SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Yesterday, closed on GTC order: $SPX Oct 18th 2545/2520 put spread for .45. Sold for 5.40 last week.

STOPPED: Oct 27th 2560/2585 call spreads for 10.55. Sold for 1.50 on Sept 29th.
#CondorRoll Sold Oct 30th 2535/2560/2570/2595 for 11.10. (very tight condor… I will allow either side to get 10-15 points ITM before I consider rolling)
STOPPED: Oct 19th 2555/2580 call spreads for 8.55. Sold for 1.70 on Sept 18th. Not yet rolled

Closed Oct 25th 2500/2525 call spreads for 24.20. Sold for 22.25 last Wednesday.
#ITMroll Sold Nov 1st 2515/2540 call spreads for 22.20. Added Nov 1st 2540/2515 put spreads for 2.70.

SPX soldiers on

#SPXcampaign. Apologies for not posting my trades this week. I have been getting slammed by the upside move, so I’m very tightly wound up to the short side, waiting for a pullback. I have stopped some call spreads, sold aggressive put spreads, and have been rolling ITM call spreads. I once again did not take the Upside Warning seriously, mainly because of the head-fake down-day we got on Monday Sept 25th, which happened the DAY AFTER the warning. I made all the wrong moves that day; it was the perfect day to flip my account to the long side, but instead I got stopped out of put spreads. In any case, my travels have diverted my full attention. I’m in LA now until Wednesday.

Feel free to ask any questions if you need updates on my trades or help with yours. I should have more time at the computer today.

#condorroll, #fuckit, #reverseroll

SPX trades

Yesterday, Stopped $SPX Oct 9th 2515/2540 call spreads for 13.45. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 9.95 on Sept 18th.
Sold Oct 6th 2515/2490 put spreads for 2.00.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign. Sold to Open $SPX Nov 3rd 2435/2410 put spreads for 1.50.

STOPPED: SPX Oct 13th 2535/2560 call spreads for 4.40. Sold for 1.50 on Sept 11th. Working on a reverse roll for Oct 16th.
STOPPED: SPX Oct 9th 2470/2495 call spreads for 23.85. Sold last Monday for 17.60. Working on #ITMroll for Oct 16th.

Closed on GTC orders:
Oct 11th 2410/2385 put spreads for .20. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 3.75 on Sept 12th.
Oct 13th 2400/2375 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.50 on Sept 12th.

SPX pre-market

#SPXcampaign Just closed $SPX Sep 27th 2470/2445 put spreads for .35. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 9.90 on Sep 11th.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign $SPX Took several stops today on put spreads but only rolled one of them. I am lightening up on positions since I will be traveling. Was caught in the head fake high and then the plunge, resulting in crappy trades for the Oct 27th standard spreads and the #ITMroll.

In chronological order from this morning:

Closed on GTC order: Oct 2nd 2425/2400 put spreads for .25. Sold for 1.70 on Sept 1st.
Sold Oct 27th 2415/2390 put spreads for 1.50.
Closed Oct 2nd 2475/2500 call spreads for 19.85. Sold for 19.00 last Monday.
Rolled to: Oct 9th 2470/2495 for 17.75 (dropped DOWN a strike and lost 2.10 – horrible timing)
Stopped Sept 27th 2490/2465 put spreads for 5.25. Sold Friday for 2.00.
Sold Oct 27th 2545/2570 call spreads for 1.70.
Stopped Oct 9th 2480/2455 put spreads for 4.25; rolled to:
#CondorRoll Sold Oct 16th 2380/2405/2530/2555 condors for 2.90 (1.5x position size)
Stopped Oct 6th 2475/2450 put spreads for 4.35. Sold for 2.60 on Friday.
Stopped Oct 4th 2475/2450 put spreads for 3.30. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 9.25 on Sep 15th.

SPX trades

#RiskReversal Bought to Open $SPX Sep 29th 2515/2530 call spreads for 2.00
Sold to Open SPX Sep 27th 2490/2465 put spreads for 2.00

Closed Sep 29th 2480/2505 call spreads for 17.15. Sold for 17.45 last Friday.
#ITMroll Sold Oct 6th 2485/2510 call spreads for 16.50.
Sold Oct 6th 2475/2450 put spreads for 2.60.

Closed on GTC order: Oct 6th 2365/2340 put spreads for .25. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 3.18 on Aug 31st

Sold Oct 19th 2545/2570 call spreads for 1.70. Standard spread sold just before the week closes.

No expirations tonight!