#spx look out below!

#spx look out below!

SPX Trade


STO qty 2 Aug 19 SPX BUPS 2815/2915 @ 16.42

Almost escaped

#SPX1dte SPX ended the day right on the line…. my 2945 short calls will likely settle with a debit of 19 to 50 dollars. Condors sold yesterday for .80.


Spx Trades


BTC Sept 21st 2750 short puts at 7.70, as ES tagged its high point earlier this morning, sold prev on 8-16 for 14.20…
gain near the 50% mark..

Resold the same puts for 7.50, for the rest of the premium against the original long side…
that gives me a 50% profit now, and the other half when it expires or is worth very little…

these were sold as SPX bottomed after my aug 9th reversal call…timing is everything …

spx chart

SPX Trades


BTC Aug 24th 2725 Short puts, @ 2.20, sold prev @ 9.35
Closes that weekly trade out at +9.60…..

BTC Sept 7th 2725 short puts at 5.50, sold prev at 13.00
resold the same puts for 5.40 for the rest of the prem they have….

BTC sept 14th 2725 short puts at 7.50, sold prev for 16.00
Resold the same puts for another 7.40 in premium..

SPX Trades


BTC 2 ea Aug 24th 2680 short puts, at $6.40…Prev sold at 16.50
gain at 60%

STO aug 24th 2725 short puts against teh long side from above, at $9.35

#spx I guess the sellers…

I guess the sellers are stronger than the buyers at this time.
Financials did not perform even with the Fed approval and stress test.

Canada imposed new tariffs.
Is that driving the market?