When do we get to…

When do we get to see the “Chicken.”

GMB109 – ES/YM:


Have been following the ES/YM commentary and trying to setup the Chart, not having luck in some areas. I understand how to setup the John Carter Indicators.
– I am not having any luck setting up the “Pivots” as
your chart shows.

Is it possible for you to create a list and illustration of all the settings and indicators ?? It would be very helpful for all of us trying to get a grasp of your methods.
Also, would like to know more about the Carter Class you recently took, would like to do the same. If you have some of these items that can be sent I am at: lbower@gmbinvest.com
I and others do appreciate your help in this trading approach.
thanks, Larry – El Paso, Tx

@fibwizard Watching your Futures activity…


Watching your Futures activity and the member commentary, really seems like a very positive method. Following the commentary by its nature comes in choppy statements. Are you aware of a source to study the overall method. For example, did John Carter’s book “Mastering the Trade” go into detail of this approach


UVXY Jun Calls

STO UVXY -2 16Jun17 60 Calls @ 4.92

# OFF TOPIC – Jeff’s…

OFF TOPIC – Jeff’s Portland Gathering !! If we can get the Timing right it is a great idea. Would like to see Portland and the Bistro Group. Then see the San Juans – again, it has been many years since being in the area. :-))

#FUZZBALL – Your GLD update…

@ Fuzzball –

Your GLD update was detailed and very interesting, really enjoyed it and would ask that you do more of it. Really very helpful as were the comments that followed. Helps me see how you approach a Setup and what results to expect. Please keep it up with the Updates…..they are not boring or too long. :))

SPX puts closed this morning…

SPX puts closed this morning

#SPXcampaign BUPS – Bought to close $SPX 28 Dec 2270/2245 for 3.30 Sold for 7.25 on Dec 21th.
Only 1 day left and did not want to get trapped. So got out with 54% + First go at #SPX nice start
will continue …..thanks Jeff :-))

#Jeff: The Webinar you did…

The Webinar you did earlier in 2016 relating to the SPX trade, is that available to review anywhere ??

Jeff – access. The previous banner is missing, when I try to Post I am taken to WordPress ?

Jeff – access.  The previous banner is missing, when I try to Post I am taken to WordPress ?

#short, #spx

What is up/down with FANG stocks ??

FANG Stocks all going south. What are the reasons ?? in this generally positive mood ??


GUSH is gushing nicely.  Glad to get it right for a change.


$GUSH There has been a…

There has been a lot of talk of about crude “glut” and that the move up will be short lived.
Assuming that is so, am considering a BECS on GUSH. No more selling Calls for me as my recent
NUGT experiences have not been pretty. Looking at BECS – Sep 16 Buy 90 and Sell 85 @2.25.

Any thoughts on this approach.

Bistro VIX Indicator – Jeff…

Bistro VIX Indicator – Jeff your information on the Vix Indicator – is that a specific Indicator you have or is it your commentary on the action of the VIX ??


$NUGT – After the huge…

$NUGT – After the huge spike this morning it (NUGT) seems to be starting to wiggle back
down. Premium is still high, is it correct to assume that if NUGT continues to retrace down that now is an excellent time to position (sell) ….way OTM ??

$PANW – What is up with the Group ?

What I do not understand is why this entire group is being hit
so hard over the last months. In a world of critical Cyber Attack
problems you would think the Security Industry would be popping.