Spx Trades


BTC Sept 21st 2750 short puts at 7.70, as ES tagged its high point earlier this morning, sold prev on 8-16 for 14.20…
gain near the 50% mark..

Resold the same puts for 7.50, for the rest of the premium against the original long side…
that gives me a 50% profit now, and the other half when it expires or is worth very little…

these were sold as SPX bottomed after my aug 9th reversal call…timing is everything …

spx chart

SPX Trades


BTC Aug 24th 2725 Short puts, @ 2.20, sold prev @ 9.35
Closes that weekly trade out at +9.60…..

BTC Sept 7th 2725 short puts at 5.50, sold prev at 13.00
resold the same puts for 5.40 for the rest of the prem they have….

BTC sept 14th 2725 short puts at 7.50, sold prev for 16.00
Resold the same puts for another 7.40 in premium..

SPX Trades


BTC 2 ea Aug 24th 2680 short puts, at $6.40…Prev sold at 16.50
gain at 60%

STO aug 24th 2725 short puts against teh long side from above, at $9.35

#spx I guess the sellers…

I guess the sellers are stronger than the buyers at this time.
Financials did not perform even with the Fed approval and stress test.

Canada imposed new tariffs.
Is that driving the market?

SPX Trades


STO aug 3 2525/2625 Credit Spread (BUPS) 7.20 CR when ES was coming off its lows..

BTC Jul 25th short 2625, @ 10.60, prev sold at 14.20..Took a 25% gain as ES Touched the R2 Pivot at its HOD
Resold the Same Short Put for 10.40, to collect another 20-30% profit as SPX moves higher after the gap open and bounce at the 100ma…

SPX Campaign / Rolled SPLK / T Puts / NFLX Long Calls / AMZN Supercharger

#SPX STO 7/9 2600/2625 BUPS at 1.60
#SPX STO 7/13 2625/2650 BUPS at 3.00

$SPLK BTC 8/17 125 calls and STO 8/17 115 calls for 1.00 added credit

$T STO 1/2019 30 put at 1.55 Thank you @fuzzballl

$AMZN STO 7/13 1600/1620 BUPS at 2.80

$NFLX BTO 7/6 380/390 BUCS at 7.30 Thank you @jeffcp66 and @kathycon

Afternoon all

#SPX Camapign closed the call side of my messed up June 15 IC. Tried to close the Put side but no takers yet.
#pietrades Sold June 8th 37 Puts @ .87 when TWTR was at 36.73
Sold FAS June 8th 68 Calls @ .60 against long stock
Sold NUGT June 15th 26 Calls @ .61 against long stock. I couldn’t get .30 for June 8th expiry but .61 for June 15th.
Dumped my SVXY LEAP 30 Calls @ .30. Time to cut the wish cord and more on.
Sold an AMZN June 8th 1605/1585 BuPS for 0.56.
Sold BAC June 8th 30 Call @ .08 against my stock. I was going to just close the position but decided to sell calls as the method. Might make a few coins before it is assigned.
And that is the whole story.
Have a great evening