#assignment early this AM.
384 put /6.08 total ,after about 30 days or so.

Dec 30 384 call/1.04


#spyladder #coveredcall – Only 2 days to expiration:
STO SPY Covered Call – Stock @ 444.12 with March 18 2022 450 Covered Call @ 1.31


Didn’t aim for this to be a day trade, but:

Rolled $TNA Nov-26-2021 82.50 #CoveredCall // Sep-03-2021 $85 @2.12 credit for a 2.50 better strike.


Roll $ENPH Sep-17-2021 200 #CoveredCall // Oct-15-2021 190 @0.75.

Tracking Dividend Stocks for Covered Calls

Appreciate all the posts and helpful culture of the site. Hoping this might help some out.

Over the past couple of weeks I increased my focus on writing CC’s against stocks with attractive dividends. I created the attached Google sheet to help out.

Worksheet has a fair amount of automation. User is responsible to add a ticker in the proper week from Jan to Mar. Ticker gets added in the appropriate spot for Q2,Q3 and Q4. Income sheet looks up the ticker on Yahoo and returns exdiv date and yield (yield is shown as a negative for some reason as exdate and yield are in the same Yahoo cell with yield in brackets). User adds the number of shares for the ticker on the income sheet. Worksheet calculates the monthly, quarterly and annual dividend income for the tickers you own.

i find it to be a good visual tool so you can see what is coming and not get shares called away because you miss the exdiv date. It also allows me to quickly identify potential candidates on my list.

Yahoo link seems to work well….but it can be slow. If I like using I might purchase a more reliable data source.c

A picture of what the first page looks like is below. Feel free to make suggestions.


#coveredcall, #dividendcapture


Assigned $ENPH 190 #ShortPuts – Was STO @ 2.24 as part of a #BuPS. Long puts STC yesterday @3.00 – Basis 184.5. Stock finished at 189.74 – so close.

OX $MSTR 770/780 #BuPS – Was STO @1.55 on 2/8/2021, same day TSLA noted having bought a bunch of BitCoin.

OX $SLB $27 #CoveredCall – was STO @.30 – been sitting on the stock since last year.

New CC on KBH

First time taking a position with home builders. Good dividend coming up on Feb 3. Plan is to hold and roll for a few months.


SLB Roll

Rolled SLB 11-27-2020 20 #CoveredCall // Dec-18-2020 20@ 0.25 credit.


Rolled SPXL Nov-20-2020 60 #CoveredCall // Dec-18-2020 64 @0.60 Credit.


BTC TQQQ Nov-20-2020 80.90 #BuPS@0.14. Was STO 10/28 @1.56.
Roll-up PTON Nov-20-2020 110 #CoveredCall // Nov-20-2020 125 #CoveredCall @10.25 debit ( 15$ better strike)

Expiring (unless the bottom drops out of athleisure wear the next hour & 1/2) LULU Nov-6-2020 285/295 #bups
Thats the last of my rolling LULU positions for the time being. Couple downs with the ups, but basically 2x’d my original capital in ~6mo.

#closing NFLX #rolling AAL M…

#closing NFLX #rolling AAL M CCL NKLA #coveredcalls X CCL UAL

NFLX closed a Nov. 20 #ironcondor for a loss of $24, being uncooperative
AAL rolled Oct. 16, 20 put to Nov. 20 for .27
CCL rolled Oct. 16, 20 put to Nov. 20 for .50
M rolled Oct. 16, 8 put to Nov. 20 for .18
X sold Oct. 16, 8.5 #coveredcall for .16
CCL sold Oct. 16, 16 #coveredcall for .45
UAL rolled Oct. 30, 27 #coveredcall to Dec. 18 for 1.40
NKLA Sept. 9 sold an Oct. 16, 20/30 put spread for 1.47. financial shenanigans brought the stock down, Today sold the long put for 1.40, was bought for .35, rolled the short put to Nov. for 2.90


STO AAL Sep-25-2020 $14 #CoveredCalls @0.29
Holding AAL Sep-18-2020 $14 call sold last week, should expire today.

STO SLB Oct-16-2020 $20 #CoveredCall @0.67
Holding SLB Sep-18-2020 $20 Call Sold @1.48, should expire today.

STO USO OCT-16-2020 $30 #CoveredCalls @0.70
Holding USO Sep-18-2020 $30.5 Call Sold @0.38 on 9/3, Should expire.

All small positions (and I was kinda hoping they’d all be ITM, so I could move on… )


Buy/Write PTON Sep-18-2020 80 #CoveredCall @70. Stock @75.77.

Options Expiration / Late Roll

OX $SONO Aug-21-2020 $20 #CoveredCall – Buy/Write on 6/23 @13.05. So far still in positive territory, if just barely.

Rolled $SPXL Aug-21-2020 $55 #CoveredCall // Sep-18-2020 $58 @1.25 Credit. Almost let this get assigned, but figured I’d ride it for another month.

AVGO + Expirations

STO $AVGO 280/290 Jun-26-2020 #BuPS @1.25 (Ex-Divy today)

OX $SPXL Jun-19-2020 45 #CoveredCalls – was STO @0.88. Stock closed at 42.13.

OA $OXY Jun-19-2020 $14.5 #CoveredCall – Stock is at ~19.70. Bought the shares at 15.32 in April, rolled calls a few times so my basis is 12.88- looked for a roll and couldn’t find a good one so letting it go – Of course, would have done better if I’d just held the stock and not sold the calls on it.


Rolled. Jun-19-2020 $19.50 #CoveredCall // Jun-26-2020 19.00 @ 0.40 Credit.

Options Expiration May-29-2020

Just a couple.

OX $LULU May-29-2020 250/260 #BuPS
OX $OXY May-29-2020 14.5 #CoveredCall


Rolled $Work May-29-2020 33 #CoveredCall // Jun-05-2020 33.5 at @1.20 Credit.


Rolled $NFLX May 29 320/330 #BuPS Jun 05 @1.00 Debit
Rolled $PTON May 29 42 #ShortPut // Jun 05 @.72 Credit.
STO $OXY 14.5 #CoveredCall @0.36.

SE Covered Call May 22 $70 for net $68.70

#coveredcall $SE


BTC $TSLA May 15 2020 670/680 #BuPS @.32. Was Sto 4/29 @2.20
BTC $SQ Jun 19 2020 50/60 #BuPS @0.75. STO 5/6 @1.52

Assuming things don’t go crazy this afternoon:

OX $TLRY May 8 2020 $6.50 #ShortPut – STO 5/1 @.36
OA $TLRY May 8 2020 $7.00 #CoveredCalls – STO 5/1 @0.55. Overall Basis on the stock is $3.88. Position opened 3/31.

OX $OXY May 8 2020 $16 Call #CoveredCall
STO $OXY May 22 2020 $16 Call @0.44

OA $VIAC May 8 2020 $17 #CoveredCall – Position opened 4/23, @15.05, Basis @14.80 after roll last week.

New CC on BCRX May 15 $4.00 net $3.26, stock @$3.84

#coveredcall #BCRX


Option Assigned over night – $TQQQ Apr 17 2020 41 #coveredcall Was BTO Mar 19 @ 32.

From Yesterday:
BTC $LULU 177.5/187.5 Apr 2020 #BuPS @0.12. Was STO 2020-04-09 @1.15.


Rolled WBA March 20 52.5 call out to April 17 52.5 call for 2.26 credit with stock at 47.51



STO SLB 17 April 17.5 call @.85….selling below my basis so keeping it on a tight leash



Rolled MEI Feb-21-2020 35 #CoveredCall // Mar-20-2020 35 @0.95.


STO T Feb 21 2020 T 40 #CoveredCall @.52

Rolling NUGT

BTC NUGT Jan 03 25.5 Puts (55% winner), STO Jan 17 25 put for .38cr



#CoveredCall – Stock has been weak so staying aggressive…and selling prior to earnings.

Sold WYNN APR 05 2019 116.0 Call @ 3.50

Chips are breaking out

#PieTrades #LongCalls
Sold $MU Oct 12th 47 #CoveredCall for .90.
Still long Oct 5th 45 calls, bought for 2.02 on Sep 20th, which hasn’t worked out yet and probably should have taken a 50% loss last week. But maybe I’ll get the breakout just in time.

AMAT call closed

#PieTrades #Earnings.
BTC $AMAT Aug 17th 46.5 #CoveredCall for 1.97. Sold for 3.56 last week as a roll. Leaving my stock alone for earnings report tonight.


FB covered Call closed

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $FB July 20th 210 #CoveredCall for 1.00 to avoid assignment. Sold for 2.00 on June 20th.
Bring on the earnings!

AMAT roll

#PieTrades BTC $AMAT July 20th 46 #CoveredCall for .80. Sold last week for .75
Sold to Open AMAT July 27th 46.5 covered call for 1.05.

ROKU #Coveredcall Rolled my 47…

ROKU #Coveredcall Rolled my 47 Calls out and up to July 27th 50 Calls for .12 debit when ROKU was at 48.17.
And 2 minutes later it rockets off. Such timing have I.

AMAT roll & PYPL rolls

#PieTrades On Tuesday’s down open, I closed $AMAT July 13th 46 #CoveredCall for .57. Sold for .70 last week. It had been ITM so the pullback helped, and I planned to sell the new one on the bounce.
Took a couple days for the bounce!
Today, sold AMAT July 20th 46 call for .75.

#LEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
Stopped $PYPL July 20th 87 calls for 2.16 and 88 calls for 1.50.
Sold July 20th 87.5 puts for 1.10 and 1.35.
Earnings on July 25th. I believe this one will consolidate or run higher from here into earnings. If it surges I may try to squeeze in some more short calls, or just wait for an earnings strangle.

A few trades

#LEAPs BTC $SQ July 20th 71 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for .15. Sold for 1.35 in June.

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $BABA July 20th 202.5 #CoveredCall for .21. Sold for 2.05 in June

#VXXGame Sold $VXX Dec 50 call for 3.50

#coveredcallcampaign LUV Tradewise recommendation last…

#coveredcallcampaign LUV
Tradewise recommendation last month, today I bought August 17, 52.50 #coveredcall for 49.83, 51.69 and 1.86

#Coveredcall TWTR Sold July 6th…

#Coveredcall TWTR Sold July 6th 45.50 Call at 0.45 going into the close. Stock assigned at 45 on Friday.

June 22 TGIF!

SPX: The first trade I got off at the open was a new #UndieBear Aug 2785p x2 @52.00 Jun 29 2750p x -1 @ $10.80. No profit ceiling on a downside move.

CVX: Rolled calls into strength from jun 22 to jun 29, netted $330 on roll of 3 calls. Jun 29 126 @ 1.68.

IWM: I have a #Saf-T on this with short calls at 168.50…so dancing around the roll on this to get as much premium collection as I can.

LMT: The bulk of my calls were rolled on Wed, but I have two stragglers that I will let expire and sell new near the close (naked for an hour).

Oh, RHT: I got cute on the dive last night and bought 100 shares @ 150 expecting a snap back. So now I have a #CoveredCall . Sold Jun 29 $150 call for $1.10.

That’ll be about it for today.


IWM rolled Jun 22 168.5 to Jun 29 168 (went down, itm). Netted $494 on a 13-lot.

I ended up keeping 82% of premium sold for this week: Collected 17,917, kept 14,722.

Oh, almost forgot. The #Fundie maybe not so bueno. Rolled down calls for jun 29 on NVDA/ADBE/BABA to collect some add’l premium for next week. Kept same expiration.

#fallingknife, #shortputs FYI RHT is…

#fallingknife, #shortputs

RHT is down about 12% in after-hours trading.
MED down 12%
STMP down 10%
TUP down 9%
SHOP had a pullback of 4%

#coveredcall, #pietrade


#Coveredcall Sold the June 22nd 48 Call @ .35. Essentially a roll from yesterdays 46 Call.


#coveredcall Well having screwed up the position Monday I covered up my now uncovered stock with a June 22 43 call @ .46 this morning. When DBX hit my stop of 38.50 I closed the short call at .18 and sold the stock being filled at 38.10. Who knows maybe it will fall to the 50dma by Friday. Still have some 6/22 31 covered calls. Over all loss was $405. Not one to be repeated ever again.

TWTR #CoveredCall. Sold June 15th…

TWTR #CoveredCall. Sold June 15th 45 Call @ .45. Unknow to me is that ToS is frozen for some tickers TWTR being one of them. Price updating now but not the chart.

SQ calls sold

In $SQ I am both long stock for the #CoveredCallCampaign and also long Jan 2019 60 calls for the #LEAPs strategy. So selling short-term calls against both positions.

Sold SQ June 29th 63.5 #CoveredCall for 1.60
Sold SQ July 6th 65 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for 1.65

June 5 Trades

TWTR: Out the gate executed a virtual call assignment for $1889 profit on a 10×7 #UnbalancedDiagonal . That’s multiple thousands of profit (in a couple accts) since I suggested the TWTR stock replacement idea to y’all about 10 days ago. Flat TWTR right now.

#coveredbackratio, #coveredcall, #pietrades, #saf-t

Afternoon all Playing a bit…

Afternoon all Playing a bit of catch up here
on Wednesday#spxcampaign
Last week I mucked up my SPX spread as I was needing to be away and closed the short June 15th 2800 call on the upswing. Originally sold for 2.30 and closed at 2.95. Oops. I resold the position today @ 1.15.
I was assigned FAS at 68 last Friday and sold June 1st 66 Calls against today for 0.42.
Covered my long Jan 2020 36 Call with June 1st 38.50 for .20.
I tried to do an early assignment of my measly 1 MU June 15th 50 long call as I wanted to sell most of the stock this morning but keep a few shares for a longer term position. The gods of ToS wouldn’t let me as it was not deemed economically the best thing to do. They suggested I sell the call and buy the stock. I wish their gods would intervene when I place a bad trade. Life would be so much better. Maybe they are right but I was under the impression I could think for myself and do my own trading. So I will wait for assignment and sell most of the stock before earnings. Hopefully it will still be profitable.
Catch everyone tomorrow.

May 20 Covered Call Data Table

Cold and rainy here in Denver, good day to just look at data. I have an interesting report here for you on #CoveredCall performance, also tied to #PieTrades. Let me first lay out the process I took. 1. I ran a scan on TOS for high yielding calls over a 7-14DTE ( http://tos.mx/oIfUU7 DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, instead use your “Setup Sprocket” and “open shared item”, then copy/paste the link) . I ran it on “weeklies” so ETF’s would be included. That gave me about 108 tickers. Then I ran a 2-year covered call backtest using 10 lots on everything: Buying 1000 shares and selling 10 50-delta calls with a 7DTE on everything. From that test I selected only tickers that yielded over a 50% Return-on-Risk over the two year test. Then I figured that looking at the last 6 months on each of those vs 2 years would look quite different–given the market conditions we’ve experienced. So on just these tickers I also ran a 6-month backtest. Surprisingly there is only ONE ticker in the list that has a negative return over the last 6 months (RCL). “Win Rate” in the backtester means at expiration the trade had a net profit. At expiration the backtester virtually rolls calls to the next expiration using closing prices. There are no filters here for liquidity, other than using only weekly tickers with over 1M volume daily. Sorry the columns are wonky, I didn’t want to search out the BB code for table inserts 🙂 This might give some good ideas to y’all for #PieTrades or #CoveredCall targets. With the filters I used almost any one of these would be a good pick, but there are some standouts.

Ticker: 2 year net return: ROR%: Win Rate: 6-month ROR%

ADBE $81,890 69% 82% 29%
ADSK $58,780 86.1% 81.5% .9%
AMZN $507,000 64% 70.5% 28.7%
ANDV $48,953 64.6% 74.3% 14.5% SCRATCH due to acquisition
AXP $29,913 56.9% 73.3% 4%
BA $147,000 77.6% 76.2% 36.1%
BURL $58,460 85.1% 82.1% 41%
CME $54,932 56.1% 70.5% 23.4%
EA $61,020 93.4% 75% 33.8%
HCA $35,878 69.6% 71.4% 38.5%
IWM $36,640 43.9% 72.4% 8.2%
KSU $44,723 76.5% 69.5% 15.6%
LULU $29,725 59.2% 67.6% 58.5%
LYB $39,646 60.1% 72% 10.7%
MA $60,176 61.7% 75.2% 22.1%
MAR $51,397 68.1% 79.3% 19.1%
MON $76,134 115% 80% 32.5% (scratch due to Bayer takeover)
NFLX $1.49M 129% 60.6% 30.1%
NOC $92,967 50.8% 78.9% 10.4%
NOW $98,575 113% 76% 35.4%
NSC $54,856 67.5% 72.4% 14.3%
NVDA $121,000 95.1% 76.2% 18.9%
PSX $43,519 67.7% 78.1% 21.7%
RCL $40,886 58.5% 72.9% -8.9%
RHT $60,550 71.9% 79.2% 27.7%
SPGI $60,780 59.3% 76.3% 21.1%
STZ $65,779 55.4% 85.7% 14.8%
TQQQ $151,000 83.8% 71.4% 10.9%
TTWO $50,260 85.9% 82.4% 4.3%
TXN $30,708 51% 74.3% 2.9%
UNH $65,685 51.8% 74.3% 12.3%
UNP $48,904 64.5% 74.3% 20.2%
V $39,786 59.7% 77.1% 12.5%
VLO $47,877 72.6% 78.1% 30.4%
WDAY $67,845 88.3% 75.2% 13.3%
WYNN $68,710 67.8% 67.6% 24.6%

#coveredcall $SVXY Well the $134…

#coveredcall $SVXY
Well the $134 Jan 19 covered call bought yesterday for $131.50 went south pretty fast. I rolled the Jan 19 $134 call to Jan 26 for a $2 credit this morning when SVXY near bottom ($129.80.) Funny now it is back over $134.


Stock looking weak today, likely because of the big storm on the east coast, probably stay weak into next week.
STO $RCL Jan 19 $124 call @ $1.35, early replacement of $124 call expiring tomorrow.

#OptionExpiration Hey Gang, hope you…

Hey Gang, hope you had a profitable week. Took the week off to spend with family. Had to make a couple of trades just before the close on some ITM #CoveredCalls.

$SVXY $65 puts
$SVXY $70 puts
$SVXY $75 puts

Allowing to be exercised
$V $112 #CoveredCalls
$DWDP $70.5 #CoveredCall, allowing another 1/3 of position to be called away

Other Trade
Rolled $DWDP $70.5 12/29 #CoveredCalls to 1/12 $71 for $.10 credit


STO Dec 22 $71 #coveredcall @ $0.80, replacing call that expired last friday.

NUGT DUST combo platter

#PairsTrade #ShortCalls – The July meal is starting to digest so back to the buffet for December…they both can’t lose!

Selling the highest available strikes:

Sold DUST DEC 15 2017 50.0 Call @ 3.90
Sold NUGT DEC 15 2017 58.0 Call @ 4.30



$AMZN #CoveredCall Sold $AMZN Jun…

$AMZN #CoveredCall
Sold $AMZN Jun 16 1020 call @ 5.50

$UVXY #CoveredCall #IRA – Rolled…

$UVXY #CoveredCall #IRA – Rolled forward my UVXY Apr 23.0 Call one week for an 0.88 Credit

$UVXY #CoveredCall – Sold 1…

$UVXY #CoveredCall – Sold 1 UVXY Feb 24 2017 23.0 Call @ 0.47 at the closing bell, replacing this week’s 20.5 Call that just expired.