#coveredcall $SVXY Well the $134…

#coveredcall $SVXY
Well the $134 Jan 19 covered call bought yesterday for $131.50 went south pretty fast. I rolled the Jan 19 $134 call to Jan 26 for a $2 credit this morning when SVXY near bottom ($129.80.) Funny now it is back over $134.


Stock looking weak today, likely because of the big storm on the east coast, probably stay weak into next week.
STO $RCL Jan 19 $124 call @ $1.35, early replacement of $124 call expiring tomorrow.

#OptionExpiration Hey Gang, hope you…

Hey Gang, hope you had a profitable week. Took the week off to spend with family. Had to make a couple of trades just before the close on some ITM #CoveredCalls.

$SVXY $65 puts
$SVXY $70 puts
$SVXY $75 puts

Allowing to be exercised
$V $112 #CoveredCalls
$DWDP $70.5 #CoveredCall, allowing another 1/3 of position to be called away

Other Trade
Rolled $DWDP $70.5 12/29 #CoveredCalls to 1/12 $71 for $.10 credit


STO Dec 22 $71 #coveredcall @ $0.80, replacing call that expired last friday.

NUGT DUST combo platter

#PairsTrade #ShortCalls – The July meal is starting to digest so back to the buffet for December…they both can’t lose!

Selling the highest available strikes:

Sold DUST DEC 15 2017 50.0 Call @ 3.90
Sold NUGT DEC 15 2017 58.0 Call @ 4.30



$AMZN #CoveredCall Sold $AMZN Jun…

$AMZN #CoveredCall
Sold $AMZN Jun 16 1020 call @ 5.50

$UVXY #CoveredCall #IRA – Rolled…

$UVXY #CoveredCall #IRA – Rolled forward my UVXY Apr 23.0 Call one week for an 0.88 Credit