GLD vertical put spread GLD…

GLD vertical put spread GLD 110/114 sold for 0.97 april monthly expiration.
looking to manage at 50% max profit.

I am writing down the…

I am writing down the 3 spreads I have right now (going into Monday).
I sold the following call spreads:

1)600/605 AMZN april 16 (monthly) for $1.26
2)100/105 AAPL april 16 (monthly) for $1.33
3)735/740 GOOGL april 16 (monthly) for $2.23

Looking to manage them at 50% max profit.
Didn’t feel comfortable to go to March expiration because the rally might continue for a little bit.Feeling much better going into April and selling mostly tech stocks since I consider them much more overpriced compared to the rest of the sectors.