Amazon Covered Call Strategy- One Year In

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11 Months into AMAZ Covered Call Campaign

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Update on AMZN Covered Call Strategy after 277 Days

AMZN stock price over the past 25 days is net down….allowing the short options to do what they are supposed to do in a covered call strategy. Three more months to get the stock gain to long term.

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Good week in market = good week in IB Account

Positions and Friday trades at bottom of post.

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Update on STE Covered Call Strategy after 180 Days

#coveredcalls $STE


Update on ABT CC, Profit $8,497 in 87 Days, 31.1% Return or 130% Annualized

Our Covered Call strategy on ABT was established with the purchase of 300 shares on May 26. Since that time we have added to the position with 300 shares on 6/25 and 400 on 8/21. Covered Call strategy on Abbott has performed well aided by an upward move in the stock. We have rolled the options 13 times and had two expirations. Abbott is attractive for CC Writing as it trades weekly options, potential for growth on the stock price and pays a dividend.

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#coveredcallcampaign AA, AXL, X, LB,…

#coveredcallcampaign AA, AXL, X, LB, ARLO

Selling calls (AXL is a covered put), May 17, couple more to get filled.

#coveredcallcampaign SYMC Rolled April 18,…

#coveredcallcampaign SYMC

Rolled April 18, 23 call to May for .72, Tradewise trade

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT Assigned on AMAT…

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT
Assigned on AMAT again, cost basis of 200 shares is 43.44. Sold 2, April 18, 41 calls for .96.

#coveredcallcampaign NTGR In early February…

#coveredcallcampaign NTGR

In early February I was assigned from a Dec. put that was sold in July as a #fallingknife. The cost basis was down to 36.95, sold an April 19, 36 call for 1.25.

#coveredcallcampaign #fallingknife #longputs Trades from…

#coveredcallcampaign #fallingknife #longputs Trades from yesterday and today
WYNN yesterday rolled 140 call to April for 1.25, WYNN tanking today
CPRI yesterday rolled March 22 call to April 12 for .66
EWZ sold short 100 shares for 41.57
MS bought long April 18, 40/35 BeCS
PFE sold April 18, 44 call, was supposed to be a covered call in an IRA, ended up in wrong account, for .26
CVS today sold April 18, 50 put for .86, thanks @ramie77
MET rolled 42.50 call to April 18 for .57
DB bought April 18, 9 put for .62

#coveredcallcampaign SCCO Sold April 18,…

#coveredcallcampaign SCCO

Sold April 18, 39.56 call for .40

#coveredcallcampaign AA Rolled March 15…

#coveredcallcampaign AA

Rolled March 15 30 call to April 18, 30 call for .93 bringing cost basis down to 32.09, assigned at 38, stock currently at 30.

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL Rolled February 22,…

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL
Rolled February 22, 175 call to March 1, 172.50 for 1.51, cost basis down to 170.76, going to get out of this OK.

#coveredcallcampaign WYNN Rolled Feb. 15…

#coveredcallcampaign WYNN

Rolled Feb. 15 135 call to March 15, 140 call for .90, bringing cost b asis of assigned shares to 141.57, just prior to ex-div.

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL Sold Feb. 15,…

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL

Sold Feb. 15, 175 call for .91, cost basis of assigned shares is 173.50

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL Rolled Jan. 25,…

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL

Rolled Jan. 25, 160 call to Feb. 1 for 2.82. My cost basis on these assigned shares is 156.99 and I don’t want them anymore so if AAPL blows through earnings next week I’ll be happy as I have another lot , uncovered at a little higher basis.

#earnings #shortstrangles #coveredcallcampaign AA Yesterday…

#earnings #shortstrangles #coveredcallcampaign AA

Yesterday sold Feb. 15, 29 straddle for 3.44, bought today for 3.00
Rolled Jan. 18, 30 call to Feb. 15 for .97 covered by assigned shares.

#assignment Again WYNN Assigned on…

#assignment Again WYNN
Assigned on a Jan. 18 120 put, cost basis of 116.62 after selling the long.
#coveredcallcampaign Sold Jan. 18, 113 call for 1.61, bringing basis to 115.

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT AXDX AMAT sold…

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT AXDX

AMAT sold Feb. 9, 36 call for .42
AXDX sold Feb. 15, 17.50 call for .82, added Feb. 12.50 put for .35

#shortcallspreads TSLA #coveredcallcampaign EWZ Inspired…

#shortcallspreads TSLA #coveredcallcampaign EWZ

Inspired by Iceman-sold Feb. 1, 385/390 call for .80
EWZ rolled Jan. 18, 40 call to Feb. 15 for .57

#coveredcallcampaign GIS Sold Feb. 15,…

#coveredcallcampaign GIS SKX NKTR

GIS Sold Feb. 15, 42.50 call for .68, Tradewise recommendation
SKX rolled Jan. 18, 24 call to Feb. 8, 24 call for .85, earnings are Feb. 6
NKTR rolled Jan. 40 call to Feb. 15 for 1.60

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL #shortstrangles WLL AAPL…

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL MRO DDD #shortstrangles WLL
AAPL Sold Jan. 18, 160 call for .38
MRO rolled Jan. 18, 15 call to Feb. 15 for .45
DDD sold Jan. 18, 11 call for .34
WLL Dec. 4, sold Jan. 18, 26/38 strangle for 1.68, closed today for 1.08.

#coveredcallcampaign #closing LUV July 3,…

#coveredcallcampaign #closing LUV

July 3, Tradewise initiated a covered call in LUV. I closed it on my own today, making about $240 with premium and dividends. Their timing was right, but this could have been a really nice winner without the calls as it ran up 10 points or so last summer. I’m being cautious and getting some cash.

Since we are on experiment…

Since we are on experiment discussion below again, here is one I have been paper trading. A twist on #pietrades. If we need a new term we could call them #lizardpies.

So obviously with the market rout all my #pietrades went ITM and to prevent a meltdown in margin I converted them all to #fuzzy. Which is great, has controlled the volatility and still have 111 weeks to manage them. But as @fuzzballl points out below, they are expensive. Cheaper than stock but my EXPE puts are now trading at 22.40 and 19.50. Not chump change.

The #pietrade idea is sound for income generation and even some capital gains long term as long as you sell the call ATM or OTM once assigned the stock. You also are typically only selling 1 side and as Karen the supertrader (now scam artist) figured out, selling the other side is what really improves long term returns and consistency. She may have been using some creative accounting but the idea is sound and has been proven by tasty trade.

So here is the tweak I have been playing with. When you set up the trade, start it as a #jadelizard but set it up ATM. For example with XBI currently at 78.02 I would sell the 10 DTE 78 puts naked (cash secure) and then sell the 78/79 call credit spread. Total credit 2.55. No upside risk, downside break even is 75.55 which is lower than where I probably would have just sold the put.

3 possible outcomes
a: below 78 assigned shares on the put at 78 but cost basis 75.55. Can sell a next week call or call credit spread if you think rebound, then uncapped upside
b: Between the strikes max profit and you may be assigned on the call but can exercise your long call if needed.
c: above 79 everything cancels out and you keep the credit minus $1.

Here’s a graph on a 10 lot.


I have been trading it on paper and it would have had better loss control on the #pietrades than straight put sales the last 2 months.

Thoughts, holes in the strategy, other ideas to tweak it or make it better? If you wanted to be more conservative could sell strangles OTM instead or straddles ATM on the short sides but then less credit. Since my premise is income, I am trying to bring in as much credit as possible on the front end.

#coveredcallcampaign, #vixindicator

#coveredcallcampaign Sold Dec. calls that…

Sold Dec. calls that are covered on some stocks today (I know it’s a down day);

Calls closed

BTC $FB Oct 12th 172.5 call for .14. Sold for 1.20 on 9/20
BTC $FB Oct 19th 172.5 call for .40. Sold for 2.00 on 9/26

Earlier in the day:
Stopped $AAPL Oct 26th 232.5 call for 4.50. Sold 220/232.5 #StrangleRoll for 4.76 on 10/1
#StrangleRoll Sold Oct 26th 222.5/235 strangle for 5.01

Stopped out

Strikes breached so stopping out. I will wait to consider rolls tomorrow. The bottom could be in at any second here, but since it looks like we’re entering a Downside Warning, I have to be ready for more downside in the coming days.

BTC $SQ Oct 26th 94 puts for 4.65. Sold in 94/105 #StrangleRoll for 5.50 on Friday. Will leave the 105 calls in place.
BTC $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 3.90. Sold for 2.30 on Tuesday.


AAPL roll & TSLA quickie

BTC $AAPL Oct 12th 215 put for .35. Sold for 2.05 on Sep 25th
Stopped AAPL Oct 12th 227.5 call for 3.65. Sold for 2.13 on Sep 20th.
#StrangleRoll Sold AAPL Oct 19th 222.5/235 strangle for 3.21.

BTC $TSLA Oct 5th 320 call for 1.00. Sold yesterday for 5.75.

Covered Calls

BTC $BABA Oct 5th 170 call for .15. Sold for 1.55 on Sep 19th.
Sold $OLED Oct 12th 126 call for 2.00.
Sold $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 2.30

And #Earnings Repair:
BTC $TSLA Oct 12th 250 put for .93. Sold for 11.30 on Friday.
Rolled to: Sold $TSLA Oct 12th 285 put for 4.15

AAPL roll

BTC $AAPL Oct 5th 215 puts for .15. Sold for 1.78 on Sep 15th.
Stopped: $AAPL Oct 19th 227.5 calls for 3.90. Sold for 2.10 on Sep 25th.
#StrangleRoll: Sold Oct 26th 220/232.5 strangles for 4.75

SQ puts closed

Closed on GTC orders:
$SQ Oct 5th 82 puts for .10. Sold for 1.00 on Sept 14th
$MU Sep 28th 45 covered call for .08. Sold for .90 last Friday

Covered Calls & TSLA

STO $FB Oct 19th 172.5 calls for 2.00
BTC $OLED Sep 28th 124 call for .15. Sold for 1.65 on Friday

BTC $TSLA Sep 28th 275/322.5 strangle for 1.10. Sold for 8.20 on Sep 17th.
STO $TSLA Oct 5th 322.5 call for 5.60, adding to my position. Will sell another put on a down move.

SQ roll

#CoveredCallCampaign #StrangleRoll

BTC $SQ Oct 19th 97 calls for 4.40. Sold yesterday morning for 1.60.
STO $SQ Oct 19th 88/100 strangles for 5.00

Square up +11% $SQ

Square up +11%


Covered Calls and such

BTC $FB Oct 5th 175 calls for .15. Sold for 1.50 on Sept 11
BTC $AAPL Oct 5th 230 calls for .35. Sold for 3.60 on Sept 13th
STO $AAPL Oct 19th 227.5 call for 2.10
STO $AAPL Oct 12th 215 put for 2.05
BTC $SQ Sep 28th 80 put for .13. Sold for 1.30.
STO $SQ Oct 19th 97 calls for 1.60
Sold to close $BABA stock for 163.15. Raising some cash by selling half of my stock. This one can’t get off its ass. Was assigned via 200 puts on Feb 2nd. With covered call and put sales, cost basis 183.00. Holding the rest for an eventual return to 200.
BTC $BABA Oct 5th 175 call for .45. Sold for 1.60 on Friday.

Covered Calls

#Rolling $BABA hit 170 in the pre-market; I closed one of two calls I had at the 170 strike. Kept the other.
BTC BABA Sep 28th 170 call for 1.95. Sold for 1.55 on Sept 12th
#Rolling Sold BABA Oct 5th 175 call for 1.60

BTC $SQ Oct 5th 97 covered calls for .25. Sold for 2.45 on Sept 13th

Sold $MU Sept 28th 45 covered call for .90. I also am still long Oct 5th 45 calls.

BTC $OLED Sept 21st 122 covered call for .40. Sold for 1.50 last Friday.
Sold Sept 28th 124 call for 1.65.

Covered Calls

Sold $AAPL Oct 12th 227.5 covered call for 2.13
Sold $FB Oct 12th 172.5 covered call for 1.20
BTC $OLED Sep 21st 114 put for .15. Sold for 1.50 last Friday

BABA covered call

#CoveredCallCampaign Nice to see some strength in this one, but worried it’s a dead cat.
Sold $BABA Oct 5th 170 covered call for 1.55.

Trades of my day

#PieTrades created from busted #Earnings trades
Sold $OLED Sep 21st 114 put for 1.50. Selling a call before the close

Sold $AAPL Oct 5th 215 puts for 1.78. Offsetting 230 covered calls.
Sold $SQ Oct 5th 82 puts for 1.00.

#Earnings repair
BTC $TSLA Sep 21st 260 put for 1.40. Sold last week for 11.95. Still holding another, against 300 calls.
$RH Stopped out on Sep 28th 135 calls, for 5.55 and 8.00. Sold for 2.80.
Looks bullish now so sold Oct 5th 130 puts for 2.80.

AAPL call roll

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $AAPL Sep 28th 227.5 covered calls for 3.55. Sold for 3.60 on Tuesday, so broke even and covered commissions.

#Rolling Sold AAPL Oct 5th 230 calls for 3.60.

SQ covered calls

#CoveredCallCampaign This one has been a monster, and call premium is big. Got some of my calls run over so building my way back. I am long stock and also long Jan 2019 60 calls.

Sold $SQ Oct 5th 97 calls for 2.45.

Anyone have advice on rolling my Jan 60 calls? I can go to March or Jan 2020. Currently trading at 32.83. Can roll up to Jan 2020 80 call for 26.20, or Jan 2020 100 call for 17.40.


Covered Calls and such

Sold $BABA Sep 28th 170 call for 1.55
Sold $AAPL Sep 28th 227.5 calls for 3.60
Closed $MU Sep 14th 47.5 covered call for .08. Sold last week for .75. Leaving the deck clear for earnings next week.

BTC $AMAT Sep 14th 125 covered call for 2.50. Sold last week for 2.00. Ex-div tomorrow, so I’ll wait until after to sell new calls. #PieTrades

#Earnings repair
Sold $TSLA Sep 21st 300 call for 4.25
Sold $RH Sep 28th 135 call for 2.30

FB covered calls

#CoveredCallCampaign Have we found its bottom?
Sold $FB Oct 5th 175 covered calls for 1.50.


#CoveredCallCampaign Sold $FB Oct 5th 160 puts for 4.00.
#PieTrades Sold $MU Sep 14th 47.5 covered call for .75
#PieTrades Sold $OLED Sep 14th 125 call for 2.00.
#SyntheticCoveredCalls Closed $PYPL Sep 21st 95 calls for .11. Sold for 1.10 on Tuesday.

More stops

#Rolling #Earnings #CoveredCallCampaign
Had to stop two rolls I made yesterday. I have not re-rolled them, as I’m going to wait for things to settle down and choose my positions carefully.

BTC $FB Oct 5th 165 puts for 6.17.
BTC $RH Sep 28th 129 puts for 7.25.

My IB software has been funky on trade history so I don’t have sale prices handy.

Trades today

Had to make a few rolls today:
Rolled $FB Sep 14th 170 puts to Oct 5th 165 puts, .10 credit.
Closed $FB Sep 14th 182.5 calls for .20

#Earnings #Rolling Rolled $RH Sep 7th 135 puts to Sep 28th 129 puts, .40 credit.

#CoveredCallCampaign Sold $BABA Sep 21st 177.5 covered call for 1.54 (what’s happening to BABA?)

#PieTrades Sold $AMAT Sep 14th 42.5 covered call for .72

#ContangoETFs Sold $DUST Nov 60 call for 1.95

Covered Calls

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $FB Sep 7th 167.5 puts for .20. Sold in a #StrangleRoll a couple weeks ago.
Sold $FB Sep 21st 185 covered call for 1.50.

Yesterday, BTC $BABA Sep 14th 195 covered call for .15. Sold for 1.50 the day after earnings, 8/23.

MU pie roll

#PieTrades Rolled $MU Aug 31 50 covered call to the Sep 7th 50.5, .30 credit

#CoveredCallCampaign Rolled $AAPL Aug 31st 205 covered calls to Sep 7th 207.5 calls, 2.00 debit. Clawing my way up the strikes until I get a pullback.

Covered Call type of morning in PDX

Back home at last… slept well so keeping jet lag at bay!
#CoveredCallCampaign #SyntheticCoveredCalls Since I’ve been trading lighter I mostly only have long stock and long #LEAPs positions. Looking for new entries… who’s got something?

Wednesday I was over the Pacific without enough WiFi megabytes to trade, so fortunately the market didn’t do much.

Tuesday: BTC $SQ 75 calls for 1.55. Small loss. #StrangleRoll: Sold Aug 31st 73.5/78.5 strangles for 1.95.
Tuesday: BTC SQ Aug 24th 76 call for 1.16 & Aug 31st 76 call for 1.96. Breakeven combining the two.
Today: #Rolling Sold SQ Sep 7th 79 call for 1.55; sold Sept 7th 80 call for 1.50

Today: Sold $BABA Sep 14th 195 Covered Call for 1.50

Tuesday: Rolled $AAPL Aug 24th 202.5 #CoveredCalls to Aug 31st 205 covered calls, breakeven. Still underwater on this one but managing to creep my strike up.

Today: Sold $FB Sep 14th 182.5 covered call for 1.45.

Today: Sold $AMAT Aug 31st 43 covered call for .80. This #PieTrade is a stinker… not much premium to work with.


Covered Calls

#PieTrades. Sold $OLED Aug 24th 122 call for 1.65
#CoveredCallCampaign Closed on GTC order: $FB Aug 24th 190 call for .15. Sold for 1.35.

Wednesday Trades

#Earnings #Rolling Sold $TSLA Aug 24th 332.5/340 strangles for 18.60.

#CoveredCallCampaign Stopped $FB Aug 31st 180 puts for 3.40. Sold Sep 7th 172.5/187.5 #StrangleRoll for 3.07.

#ContangoETFs Stopped $GUSH Dec 32 put for 6.20. Sold for 5.05 in a strangle-roll months ago.
#StrangleRoll: Sold GUSH Dec 21/45 strangles x2 for 3.87.
Also, closed GUSH Sep 62 call for .10. Sold for 1.60.

#PieTrades BTC $OLED Aug 17th 120 call for .20. Sold for 2.00 on Friday.
BTC $MU Aug 24th 53 call for .10. Sold for .85 on Monday.


Catching up on posting from the last 7 days…

TODAY (Monday)
Sold $AAPL Aug 24th 202.5 #CoveredCalls for 7.00. This replaces the Aug 17th 202.5 calls I closed last week for 7.40, to avoid being called away on the ex-div date. I’m rolling ITM calls after earnings trade got breached.
Sold $SQ Aug 24th 76 call for 1.25, and Aug 31st 76 calls for 1.23

Sold $PYPL Aug 31st 90 calls for 1.10. A roll-up from Aug 24th 87.5 calls stopped last week.

Sold $MU Aug 24th 53 covered call for .85. #PieTrades

#Rolling #StrangleRoll $TSLA Aug 17th 332.5 calls to Aug 17th 332.5/335 strangles for .65 credit. Will roll soon to avoid early assignment.

#Earnings Bought $YELP Aug 10th 38.5 #LongStraddles for 4.94. Sold the calls next day for 9.95. This trade usually works on YELP.

Stopped $FB Aug 24th 187.5 covered calls for 3.85. Rolled to Aug 31st 180/195 strangles for 3.83. Looks like I got stopped at the top. #CoveredCallCampaign.

#PieTrades Rolled $AMAT Aug 10th 46.5 covered call to Aug 17th 46.5 for .30 credit.

#VXXGame Closed $VXX Sep 21st 50 call for .46. Sold for 5.65 on April 17th.

#coveredcallcampaign MET sold Sept. 47.50…

#coveredcallcampaign MET
sold Sept. 47.50 call at .84

Final trades

Closed $SHOP Aug 3rd 140 calls for .15. Sold for 1.40 on Monday.
Rolled $TSLA Aug 3rd 330 calls to Aug 10th 332.5 calls for .40 credit.
Closed $SQ Aug 3rd 71 calls for 1.50… sold for .78.
Rolled $AAPL Aug 3rd 200 #CoveredCalls to Aug 10th 202.5 calls for 1.85 debit.

Rolled $AMAT Aug 3rd 46.5 covered call to Aug 10th 46.5 call for .12 credit.
Sold $MU Aug 10th 53 covered call for .84
Closed $OLED Aug 3rd 100 covered call for 1.50. Sold for 2.15. Earnings next week.

Sold $FB Aug 24th 187.5 covered calls for 1.35

#OptionsExpiration 8/3/18
$AAPL 177.5 puts. Sold for .75

FB covered Call closed

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $FB July 20th 210 #CoveredCall for 1.00 to avoid assignment. Sold for 2.00 on June 20th.
Bring on the earnings!

Covered Calls

#CoveredCallCampaign Had a couple calls breached so I exited on the intraday pullbacks. Will look to re-enter OLED but probably leave the other two until earnings.

BTC $AAPL July 27th 192.5 call for 1.95. Sold for 1.55 on July 2.
BTC $SQ July 27th 68 call for 1.70. Sold for 1.53 on July 6.
BTC $OLED July 27th 97 call for 2.15. Sold last Thursday for 1.50.

Closed on GTC order: $BABA July 27th 205 call for .16. Sold for 1.57 on June 28th.

Puts closed

BTC $AAPL July 20th 180 put for .15. Sold for 1.44 on June 20th.
BTC $FB July 20th 190 put for .16. Sold for 1.60 on June 20th.

A few trades

#LEAPs BTC $SQ July 20th 71 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for .15. Sold for 1.35 in June.

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $BABA July 20th 202.5 #CoveredCall for .21. Sold for 2.05 in June

#VXXGame Sold $VXX Dec 50 call for 3.50

BABA put

#CoveredCallCampaign Earlier, closed on GTC order: $BABA July 20th 180 put for .29. Sold for 2.88 on June 26th as part of a #StrangleRoll. Looks like the 202.5 call side will probably close on its GTC order in a couple days.

#coveredcallcampaign JCI EWZ Tradewise cc,…

#coveredcallcampaign JCI EWZ
Tradewise cc, sold August 17, 37 call for .43
EWZ sold July 20, 34 call for .39

Call sales

#LEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCall Sold $PYPL July 20th 87 calls for .90
#PieTrades Sold $AMAT July 13th 46 call for .70.
#CoveredCallCampaign Closed $SQ July 6th 66.5 put for 1.35 to avoid assignment. Sold for 1.43 on June 21st.
#Rolling to: SQ July 27th 68 call for 1.53.

#shortputs #coveredcallcampaign #rolling Rolling day…

#shortputs #coveredcallcampaign #rolling
Rolling day of in the money puts and calls, July 20 to Aug 17
GPRO 8 put for .17
JCI 37 put for .14
FEYE 17 put for .42
MGM 30 put for.53
UVXY 15 put for .65
MAT 15 call for .34
OIH 25 call for .42

#coveredcallcampaign GIS New Tradewise recommendation…

#coveredcallcampaign GIS

New Tradewise recommendation buy/write GIS Aug. 17, 45 covered call, I’m in at 44.49 for the stock and 104 for the call, ex div July. 9( not August,thanks to #tabortrader).

#coveredcallcampaign LUV Tradewise recommendation last…

#coveredcallcampaign LUV
Tradewise recommendation last month, today I bought August 17, 52.50 #coveredcall for 49.83, 51.69 and 1.86

#ironcondor DE #coveredcallcampaign PBR Idea…

#ironcondor DE #coveredcallcampaign PBR
Idea from TT August 17, 125/130/150/155 for 2.07, DE is at 141, earnings Aug. 17
PBR Closed July 20, 10 covered call for 9.57, bought June 8 for 8.90

AAPL covered calls

#CoveredCallCampaign Sold $AAPL July 27th 192.5 #CoveredCalls for 1.55.

BABA covered call

#CoveredCallCampaign Sold $BABA July 27th 205 covered call for 1.57.

BABA roll

#CoveredCallCampaign Yesterday, Closed $BABA July 6th 190 put for 4.50. Sold for 1.20.
#StrangleRoll Sold July 20th 180 put for 2.88, and July 20th 202.5 call for 2.05.


#CoveredCallCampaign. Sold $AAPL July 20th 195 calls for 1.37, rolling from yesterday’s stopped put.
Stopped $TQQQ July 6th 64 calls for 1.80. Sold for 1.35 on June 13th.
Sold TQQQ July 13th 60 puts for 1.45
Sold $SQ July 6th 66.5 put for 1.43
Stopped $PYPL July 6th 87 call for 1.56. Sold for 1.15 on June 5th.
Sold PYPL July 20th 83 put for 1.18

Selling calls in TQQQ, SQ, and PYPL the they get a little higher.

Covered Calls

Stopped $FB June 29th 200 call for 3.45, Sold for 1.90 on June 1st.
Closed $FB June 29th 185 put for .23. Sold for 2.00 on May 31st

Sold FB July 20th 190 put for 1.60
Sold FB July 20th 210 call for 2.00.

Yesterday, stopped $AAPL July 6th 185 put for 2.85. Sold for 1.70 on June 8th.
Today, closed AAPL July 6th 197.5 call for .18. Sold for 1.90 on June 4th.
sold AAPL July 20th 180 put for 1.44.
Will sell new #CoveredCalls at highs.

SQ strangle

#LEAPs #syntheticcoveredcall. Sold $SQ July 20th 62/71 strangles for 2.81, as a roll from yesterday’s stopped calls.

Also, #CoveredCallCampaign
Closed on GTC order: $BABA June 22nd 215 #CoveredCalls for .20. Sold for 2.00 in May.

SQ calls sold

#CoveredCallCampaign Sold both #CoveredCalls and #SyntheticCoveredCall
Sold $SQ July 13th 66.5 call for 1.86
Sold $SQ July 13th 67 call for 1.60

SQ and TQQQ rolls

#LEAPs #CoveredCallCampaign I had call strikes breached on both of these today.

Closed $TQQQ June 29th 62.5 calls for 2.15. Sold for 1.20 last Wednesday.
Sold TQQQ July 6th 59 puts for 1.25 as a partial #StrangleRoll. I will sell call side at new highs.

Stopped $SQ June 29th 63.5 call for 2.23. Sold for 1.60 last Wednesday.
Stopped $SQ July 6th 63.5 call for 2.39. Sold for 1.77 on June 5th.
Stopped $SQ July 6th 63 call for 2.49. Sold for 1.40 last month.

Sold SQ July 13th 60 puts for 1.34 and 1.40, part of a #StrangleRoll. Will sell calls at new highs.

AAPL calls closed

Closed on GTC order: $AAPL June 15th 195 #CoveredCalls for .25. Sold for 2.35 last month.