SPX 1 DTE At the Close

#SPX STO 10/11 3540/3520/3710/3730 at 1.45

#SPX #bearcallspreads Playing this rally…

#SPX #bearcallspreads

Playing this rally as a DCB:
STO SPX August 26th 2022 4125/4150 BECS @ 10.50

SPX long puts

#SPX Sold to close $SPX May 13th 3800/3780 put spreads for 4.35. Bought for 1.00 on Tuesday.

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Expiring: May 11th 3830/3850-4145/4165 condors, sold yesterday for 2.05.

#SPX Got up to just over 2.00 on the May 13th 3800/3780 put spread I bought yesterday for 1.00. Had an order to sell at 2.50, so this will go until tomorrow. Hopefully we gap down.

SPX spec

#SPX Bought to Open $SPX May 13th 3800/3780 put spreads for 1.00. Now the hard part is when to sell it. Already a double.

SPX stopped

#SPX #SPX1dte Double loser for me today, clearly wrong about a short-term bearish direction (although still have until Friday on that trade), but also just stopped out on the 1-dte trade. Shouldn’t mess with the Fed, I guess.

Bought to close $SPX March 16th 4385/4405 call spreads for 3.30. Condors sold yesterday for 1.65.

SPX bearish

#SPX Taking a low risk trade to downside… The Fed will likely announce IR increase, but who really knows what short term effect will be? I believe we still have lower to go regardless of tomorrow’s decision. Right now we are hitting against the top of the downward channel on the daily chart.

Bought to Open $SPX March 18 4060/4040 put spreads for 1.75.

SPX trades

#SPX Sold to close $SPX May 9th 4320/4340 call spreads for 3.85. Bought yesterday for 2.50. I was away from the computer, so I got filled on the limit order at 9:38am PT, a little before today’s high.


SPX trades

#SPX Bought to open $SPX March 9th 4320/4340 call spreads for 2.50, with SPX at 4200. It’s about time for a bounce, so taking a small risk to find one tomorrow.

#SPX1dte Expiring: March 7th 4115/4135-4425/4445 condors, sold Friday for 1.65

Market Awareness

#spx #market #spy

I don’t trade based on this indicator, but I know it is widely followed so I thought I would post for anyone interested. SPY’s 50-Day MA has been dropping relative to its 200-Day MA at about the rate of $1 a day. Since the spread is about $5 now, the famous (or infamous) “death cross” will occur around Monday or Tuesday barring any major changes.

SPX trades

#SPX Sold to close $SPX Mar 2nd 4400/4420 call spreads for 1.95. Bought yesterday for 2.20. This did not work out the way I wanted, as we went lower rather than higher into yesterday’s close. I fortunately got the opening bounce I was looking for, but from the lower level it’s not enough, so I’m closing now to keep the loss small. Theta is a stone-cold killer on options expiring today. I’m not waiting for the small (but possible) chance of a huge spike up based on what Powell says. I’ll save the chips for another day.


SPX trades

#SPX Bought to open $SPX Mar 2nd 4400/4420 call spreads for 2.20, with SPX at 4305. Just a small trade that we will move up into the close, or open higher tomorrow. Looking for a double or triple, not the full 20 spread.


#spx sto 4 OCT 2021…


sto 4 OCT 2021 4375/4370 PUT @.60

#spx sto SPX 4 OCT…


sto SPX 4 OCT 2021 , 4375/4370 PUT @.55

#spx btc 3 SEP 2021,…


btc 3 SEP 2021, 4570/4575 CALL @.15/sold for .30

silly me thinking market would move down/lol
better then a loss, though.

#spx btc 10 SEP 4245/4240…


btc 10 SEP 4245/4240 PUT @.10/sold for .50

#spx btc 8 SEP 4270/4265…


btc 8 SEP 4270/4265 PUT @.10/sold for .50

#soxl btc SOXL 17 SEP…


btc SOXL 17 SEP 21 38 PUT @.52/sold for 2.05

fuzzballl prob right taking off and will catch next wave down.


btc 7 SEP 4270/4265 PUT @.10/sold for .50

#spx btc 3 SEP 4285/4280…


btc 3 SEP 4285/4280 PUT @.10 CBOE/sold for.50

#spx spread sto VERTICAL SPX…

#spx spread

sto VERTICAL SPX 10 SEP 4245/4240 PUT @.50 CBOE
sto VERTICAL SPX 7 SEP 4270/4265 PUT @.50 CBOE
sto VERTICAL SPX 8 SEP 4270/4265 PUT @.50
sto VERTICAL SPX 3 SEP 4285/4280 PUT @.50 CBOE

#spx btc VERTICAL SPX, 20…

btc VERTICAL SPX, 20 AUG 4270/4265 PUT @.10/sold for.50
right @ closing

#spx #T Right at closing…

Right at closing time.

STO VERTICAL SPX 20 AUG 4270/4265 PUT @.50
STO T 6 AUG 27.5 PUT @.05 BATS
STO T 6 AUG 28 PUT @.15 BATS

#tqqq #spx btc TQQQ 27…


btc TQQQ 27 AUG , 90 PUT @1.13 bought @1.55
btc VERTICAL SPX 28 JUL , 4245/4240 PUT @.25 bought for .60

Last tqqq on books taking risk off for now.

#spx btc VERTICAL SPX 23…

btc VERTICAL SPX 23 JUL 4175/4170 PUT @.10
sold for .60

#spxexpectedmove sto VERTICAL SPX 30…

#spx/~6.5% return

sto VERTICAL SPX 30 JUL 4230/4225 PUT @.60
sto VERTICAL SPX 28 JUL 4245/4240 PUT @.60

#spx sto VERTICAL SPX 23…


sto VERTICAL SPX 23 JUL 4175/4170 PUT @.55 CBOE



STO VERTICAL SPX 16 JUL 4185/4180 PUT @.50
will set btc for .10 for ~ 7.4 % return.



SOLD VERTICAL SPX (Weeklys) 12 JUN 20 2975/2970 PUT @.50

#spx coming up on circuit…

coming up on circuit breaker 4.20% right now @11.39 AM CST

SPX roll

#SPX 1-dte . Buying to close $SPX Nov 29th 3165/3185 call spreads for .80. Condors sold for .85 this morning, so (hopefully) the .05 profit will cover commissions. If it doesn’t fill, I will have to up my bid.

#ReverseRoll Sold to Open Nov 29th 3135/3115 put spreads for .60.


#SPX Morning. Been a while….

#SPX Morning. Been a while. Actually a long while. I’ve been getting the income portfolio set and deciding on whether and where to go next. Individual stocks, options, index spreads or even nothing at all. Spreads look to be the winner. Just can’t seem to master that swing trade / short term trade mind set. And rattling my cage, working in the garden, pulling weeds and walking the dog just doesn’t satisfy this old researcher’s mind. So I’ll see how this goes. Closed my two SPX call spreads, Oct 25th 3040/3050 and Oct 28th 3045/3055 this morning for 60% profits. Hopefully I can get WordPress to behave a little better using Firefox.

#spx look out below!

#spx look out below!

SPX Trade


STO qty 2 Aug 19 SPX BUPS 2815/2915 @ 16.42

Almost escaped

#SPX1dte SPX ended the day right on the line…. my 2945 short calls will likely settle with a debit of 19 to 50 dollars. Condors sold yesterday for .80.


Spx Trades


BTC Sept 21st 2750 short puts at 7.70, as ES tagged its high point earlier this morning, sold prev on 8-16 for 14.20…
gain near the 50% mark..

Resold the same puts for 7.50, for the rest of the premium against the original long side…
that gives me a 50% profit now, and the other half when it expires or is worth very little…

these were sold as SPX bottomed after my aug 9th reversal call…timing is everything …

spx chart

SPX Trades


BTC Aug 24th 2725 Short puts, @ 2.20, sold prev @ 9.35
Closes that weekly trade out at +9.60…..

BTC Sept 7th 2725 short puts at 5.50, sold prev at 13.00
resold the same puts for 5.40 for the rest of the prem they have….

BTC sept 14th 2725 short puts at 7.50, sold prev for 16.00
Resold the same puts for another 7.40 in premium..

SPX Trades


BTC 2 ea Aug 24th 2680 short puts, at $6.40…Prev sold at 16.50
gain at 60%

STO aug 24th 2725 short puts against teh long side from above, at $9.35

#spx I guess the sellers…

I guess the sellers are stronger than the buyers at this time.
Financials did not perform even with the Fed approval and stress test.

Canada imposed new tariffs.
Is that driving the market?

SPX Trades


STO aug 3 2525/2625 Credit Spread (BUPS) 7.20 CR when ES was coming off its lows..

BTC Jul 25th short 2625, @ 10.60, prev sold at 14.20..Took a 25% gain as ES Touched the R2 Pivot at its HOD
Resold the Same Short Put for 10.40, to collect another 20-30% profit as SPX moves higher after the gap open and bounce at the 100ma…

SPX Campaign / Rolled SPLK / T Puts / NFLX Long Calls / AMZN Supercharger

#SPX STO 7/9 2600/2625 BUPS at 1.60
#SPX STO 7/13 2625/2650 BUPS at 3.00

$SPLK BTC 8/17 125 calls and STO 8/17 115 calls for 1.00 added credit

$T STO 1/2019 30 put at 1.55 Thank you @fuzzballl

$AMZN STO 7/13 1600/1620 BUPS at 2.80

$NFLX BTO 7/6 380/390 BUCS at 7.30 Thank you @jeffcp66 and @kathycon

Afternoon all

#SPX Camapign closed the call side of my messed up June 15 IC. Tried to close the Put side but no takers yet.
#pietrades Sold June 8th 37 Puts @ .87 when TWTR was at 36.73
Sold FAS June 8th 68 Calls @ .60 against long stock
Sold NUGT June 15th 26 Calls @ .61 against long stock. I couldn’t get .30 for June 8th expiry but .61 for June 15th.
Dumped my SVXY LEAP 30 Calls @ .30. Time to cut the wish cord and more on.
Sold an AMZN June 8th 1605/1585 BuPS for 0.56.
Sold BAC June 8th 30 Call @ .08 against my stock. I was going to just close the position but decided to sell calls as the method. Might make a few coins before it is assigned.
And that is the whole story.
Have a great evening

SPX Trade


Friday afternoon
BTC Jun 22 Weekly 2625 Short side, at 6.50, Prev sold on 5/21 for 11.10
Gain at 43%
Resold Same Put for 6.40 X 2 contracts, 12.80 total credit
Took my small Profit as ES was at the High of the Day..

SPX Update



BTC May 11th 2600 short Puts at 10.70, sold yesterday for 15.40
gain at 30%
STO May 11th 2600 at 10.60

BTC May 25th 2550 short puts at 12.50, sold yesterday at 17.70
gain at 30%
STO May 25th 2550 short puts at 11.90

#spx Thought I would try…


Thought I would try a trade. Poor timing to have bought a put. I have an April 06, does it expire in AM or end of day?

SPX Trades


STO May4th 2425/2525 BUPS at 15.10 credit….

#spx Close below 200 MA…


Close below 200 MA is not a good sign.



STO Apr 2018 2650/2750 BUPS for 15.10



BTC Mar 23 2600 short puts at 2.70, sold prev on 26-Feb for 7.80..
gain 62%

BTC Apr 02 2600 short puts at 5.00, sold prev on 6-mar for 13.00
gain 62%



BTC Apr 02 2600 short put at 13.30 this morning…sold previously on Mar 02 for 29.30..
STO Apr 02 2600 short put at 13.00, against the existing long side….



STO Apr 02 2500/2600 BUPS, credit of 12.70



STC 2 April 06 2600 Long side puts at the low earlier, for 44.50, bought as a BUPS on Feb 27, at 14.40..
gain 158%

#SPX Campaign Closed both the…

#SPX Campaign Closed both the Mar 16th 2505/2615 BuPS @ 2.50 and the Mar 23rd 2610/2630 BuPS @ 3.25. These were sitting just above my stops yesterday.



STC 2 Apr 06 2600/2700 BUPS at 12.50 credit (2500.00)



STO 2 Mar 02 2650/2550 BUPS, at 7.70 credit, earlier this morning at the 10am Lows..



Closed out the Feb 23rd Trade from Tuesday that Jeff Posted…

BTO Feb 23 Long 2575 @ 13.20
STO Feb 23 Short 2625 @ 22.10
BTC Feb 23 Short 2625 puts @ 5.90
STC Feb 23 Long 2575 Puts @ 2.40

Gain 60%…..



BTC SPX Mar18 2550 Short Puts @ 16.00, Previously Sold at 40.80 on Feb 12
Gain of 61%

STO SPX Mar18 2550 short puts @16.00 at the bottom of the move down at 1:30cst..
sold against my existing Long side that I kept ….will see if I can get another 60% on the same put..

BTC Mar 23 2600 short puts at 24.80, sold monday at the turn, at 57.00
Gain , nearly 60%…

STO Mar 23 2600 short puts, at 23.75, against my long side existing…



STO Feb 23 2575/2625
Bought Long 2575 at -13.2
Sold Short 2625 at 22.10
Credit of 8.90

Thanks Jeff…

SPX Trades


STO Mar18 2450/2550 BUPS @ 14.00 credit near the 9:20am time frame
STO Mar 23 2500/2600 BUPS @ 21.00 Credit Near the 10:00am time frame

SPX Long Side


Exited the Final of Long side put from my 3 spreads in Jan 16 time frame..This clears out my Pre-sell-off Longs that I held thru the sell off..

STC 2 Mar09 SPX 2650 Long Puts , Bought at 12.40, Sold earlier at the SPX low today for 49.00..

2pm STO Mar 23 2450/2550 BUPS, 25.00/34.10, credit at 9.10



Feb 06 STO Feb 23 Short 2550 puts @ 48.90
Feb 07 BTC Feb 23 Short 2550 @ 10.50
Gain @ 79%

STO Feb 23 SPX 2600 Short side, against my existing Long side, at 13.40..

Sold SPX Long sides

Selling back my Long sides from 2 weeks ago that I held after exiting my short sides on Jan 26..

STC Feb 23 Long 2650 Puts at 11090.00, Bought prev at 2300 prior to Jan 26..
STC Mar02 Long 2650 Puts at 12900, Bought prev at 1440 prior to Jan 26..



STO Feb23 SPX 2450/2550 bups, for 11.10 credit..stop loss in place.



STC May18 2900 Long Put, at 300 on the move back down while ago…prev bought on the Friday prior to meltdow Monday..purchased as a Delta 65, sold back as a Delta 90..

As I prev mentioned, the 2590 was a bounce point, at 10% correction levels…Todays low so far is 2593..and bounced up from there..when I see the reversal and bottom on my chart, I’ll start selling put spreads..until then , I’ll watch…


SPX Trades


STO Feb 23 2750 short side puts, at 10.50 earlier in the afternoon

STO Mar 09 2750 short side puts, at 17.60, same time as above..

Closed Early SPX and FCX / Short Puts SVXY SPX

#SPX Campaign
$SPX STO 2/23 2725/2750 BUPS at 2.10
Closed Early (Under duress)
$SPX BTC 2/9 2900/2875 BECS at 9.00 STO at 1.65
$FCX STC 2/2 19 call at .85 BTO 1/23 as earnings trade at .88

$SVXY STO 2/23 90 put at 1.15

SPX Trades


Jan 26 BTC 2 SPX Mar 09 2700(W) at $7.20 near the Close at 3pm(cst)…Sold previously on Jan. 12 for 17.90
60% Win

As earlier, I have the long side open pending further Mkt movement…

SPX Trades


Jan 26 BTC 2 SPX Feb 23 2700(W) at $4.20 earlier this morning…Sold previously on Jan. 12 for 10.20..
Still have my long side open, will sell the 2750 against the 2650 long side on the next intraday pullback…

Expired/Closed Early/SPX Campaign

#SPX Campaign
$SPX 2500/2475 BECS @ 2.35 loss

Closed Early
$FLR BTC 10/20 42.5 put @ .30 (GTC order) STO 5/5 @ 1.45 Thank you @ramie77
$T BTC 10/20 35 put @ .05 STO 9/8 @ .75 Again Thank you @ramie77
$WYNN BTC 10/20 135/145 BUPS @ 1.00 58% profit (Last week was a losing position.) Getting skittish TTMAR!

$SPX STO 10/27 2575/2550 BECS @ 12.50
$SPX STO 10/23 2530/2555 BUPS @ 4.70
$SPX STO 10/25 2525/2500 BECS @ 23.50

#SPX #SPXcampaign Closed my spreads…

#SPX #SPXcampaign Closed my spreads this morning, Oct 13 2565/2545/2420/2400 for a 0.46 profit after commissions. I decided to close my Oct 20th 2570/2550 call side and am waiting for the 2380/2360 to close which will close this one out for a loss of around 0.50. I closed my Oct 27th 2585/2565/2320/2300 for a loss 0.55 loss

Short Puts/Short Calls/SPX Campaign

$AAOI STO 9/15 65 puts @ 3.40 Thank you @ramie77
$SVXY STO 9/8 75 puts @ 2.10 Thank you @hcgdavis
Following the article previously cited on $BA
$BA STO 8/18 255/245 BECS @ 2.80
#SPX STO 8/9 2415/2440 BUPS @ 1.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

#spx expected move for week…

#spx expected move
for week ending aug 4th

#spx expected move week ending…

#spx expected move


week ending 7.28.17

#spx expected range ending 7.21.17

#spx expected range ending 7.21.172017-07-16-TOS_CHARTS

#spx expected move for next…

#spx expected move for next week ending friday

SPX 17-hour trade

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX June 7th 2390/2365 put spreads for .20. Sold 15 minutes before the close yesterday for 1.75. I love the smell of fear in the afternoon and profits in the morning.