#Market So we opened the day higher due to reports that “China is open to a partial US trade deal.”

Now this:

Low VIX today, Jobs Report tomorrow

#Market #Jobs. Is the volatility finished and are we headed again to new highs? Today we touched the lowest VIX reading since August 1, the day after the Downside Warning started. And tomorrow morning we get the August jobs report.

45 degrees

#Market It’s rare to see such a straight line in either direction for almost 4 hours with no significant bumps.

Euphoria and fear

#Market The Indices continuing a searingly bullish week, but the $VIX is spiking today as well.

I got filled on this trade as the market was going UP…

Sold $SPX June 14th 2815/2790 put spreads for 2.50. (SPX 2877)

Events Wednesday

#Market Reminders for tomorrow:
GDP numbers at 8:30am ET
FOMC Meeting Announcement at 2pm ET


#Market is way too reactionary to anything “tariffs.”