Just wow.  No end in sight.   Few Call spreads and a June 72 call hurting, but broke even on the day because I bought a 1300 next week /gc call@1.70 last night and sold it today @10.90

Ironically, it matched the loss I have in a few of my NUGT position to give me a break even day in gold.

1400 in gold seems probable soon at this rate.


I wanted to get some insight with those on regular 3 to 1 Margin accounts with under 50k.

When selling naked calls/puts (especially calls right now) on NUGT/UVXY what is the max number of calls you sell?

Also,  how did you fare in August with margin requirements when UVXY went from 40s to 90 in 2 days.  For example, a 170 Jan 2017 call or March 165 call, even though way otm would triple or quadruple on the next big selloff.

Were you able to maintain those positions with say 25k in the account or should spreads be the call sale of choice.


Any insight as to how best play the #vxxgame with a smaller 3-1 margin account would be great.




Seems the shiny stuff has a big reversion to the mean to the upside.   RSI OB on daily, but not sure it matters right now.


Trying to work back all the money Inlost in DUST/NUGT


STO June 72 call 4.65


The last week has put my feb 10 puts from decent profit to underwater in a week.  $10.32 close means it may be roll time tomorrow.

The part about premium selling that sucks is the whipsaw.  The shiny stuff putting the heat on right now.


Time to freak?

NO-Time to follow the plan and adjust/roll when atm hits.  #psychology



STO March 30 put @ 1.25 earlier.  Late post due to work.


Anyone play these on a consistent basis?  Would  shorting calls in each be viable as a way to take advantage of any drag or compounding issues each hold.


I use spy to beta weight my portfolio and would probably short more tna calls vs tza calls for more overall negative deltas as the market moves up on this countertend rally towards major fib lines.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Please let me know your experiences with these ETFs.


Thanks as always!