SPX trades today:

#SPXcampaign $SPX Long list:
Closed for 80-90% of max profit:
June 9th 2255/2235 put spreads for .20
June 2nd 2320/2295 put spreads for .25
May 31st 2360/2335 put spreads for .20
May 30th 2370/2345 put spreads for .20 (on this one I closed some shorts-only for .65 and left the long puts; since my account is heavier on short put spreads, long puts are favorable to margin)

Stopped: June 2nd 2410/2435 call spreads for 8.60. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 4.90 last Thursday.
#ReverseRoll: Sold May 30th 2420/2395 put spreads for 9.25. First time I’ve tried this: ITM put spread above all-time highs, when SPX was at 2411.
#ReverseRoll for previously stopped spreads: Sold May 26th 2415/2390 put spreads; expire tomorrow (hopefully).
Stopped: June 23rd 2450/2475 call spreads for 4.35. Sold for 1.70 on Monday. (not yet rolled)
Stopped: June 23rd 2445/2470 call spreads for 4.65. Sold for 2.70 on Tuesday.
#CondorRoll: Sold June 30th 2315/2340/2470/2495 condors for 4.55

And for a standard weekly spread: Sold June 23rd 2465/2490 call spreads for 1.85


SPX trades yesterday

#SPXcampaign $SPX My apologies for posting trades late. It has been a hectic week after being head-faked on the 17th. Since the Upside Warning I have been aggressively getting long for the short-term.

Closed June 2nd 2290/2265 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.40 on May 2nd.

Stopped: June 7th 2400/2425 call spreads for 9.00. Sold for 4.10 on May 17th.
Stopped: June 9th 2415/2435 call spreads for 5.30. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 3.10 on May 17th.

#ReverseRoll: Sold June 14th 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.00.
#ReverseRoll: Sold June 16h 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.40.

#LongCallSpread: Bought May 31st 2425/2445 call spreads for .80. Designed to take advantage of the possible strong move up after the Upside Warning fires. So far, so good today.

I’ll post today’s trades in a bit.

SPX trades yesterday

#SPXcampaign One reverse-roll, one forward-roll, and one standard spread:

Stopped: bought to close SPX May 30th 2405/2430 call spreads for 4.10. Sold for 2.10 on May 17th.
#ReverseRoll: Sold SPX June 5th 2375/2350 put spreads for 2.85, 1.5x position size

Stopped: bought to close SPX June 15th 2430/2455 call spreads for 3.80.
#Rolling: sold SPX June 23rd 2445/2470 call spreads for 2.70, 1.5x position size

Sold to Open SPX June 23rd 2290/2265 put spreads for 1.35

SPX trades today

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX June 23rd 2450/2475 call spreads for 1.70.
Closed SPX May 26th 2300/2275 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.40 on Apr 28th.

Got stuck having to #ReverseRoll a double-sized position into calls last Wednesday, and had to stop out of them today. So I sold an #IronButterfly, or an #IBroll. This allows me to cut my position size in half, and spreads the risk more moderately in both directions rather than heavily in one direction. I will look to close each side when they get cheap, and if I’m stuck with either side significantly ITM a week before expiry, I will do an #ITMroll.

Stopped: closed SPX May 31st 2390/2415 call spreads for 9.35. Sold for 4.80 last Wednesday.
#IBroll: Sold June 7th 2365/2390/2415 iron butterflys for 18.10.

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign So far this Downside Warning is shaping up to be a big failure. I’m going to have to review the set up as the signal is not as reliable in the last couple years as it was prior to 2015. However, until we close below 11.00 (which could be today), we could still weakness next week. The rally today could be an OpEx thing.

But regardless, I was too aggressive on reverse rolls on Wednesday; placed too many below the Tuesday high of 2405, which should have been my line in the sand.

Bought to close $SPX May 26th 2380/2405 call spreads for 10.50. Sold for 8.00 on Wed as a #ReverseRoll
Sold to Open SPX June 12th 2315/2340/2410/2435 #CondorRoll for 7.55, 1.5x position size. One side of that will likely require further attention, but the idea is to get the current ATM spread out of play.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign I am selling this rally, even though its strength is unusual for the day after a warning. It is certainly true that the Downside Warning can represent an SPX bottom, so I’m being cautious and ready to manage call spreads if the rally continues.

#RiskReversal: Wish I’d waited to enter this one, but oh well. This was entered at the open and meant to take advantage of possible strong moves down today or tomorrow.
Bought SPX May 24th 2300/2275 put spreads for 2.20
Sold SPX May 24th 2385/2410 call spreads for 2.60

Stopped: SPX Jun 9th 2290/2265 put spreads for 2.80 (this hit my 3.00 stop)
#ReverseRoll Sold SPX May 19th 2370/2395 call spreads for 3.20. Expires Friday afternoon, unless I have to roll it.

Sold to Open $SPX June 15th 2430/2455 call spreads for 1.85, with SPX at 2366.

SPX – I’m a rolling m*th**f***er

#SPXcampaign Whew! What a day. Playing the SPX campaign means you’ll have rough days like this. My only disappointment today was the May 17th 2380/2355 spread I should have closed yesterday. That’s the only stopped spread that i have not yet rolled. Will add on some rolls in the coming days. All other trades pretty much as the [lan goes on such a sharp down day; despite the drawdown in the accounts today, positioning to gain it all back and then some in coming weeks.

I have been prepping a revised webinar on the strategy and have seen that when a Downside Warning or Upside Warning first hits, selling reverse rolls around and above recent extremes is a safer bet than rolling further out in the same direction. So today, I rolled most back into call spreads, since the odds are we will not be returning to 2400 area for at least a couple weeks.

Here are my trades since 2p ET, when things started to really crater:
BTC SPX May 17th 23870/2355 for 14.00. Sold for 2.35 on May 9th (not yet rolled).
Stopped SPX May 19th (Friday PM) 2350/2335 puts for 3.85. #ReverseRoll to May 31st 2390/2415 calls for 4.80 (extra premium will be applied to another roll).
BTC June 9th 2450/2475 calls for .20; sold for 1.50 on May 10th.
Stopped June 9th 2310/2285 puts for 3.35; #ReverseRoll to June 7th 2400/2425 calls for 4.10.
Stopped May 26th 2365/2340 puts (risk/reversal) for 7.85. #ReverseRoll to May26th 2380/2405 calls for 8.00.
STC May 26th 2410/2430 long call spreads (risk/reversal) for .80.
Stopped May 22nd 2375/2350 puts (risk/reversal) for 9.40. #ITMroll to May 30th 2370/2445 put spreads for 7.60, with May 30th 2405/2430 call spreads for 2.10 added to make up for debit.
STC May 22nd 2410/2435 long call spreads (risk/reversal) for .20. First half sold Monday for 3.30.
Stopped June 2nd 2310/2285 puts for 2.75. #CondorRoll to June 9th 2235/2255/2415/2435 for 3.10.