YM Trades after 5pm


The UK event spooked the mkt at the 5pm open..gave me a chance to go long at the low of a 100 gap down..

Long at 21080, on the knee jerk reaction…
Exit at 21145 for a 65 point win

Long at 21128, off the S1 PP
exit at 21163, at the 34ma
35 pt win

a Nice headstart for friday..

Memorial Day..


A small Tribute to those who served…and those who gave and Sacrificed..if you did, I thank you for your Service…


Record Day in YM


From 5pm Last night thru 3pm today, I had a record day..
365 Points gained in the 23 hour trade session…

Have to love IV…


YM Today


Not a bad day, considering YM posted a red 19 point day…


End of Week..


Have a nice week all..i had a great week in my Futures abyss…looking fwd to sunday’s open with the french election happening..


Exit My SPX short Put


Bought ( BTC ) May 19th Short Put, 2400, at 2430, sold early Feb for 12015.00 …
Gain at 80%

Have a great WE everyone…