SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPX1dte Tagged my stop level on the opening dip so I’m out with small loss.
BTC $SPX May 20th 2815/2795 put spreads for 1.05. Condors sold for .85 on Friday.

Also, stopped May 31st 2840/2815 put spreads for 8.70. #CondorRoll sold for 6.65 on Thursday.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Stopped out $SPX March 16th 2895/2905 call spreads for 3.05. Condors sold yesterday for 1.20.

Another #CondorRoll, same strikes as I sold earlier for May 31st, but this time a week earlier:

Sold $SPX 2815/2840-2960/2985 condors for 4.55.

SPX smashed

#SPX1dte The biggest up days in history are all during times of market volatility. On a percentage basis, the Fall of 2008 contains five of the top 10 biggest moves UP; a period in which the market was only starting its fall to lose over half its value.

So it is fitting a call spread I could have closed at yesterday’s open for about .45 I now had to stop out for 8.00. Today’s action has provided no pullback opportunities, although I imagine there’ll be one now that I was finally forced out.

BTC $SPX May 17th 2890/2915 call spreads for 8.00. Sold for 2.10 on Monday.

#CondorRoll Sold $SPX May 31st 2815/2840/2960/2985 condors for 6.65

I’m also going to take a loss on today’s monthly condor call side. I cannot risk overnight gap risk on the 2895 short calls.

SPX ITM puts closed

#SPX1dte I got punched around pretty bad in March with a couple of 1-dte breaches and failed attempts at rolling. This reverse roll was the worst; had I left the call spread it would have ben fine. Thank God for strong months like February to eclipse small losing months like March.

BTC $SPX March 29th 2820/2800 put spreads for 8.50. Sold for 4.80 on March 19th as a #ReverseRoll.


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX March 13th 2740/2760-2825/2845 condors for .80 (IV: 10.46%, SPX: 2792)


SPX 1-dte slammed

#SPX1dte The is the kind of hit this strategy cannot suffer often. Bought to close $SPX March 11th 2770 calls for 6.10. I was working to close for the last 20 minutes but could not get a pullback. I will make a few cents back sell the long 2790’s, but only .20-.30 cents (first ones just filled for .20).

I’m going to maintain a view of weakness and sell an aggressive call spread to work on the roll.

I set my sights to close after we breached 2760. Wasn’t too concerned until by shorts hit 3.00. Then, the rally would not relent. This was the Monday I was looking for last week, when I was LONG calls. I almost made the same trade on Friday but decided to go short. Then, the rally into the close set me up for this painful Monday.


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte My third attempt at a long condor is the first losing one. Looks like the Feb 4th one will expire worthless. We’ll see how things play out through tomorrow if an Upside Warning hits, and proceed accordingly for the Feb 6th expiry.

I also backed out of this roll trade with a profit, as it could get steamrolled on the call side. I’ll look to sell a put spread to replace it.

BTC $SPX Feb 14th (monthly) 2600/2620/2760/2780 #CondorRoll for 3.95. Sold for 6.05 last Wednesday.

SPX 1-dte trades

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 31st 2615/2635-2735/2755 iron condors for 1.00. (IV 16%)

I hated doing this because I feel the rally today is a headfake, but I cannot fight the tape any higher than this.

Bought to close $SPX Feb 14th 2730/2750 call spreads for 5.75. Sold in a #CondorRoll on Jan 4th.
#CondorRoll Sold to Open Feb 14th 2600/2620/2760/2780 condors for 6.05.

Options Expiration 7/20/18

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #ContangoETFs
— Expiring w/max profit —
$COF 93.5 puts, sold yesterday for 1.40
$GUSH 48 call, sold for 1.05 last month
$ISRG 520/525 call spread, sold yesterday for 2.75 (wish I’d waited on both!)
$NFLX 475 call, sold Monday for 1.00
$SNA 145 puts, sold Wednesday

— Assignments —
$MU 54 and 54.5 #CoveredCalls #PieTrades Originally assigned via 55 puts, after a few weeks of call sales, exiting with cost basis around 51.
$SNA 170 calls, going short the stock. No weekly options on this so I think it will be quicker to get out on a dip next week.

#condorroll, #spxcampaign

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign Can’t shake these SPX spreads before I leave. Doubling size and rolling to the same expiration on this one:

Stopped $SPX July 27th 2825/2850 call spreads for 6.50
Sold July 27th 2750/2775/2860/2885 #CondorRoll for 3.40, double position size.