VIX dropping

#VIXIndicator #Market The VIX topped at 17.28 a few hours ago but is now dropping on lower than expected inflation numbers. Looks like indices will open flat or positive.

To me it looks like an opportunity to short, but this market has been killing the dreams of bears for years.

July Jobs Report

#Market Pretty much good news all around:

+209,000 jobs. June revised to +231,000
Unemployment rate back to 4.3%, after ticking up to 4.4% in June
U6 unchanged at 8.6%
Avg hourly earnings up 0.3%, better than June (up 0.2%)
Labor Force Participation 62.9% (up 0.1 from June)

#Market I was looking at…

#Market I was looking at a BuPS and all of sudden within seconds the market went down sharply.

SPX needed pullback

#Market #SPXcampaign Don’t let today’s pullback fool you… I believe we are still going higher in next couple weeks at least. If you agree, be sure to use this pullback to release pressure from call spreads and sell some aggressive put spreads. Don’t go overboard, but don’t miss the opportunity to shift weight from short-the-market to long.


#Market Another bounce off the threat of a correction. This market simply does not want to go down. VIX is down but not plummeting so probably a good place to sell the market.

SPX trades, and market today

#Market I believe the direction today is down and feel we should see better opportunity to sell volatility later today.

Closed on GTC order: July 14th 2470/2495 call spreads for .20. Sold for 3.60 on June 22nd.
STOPPED: July 7th 2415/2390 put spreads for 4.90. Sold for 3.00 on Monday. Looking to roll this, possibly by legging into a #CondorRoll expiring tomorrow.


#Market Entertaining to watch…

After hitting a 24-year low, VIX now up +18%
After hitting an all time high, Nasdaq now down over 3%
After hitting all time hign, SPX down over half a percent… interesting but not the +3% of NDX
After hitting all-time high, RUT only now went negative.