CL/WTI Trade this Morning


09:10 Sold 5 Lots of /CL at 56.00 Level…
10:50 Exit trade at 55.00 Level

+100 Tick Gain..

/ES Swing Trade


Short ES at 2990…at 2:50pm CST
Exit at 7:30pm….
Profit of +13 points on the ES

/ES Swing trade..

6/29 Long /ES at 2915…off the bounce at the 38.1% retracement..
7/15 Closed /ES long today when price hit 3020..which was the Day high then..

105 point gain in /ES for a two week trade….

SPX Trade


STO qty 2 Aug 19 SPX BUPS 2815/2915 @ 16.42

Latest Chart for SPX/ES :

Latest Chart for SPX/ES :


SPX Chart

as expected, SPX bottomed at my Fib K level…and Bounced from there..I exited both my nov short 2650 puts a while ago, for a 50% gain, as ES put in a intraday hi…chart attached….

spx rebound

SPX chart….

My SPX Chart for this current sell off…as is usually the case, on oct 4th, teh indicators I use called for a reversal at the top..see the white Line, as it intersected teh ADO and DPO moves to the downside..after a double top retested the 2940, the dam broke down…and as usual, I took advantage of the sell off based on my chart indications….