SPX stopped

#SPX1dte. Bought to close call side for 1.30. Stop not yet hit when I closed this, but I’m not letting a Friday ruin a good week. $TICK has been below zero most of the day but $VIX dropping and $SPX moving higher. This may be the start of the rally we’ve been waiting for.

Looking to enter a couple more bullish positions, maybe another put spread for today and another long term #RiskReversal since the one I bought on Monday is fizzling out.

#reverseroll, #rolling

Taking a shot

#SPX1dte After losing the week’s profits yesterday on the rip higher, I’m taking a shot today that the jobs report will release us to go even higher, now that debt ceiling is resolved. Went with #RiskReversal for upside.

Sold to Open $SPX June 2nd 4185/4165 put spreads
Bought to open $SPX June 2nd 4285/4305 call spreads
Total DEBIT -0.15
deltas -.07 +.05

SPX risk reversal

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal Yesterday we got our first $VIX close of three needed to trigger a new Upside Warning. So after getting stopped out of short call spread at the close, I am going bullish today.

Sold to Open $SPX May 19th 4175/4155 put spread for 1.15
Bought to open May 19th 4245/4265 call spreads for .95
Net credit: +.20

Looking to sell the first half for around 2.00 and then wait to see what happens for second half.
If I am wrong, then put side stop is currently at 4198.

SPX risk/reversal

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal Definitely late to game but I think we will go higher into close.
Sold $SPX Oct 18th 3675/3655 put spreads
Bought Oct 18th 3815/3835 call spreads
Net CREDIT +.05

Deltas -.07 +.07

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal Bullish into tomorrow, so playing for more upside. When SPX at 3668:
Sold to Open $SPX Oct 14th 3550/3530 put spreads, delta -.07
Bought to Open $SPX Oct 14th 3785/3805 call spreads, delta +.05

SPX 1-dte

Wow. Perfect day for a #RiskReversal. Definitely should have known…. but Friday being flat made me think the upward move would be limited. Nothing to do but take the loss, with slim hope for some intraday reversal.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 10th 3255/3275-3395/3415 condors for 1.10, with SPX at 3350. IV 11.24%, ∆ -.06,+.06

Expiring: Aug 7th #RiskReversal 3290/3270 put credits spreads & 3390/3405 call debit spreads. Keeping credit of .20.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Since we have another #Jobs report tomorrow I’m going with a #RiskReversal for the upside.

Sold to Open $SPX Aug 7th 3290/3270 put spreads
Bought to Open Aug 7th 3390/3405 call spreads
Total credit: .20

IV: 16.27%, short put ∆ -.10, long call ∆ +.05

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX June 27th 3225/3245-3255/3275 condors for 16.75, with SPX close at 3251.

Expired with max 20.00 credit: June 20th 3190/3210 call spreads. Condors bought for 17.40 last Monday.

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal expired worthless, keeping .35 credit from Friday.

SPX 1-dte & NFLX

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal for Monday. Placed as one trade with SPX at 3229, IV 13.7%, total credit: .35. Aggressive positioning based on Upside Warning:
Sold $SPX July 20th 3185/3165 put spreads for 2.07, ∆ -.17
Bought $SPX July 20th 3270/3285 call spreads for 1.72, ∆ +.14

Expiring: July 17th 3115/3135-3270/3285 condors, sold yesterday for 1.15.

#Earnings Also expiring, $NFLX July 17th 460/465-590/595 condors, sold yesterday for 1.446


#SPX7dteLong $SPX July 6th 3045/3065 call spread expired with full credit of 20.00. Condors bought last Monday for 18.05. I wasn’t able to place one for next Monday; will do it tomorrow.

#SPX1dte July 6th 3060/3040 put credit and 3215/3235 call debit #RiskReversal expired with no additional profit… keeping the .30 credit that I placed it for on Friday.

SPX trades

#SPX7dte Bought to Open $SPX July 10th 3125/3145-3155/3175 condors for 17.00, with SPX at 3148.

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal – going for a bullish trade given the low $VIX
Sold $SPX June 6th 3060/3040 put spreads for .80
Bought $SPX June 6th 3215/3235 call spreads for .50
Placed as one trade for .30 credit. IV 14%, SPX 3141, put short delta -.09, call long delta +.04

Expiring: June 2nd 3190/3210 call spreads, sold this morning for 1.20.

SPX 1dte

#SPX1dte Playing for more upside on Monday with #RiskReversal. Placed as one trade:
Sold to Open $SPX June 8th 3130/3110 put spreads for .81
Bought to Open $SPX June 8th 3260/3280 call spreads for .51.
Net credit .30

Risky Risk/Reversal

#SPX1dte Okay, so I’m taking a shot that this weakness it temporary and bullish trend will continue this week.

Sold to open $SPX Jan 17th 3250/3225 put spreads for 1.90.
Bought to open $SPX Jan 17th 3315/3330 call spreads for 1.60.

I’m not going to look for my call spread to become ITM… just any modest increase in price will be good enough to close it.


SPX risk reversal

#SPX1dte Took a .10 debit to place this bullish #RiskReversal for Monday:

Sold $SPX Jan 13th 3240/3220 put spread for .70.
Bought $SPX Jan 13th 3290/3305 call spreads for .80

Jan 10th 3235/3210 put spreads, sold yesterday for .70

SPX and away

#SPX1dte I think we’re on our way up, folks. Barring some major event, Upside Warning should fire on Friday, and should lead to a follow through to at least 3040 over the next week or two.

Sold $SPX July 12th 2970/2945 put spreads for 3.90.
Bought $SPX July 12th 3025/3035 LONG call spreads for 1.80

SPX 1-dte dream shattered

#SPX1dte Major suckage… Stopped $SPX March 4th 2770/2750 put spread for 4.60. What started as a brilliant #RiskReversal turned out to be my biggest loser since December (about 3.00 loss, after all accounted for).

To be expected once you get comfortable allowing spreads to expire. The first time volatility comes back it will take a bite.

SPX 1-dte risk reversal

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal Sold first batch of $SPX March 4th 2820/2830 LONG call spreads for 2.40. Bought for .45 on Friday (and financed by short put spreads sold for .75). Index not looking too strong so I may have to bail with the rest soon.

Happy New Year!

Good riddance to trading in 2018. I survived but given the SVXY melt down in Feb. and the last 3 months did not make any money, in fact flat for the year at the same levels I dropped to in Feb. Some accounts up a little, some down but the total portfolio basically flat.

However, as much as I thought I knew I learned a lot more, thanks to a lot of people on this site.

Some fairly decent changes and adjustmentswill be made to my trading for next year. The biggest changes will be changing my directional bias early, always keeping a portfolio hedge (but not until VIX drops and options are cheaper) and bringing in more income with proven strategies.

You will see a lot more #lizardpies using either straddles or strangles depending on the ticker, #unhingedfuzzies, #spycraft will be resurrected but with a hard rule for adjustments based on deltas/gamma, and a lot more synthetic trades to capture directional moves. This may include #riskreversal or outright #synthetics.

Cheers to a new year, new opportunities, and the collective ideas of the group making us all more successful traders!


SPX #UOA Here’s one to…

Here’s one to just keep tabs on for fun. Yesterday Trader bought an opening #RiskReversal Selling June 2475 puts @33.50 x 5000 contracts to buy June 2775 calls @33.75 x 5000 contracts. This morning Trader is up $1,400,000 (pre-market mid)

LMT #SuperBull The folks at…

LMT #SuperBull
The folks at CMLViz (geniuses) have done a big rework of the Squeeze. They use different settings, which I’ve come really close to replicating on charts (change your “length to 12, nk to 1.9”). They also have all new rules for entering trades on bull fires (day one green dot needs to close 1% above last red-dot day or no entry). Using the new settings there is an entry today for an LMT long. See the study link below. This is a way more directional trade than I usually take, and also the first time I’m testing their new entry parameters. I call anything that is long/long a SuperBull (Pete from TT coined it I think). But could also consider it a #RiskReversal.
Dec 15 BuCS 320/322.5 for 1.20 debit
Dec 15 BuPS 315/310 for .87 credit
Target and Stop both at 40%

SPX trades

#RiskReversal Bought to Open $SPX Sep 29th 2515/2530 call spreads for 2.00
Sold to Open SPX Sep 27th 2490/2465 put spreads for 2.00

Closed Sep 29th 2480/2505 call spreads for 17.15. Sold for 17.45 last Friday.
#ITMroll Sold Oct 6th 2485/2510 call spreads for 16.50.
Sold Oct 6th 2475/2450 put spreads for 2.60.

Closed on GTC order: Oct 6th 2365/2340 put spreads for .25. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 3.18 on Aug 31st

Sold Oct 19th 2545/2570 call spreads for 1.70. Standard spread sold just before the week closes.

No expirations tonight!

SPX ITM roll

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX Sep 22nd 2475/2500 call spreads for 17.95. Sold for 4.50 on Aug 29th.
#ITMroll Sold Sep 29th 2480/2505 call spreads for 17.45.

Also, stopped Sep 29th 2500/2525 for 9.65. Sold for 2.75 on Sep 8th as part of a #RiskReversal. Had to take risk off going into Monday. Will figure out how to roll next week.

#LongCallSpread Finally, bought to Open Sep 22nd 2510/2525 call spreads for 2.75, after the bell. Another hedge against further upside on Monday.

SPX going bearish

#SPXcampaign Making several moves to bear myself up.

Sold to Open $SPX Sep 13th 2465/2490 call spreads for 7.65. This is a spread I sold Tuesday, covered yesterday, and now I’m selling again. Sounds nuts, but I really look at opportunities on a day to day basis. Each day told me something different in this uncertain market. Other than the commissions, I have no qualms about appearing erratic at times.

#RiskReversal Bought put spreads in two different expiries and sold one call spread to cover cost of both (almost). They are all different widths, based on what I expect to be able to profit, and what premium I want to spend.
Bought to open Sep 15th 2420/2405 put spreads for 1.25 (15 puts)
Bought to open Sep 29th 2400/2380 put spreads for 1.90 (20 puts)
Sold to Open Sep 29th 2500/2525 call spreads for 2.75 (25 puts)

yet more SPX

#SPXcampaign The triage continues as I flip my account from short to long.

Bought to close $SPX Sep 29th 2505/2530 call spreads for 4.00
Sold to Open Oct 6th 2340/2365/2535/2560 #CondorRoll for 3.15, 1.33x position size.

#RiskReversal #LongCallSpread
Bought to OPEN SPX Sep 8th 2480/2495 long call spreads for 2.90
Sold to Open SPX Sep 8th 2450/2425 short put spreads for 3.15
The spread I purchased is only 15-wide, which made it cheaper. Closing this one for $15 would exceed my expectations, so buying a smaller size than I sell works for me.

Also, closed on GTC order:
Sep 15th 2310/2285 put spreads for .20. Sold as a roll on Aug 10th for 2.05

SPX expired

#OptionsExpiration #SPXcampaign #RiskReversal

This expired Monday, unsuccessful long but nonetheless a small profit since the put spread was sold for a higher amount.

$SPX July 31st 2490/2510 long call spreads, bought for 1.65 on July 21st.
$SPX July 31st 2450/2425 short put spreads, sold for 2.00 on July 21st.

SPX trades

Closed $SPX July 28th 2430/2455 call spreads for 22.40. Sold last week for 19.00.
#ITMroll to SPX Aug 4th 2435/2460 call spreads for 21.05.

#RiskReversal Bought SPX July 31st 2490/2510 call spreads for 1.65
Sold July 31st 2450/2425 put spreads for 2.00

Stopped: Closed July 28th 2480/2505 call spreads for 3.55. Sold for 1.30 on June 29th. This is one of those that will explode to 10.00 if we get any rally next week. I will roll to a much safer position on Monday.

SPX long calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold the second half of my long call spread, July 21st 2465/2485 spreads for 7.50. Bought for 2.65 last Thursday, with #RiskReversal so cost basis was zero. To take off all risk, closing the put-spread half of the risk-reversal, too:

Bought to close July 21st 2435/2410 put spreads for .30. Sold last Thursday for 2.95.

SPX long calls sold

#SPXcampaign Closed half of long calls bought yesterday in #RiskReversal

Sold to Close $SPX July 21st 2465/2485 call spreads for 4.75. Bought yesterday for 2.65, when I also sold the July 21st 2435/2410 put spreads for 2.95. I’m letting the put spread devalue more before closing. I will hold the second half of the longs for possible continued move higher on Monday.

SPX more trades

#RiskReversal — this is meant to take advantage of the up move overnight and/or Monday-Tuesday.
Bought to open $SPX July 21st 2465/2485 call spreads for 2.65.
Sold to Open $SPX July 21st 2435/2410 put spreads for 2.95.

Also, stopped out on $SPX July 14th 2440/2465 call spreads for 9.35. Sold for 5.30 on June 29th. Will work on a roll for this tomorrow.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign I am selling this rally, even though its strength is unusual for the day after a warning. It is certainly true that the Downside Warning can represent an SPX bottom, so I’m being cautious and ready to manage call spreads if the rally continues.

#RiskReversal: Wish I’d waited to enter this one, but oh well. This was entered at the open and meant to take advantage of possible strong moves down today or tomorrow.
Bought SPX May 24th 2300/2275 put spreads for 2.20
Sold SPX May 24th 2385/2410 call spreads for 2.60

Stopped: SPX Jun 9th 2290/2265 put spreads for 2.80 (this hit my 3.00 stop)
#ReverseRoll Sold SPX May 19th 2370/2395 call spreads for 3.20. Expires Friday afternoon, unless I have to roll it.

Sold to Open $SPX June 15th 2430/2455 call spreads for 1.85, with SPX at 2366.

Taking partial profit

#SPXcampaign #RiskReversal

Sold half of my long $SPX call spreads for 5/22. Leaving the other half plus the full position for 5/26 for potentially higher SPX this week.

Sold (half) SPX May 22nd 2410/2435 call spreads for 3.30. Bought for 4.75 on 5/5, but net cost was zero given I sold the put spread for 4.80.

Options Expiration 5/12/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #RiskReversal #IronCondors #CallButterfly #SPXcampaign

— Expiring w/Max Profit —
NVDA 95 put
SPX 2375/2350 put spreads

— Expiring w/loss —
JAZZ 155/157.5/160/162.5 iron condors, sold for 1.80, .70 loss
PCLN 1925/1950/1975, and 1975/2000/2025 call butterflys

— Expiring worthless —
SPX risk/reversal:  LONG 2410/2430 call spreads, SHORT 2355/2330 put spreads


A Roll, A closed Early and Risk Reversal Follower

Rolled to Keep Hope Train Running
$NVDA BTC 5/12 115 call STO 6/9 120 call @ 2.90 debit

Closed Early
$REGN BTC 5/12 430 put @ .50 Sold for 8.00 Thank you @fuzzballl and I babysat it thanks to you

Following once more.
$SPX 5/26 BTO 2410/2430 BUCS and $SPX STO 5/26 2340/2365 @ .20 credit

Renew my Risk/Reversal subscription

#SPXcampaign I don’t give up easy. This is my fourth #RiskReversal in a row. Learned my lesson this week… since I have been selling a new one each Friday two weeks out, it means I have two R/R’s going at all times. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s record highs, could have sold this week’s and gotten a decent profit. Instead, I waited for a longer and higher rally that never came.

So today, the May 12th r/r expires, I’m sitting on a May 22nd r/r, and now I’ve added this one:

Bought to open $SPX May 26th 2410/2430 call spreads for 3.50
Sold to Open SPX May 26th 2365/2340 put spreads for 3.35.

Rough profit/loss on the strategy so far: ZERO. But the idea is to profit on a strong rally, which has not happened yet (or may not happen at all) during this Upside Warning.

SPX, try again…

#SPXcampaign #RiskReversal
Bought to open $SPX May 22nd 2410/2435 call spreads for 4.75
Sold to Open $SPX May 22nd 2375/2350 put spreads for 4.80

A third week in a row where I’m putting a trade out there for a push to new SPX all-time highs. Fortunately, the risk/reversal method means zero losses so far, despite being wrong about the hoped-for rally.

#SPXcampaign Jeff when you trade…

#SPXcampaign Jeff when you trade a #RiskReversal do you still use the same number of contracts as when placing normal spreads? Is the reason for using a 20×25 spread to achieve the correct cover? Hope I have not confused you.

I tried to comment straight on to your post but it came back as needing approval?

SPX risk/reversal

#SPXcampaign I remain bullish based on VIX Indicator Upside signal. Since it is taking its time going higher, I am placing another #RiskReversal which overlaps with my current one expiring May 5th.

Bought to Open $SPX May 12th 2410/2430 call spreads for 3.00
Sold to Open $SPX May 12th 2355/2330 put spreads for 2.90

My other May 5th R/R may expire worthless which will be a small gain since I sold the put spread for more than I paid for the call spread. If we get a surge next week, both R/R’s will profit.

Double down, risk-reversal

#SPXcampaign Considering this pullback as an opportunity. I doubled down on a #LongCallSpread… Bought to Open $SPX Feb 6th 2330/2355 call spreads for .25. Bought the first batch for 1.35 last week. Cost basis now .85.

Then, sold to open SPX Feb 3rd 2245/2220 put spreads for 1.35. This turns the long spreads into a #RiskReversal, reducing my cost to only .30 for a double-sized long spread. If we start to rally into Friday’s job report, the long spread could get back to 2.00 or 3.00. If not, my loss is minimal. Of course, if this is beginning a correction, then it’s not so pretty.

SPX trades, part 2

#SPXcampaign #Rolling #LongSpread #RiskReversal
Sold to Open $SPX Feb 6th 2290/2315 call spreads for 6.70, as a roll from Jan 27th spread stopped earlier. This was a fat-fingered fill. Was trying to enter the order for 7.00 but it didn’t take. I can let this get ATM or even ITM and roll next Monday at the latest.

And for the possibility of a strong push into Friday, I did this Risk Reversal:
BOUGHT to Open $SPX Jan 27th 2300/2325 call spreads for 1.10
Sold to Open $SPX Jan 27th 2260/2235 put spreads for 1.10

If we don’t get the strong push, then I’ll be flat, UNLESS we go down below 2260 instead.

Risk Reversals into FB earnings

#Earnings #RiskReversal #ShortStock
To protect my short stock position in $FB, I have opened several risk reversals (selling puts, buying calls). Most were opened today, but a few of the puts were sold in the past. I believe the stock is more likely to move up on earnings. If I’m right, I will lose more on the stock position but take in profits from these options. If I am wrong and it moves down, my position will be closed on Friday via put assignments.

STO $FB July 29th 120, 117, 114, 113, 112, 110, and 105 puts. Total premium collected: 10.05
BTO $FB July 29th 122 call, Aug 5th 126 call, Aug 12th 129 call, Aug 19th 132 call. Total premium spent: 8.94

All my puts expire Friday. The calls expire in the next few weeks.
Haven’t tried this before, but it is an interesting experiment.