15th.
Stopped: $AAPL Oct 19th 227.5 calls for 3.90. Sold for 2.10 on Sep 25th.
#StrangleRoll: Sold Oct 26th 220/232.5 strangles for 4.75

SQ puts closed

Closed on GTC orders:
$SQ Oct 5th 82 puts for .10. Sold for 1.00 on Sept 14th
$MU Sep 28th 45 covered call for .08. Sold for .90 last Friday

Covered Calls & TSLA

STO $FB Oct 19th 172.5 calls for 2.00
BTC $OLED Sep 28th 124 call for .15. Sold for 1.65 on Friday

BTC $TSLA Sep 28th 275/322.5 strangle for 1.10. Sold for 8.20 on Sep 17th.
STO $TSLA Oct 5th 322.5 call for 5.60, adding to my position. Will sell another put on a down move.